May 12, 2013

Party of Five 2.5, Change Partners…and Dance: Hello, My Name Is

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And then, of course, the happy family moment ends in disaster

And then, of course, the happy family moment ends in disaster

Summary: The Salingers, Kirsten, Griffin, and Sarah are at an ice-skating rink, and it turns out Kirsten’s a really good skater. Griffin’s (blue shirt) moping because he got fired. The rest of the family’s happy, at least until Claudia flies into a wall and breaks her arm. But then she gets painkillers at the hospital and everyone’s happy again.

At home, Kirsten opens some wedding presents, including an ugly urn and a certificate for a psychic reading. Charlie’s planning a weekly lounge night at the restaurant, and Julia mentions that Griffin needs a new job. Charlie doesn’t think it would be a good idea since Griffin doesn’t respect him. Julia says that Griffin is just intimidated, and he thinks Charlie’s great.

At school, Julia tells Griffin (oatmeal and gray shirts) that Charlie’s willing to give him a shot at the restaurant. The $6.25 and tips are some kind of draw. Bailey delivers a note to Sarah’s English class to summon her to the principal’s office, but it’s a forgery so he can spend time with her. Sarah would rather be in class since she has a test coming up.

Kirsten goes to the psychic reading; according to her tea leaves, she and Charlie are a good match, even though Charlie hasn’t always been such a great guy. The psychic can see them dancing at their wedding. Kirsten and “Rob” will have a long, happy life together. Griffin skips out on his first day at work, putting Charlie in a bad mood. Ross worries that Claudia’s injury will cause muscle damage that could lead to her not being able to play the violin anymore.

At home, Charlie tells Julia to tell Griffin that he’s fired. Julia takes responsibility, claiming that she gave Griffin the right start date. Charlie reluctantly gives him a second chance. Bailey and Sarah make out in a park, but when the clothes start to come off, Sarah gets nervous. The two are interrupted by a police officer, and Bailey tries to come up with a lie about a spider in Sarah’s shirt. Sarah won’t play along.

Kirsten tells Charlie about the psychic reading and the guy named Rob. She admits that she did date a guy named Rob for a month, but he’s the last guy she would entertain thoughts of marrying. Kirsten wants them to take dance classes to be prepared to dance at their wedding. As Bailey’s running around, getting ready for school, he tells Claudia to get moving because he has to go pick up Jill. She corrects him, but he denies that he misspoke.

Julia finds Griffin (gray shirt) at the coffeehouse and asks why he missed work. Griffin basically blows off the question, since he’s so busy buying motorcycle stuff. Julia tries to make plans for them to meet up at a Soul Asylum concert. Claudia overhears Charlie and Ross talking about her arm and getting a second opinion. Now she’s concerned that she won’t heal properly.

Bailey and Sarah meet Julia at the concert, but Griffin is MIA. Sarah tells Julia that dating Bailey is different than she expected; she thought it would be similar to when they were friends. Bailey learns that the concert is actually by an unknown band (they thought Soul Asylum was booked under a fake name), so he and Sarah split.

Kirsten and Charlie go to their first dance class, where their teacher thinks Charlie’s holding on too tightly and Kirsten isn’t showing enough trust. He thinks they’re there on their first date. Sarah and Bailey drive around, talking about misheard song lyrics. Bailey talks about driving to Seattle, and Sarah thinks he’s joking until he says he really wants to go. Sarah again has her test to think about, and she’s not amused by Bailey’s spontaneity.

Julia stays behind at the concert venue, still waiting for Griffin. Instead, she sees Justin meeting another girl. She runs into him again at school the next day, and he notes that ever since she ditched him for Griffin, she’s been alone a lot. He tells her he never would have stood him up like Griffin did. Justin doesn’t get why girls go for guys who treat them like dirt.

Sarah asks Bailey why his idea of fun is different now that they’re dating. He tells her that they didn’t know each other this well when they were just friends. Part of the fun of dating is finding out new things. They should relax and have fun. Charlie is currently doing neither of those things in a dance class with Kirsten. He suggests that Kirsten might like to dance with Rob instead.

Griffin actually shows up for work, and Julia corners him there to ask him why he skipped out on their date. He’s not sorry at all. Charlie snaps at him for breaking glasses, and Julia sides with him, telling Griffin to clean up the mess. But when Charlie tells Griffin he’s fired, Julia immediately blames wobbly shelves for the breakage. Griffin doesn’t appreciate her defending him, or trying to control him by getting him a job in a place where she can keep an eye on him.

Bailey and Sarah go to a movie, but Bailey just wants to make out. Sarah finally gets so fed up with his persistence that she walks out. She’s upset that he wasn’t paying attention to a movie she loves and wanted to share with him. She’s also mad that what she wants doesn’t matter to Bailey anymore. He suggests that she tell him exactly what she wants to do. Sarah would like to feel like what they do is special, and somehow different from what they did as friends.

At home, Charlie grumbles to Julia that dancing is suddenly such a big deal to Kirsten. She tells him that a lot of girls dream of dancing at their weddings, and feeling like they’re going to live happily ever after. She gives Charlie a little waltz lesson, telling him that their father taught her by letting her stand on his feet. He tells her that she deserves a boyfriend who will dance with her.

Griffin (gray, and he officially has a realistic number of shirts, so I’ll stop bugging him) and Julia meet up at school, and she tells him she doesn’t know why they’re together. He never talks about how he feels, he never calls or comes over, and he never even says her name. “Maybe it doesn’t matter to you what my name is,” Julia says. “It’s really too bad.”

Claudia’s still nervous about her arm, even though the doctor said there’s a 98 percent chance she’ll be fine. She’s worried that she’ll never play at Carnegie Hall. Charlie assures her that she would be able to handle the disappointment. Claudia tells him that she’s always the best when she goes to a master class, and she likes that.

Sarah confides in Julia again that she expected things to be different with Bailey. Instead, he just wants to rebel and drive away. It’s like he’s acting like someone else. Julia corrects that he’s acting like Sarah’s someone else. Lounge night at the restaurant is a bust, but it’s where Sarah finds Bailey and reminds him that she’s not Jill. She also doesn’t want to do the things he liked to do with Jill. After all, that relationship wasn’t exactly healthy. Sarah isn’t sure why Bailey would pick that over spending time with her. She doesn’t think he’s ready to date her.

Charlie wants to make the money he spent on the band worth it, so he gets Kirsten to dance with him. He tells her that he read the crumbs at the bottom of his cereal bowl and saw the two of them dancing at their wedding. They’re going to get their happily ever after. The other Salingers are mopey, but Bailey makes Claudia dance anyway.

Griffin comes by and asks Julia if she wants to hang out. She’s not charmed by his lame invitation. Instead, he gives her what he’s been trying to buy all week: a second helmet so she can ride his motorcycle. Then he calls her by her name, so now she’s all charmed and stuff.

Thoughts: The dance teacher is played by Sam McMurray, who’s been in pretty much everything and is one of the last people I would picture as a dance teacher.

To be fair, Justin, you can be quite a jerk, too.

Griffin looks kind of cute in the white shirt he wears to work at the restaurant. Keep dressing like that, Griffin!

Charlie, if you’re going to wear a tux, you should really shave.


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