June 16, 2013

Party of Five 2.10, Grand Delusions: Surprise!

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"Sorry your parents lied to you, dear, but didn't you know that no one on this show is allowed to be happy?"

“Sorry your parents lied to you, dear, but didn’t you know that no one on this show is allowed to be happy?”

Summary: The food from the failed wedding is still at the Salingers’ house, and Julia, Bailey, and Claudia aren’t sure what to do with it. They ask Charlie what they’re supposed to do with all the presents. Charlie doesn’t want to deal with reality, so he plans to run away for a little while. He has nonrefundable tickets to Mexico for what was supposed to be his honeymoon, and he’ll be using them. Since Claudia’s the maddest at him, he thinks he should take her with him so he can try to win her over.

Julia has a doctor’s appointment, and she cracks up when the doctor asks if she’s sexually active. She babbles that she had sex once but doesn’t plan on repeating the experience again for a while. The doctor admires her for coming to see a gynecologist. She suggests a number of possible methods of birth control.

Bailey helps Sarah set up for a party for her grandmother; he doesn’t want them to stay too long since Charlie’s gone and they can do whatever they want at the Salingers’ house. Bailey also doesn’t get why the family celebrates Sarah’s grandparents’ anniversary every year since her grandfather’s been dead for 15 years. Gram arrives, and she’s one of those women who doesn’t watch her mouth now that she’s older. Bailey quips with her, so she immediately likes him.

Claudia gives Charlie the silent treatment on the plane, getting a stranger to agree with her that calling off a wedding the day of the ceremony is “pretty unforgivable.” Somehow, foreign languages turn Julia and Justin on, and they start making out in their school’s language lab. But while they’re making plans to take advantage of the empty Salinger house, Sarah is resistant to Bailey’s plans to do the same. She tells him she still doesn’t completely trust him.

¡Mexico! Claudia refuses to have fun. Charlie meets a chick named Courtney and promises to come to her room and kill a bug for her if she needs him. Justin and Julia end up in her bedroom, doing exactly what she told the gynecologist she didn’t plan on doing again yet. They discuss what to call what they just did. It’s all fun and games until Julia suggests “made love,” since they’re not actually in love, and, in fact, not even dating. They’ll just be French and cosmopolitan.

Charlie runs into Courtney, who tells him she’s traveling the world until she runs out of money. He tells her he’d like to go to Greece but has never had the time. She tells him to just take the time. Claudia encounters a boy named Enrico lurking around the hotel; he tells her his father owns it. He teases her for being mad at Charlie for making her come to Mexico.

Gram shows Sarah and Bailey some of her late husband’s things, including a letter telling her that Sarah’s parents had a baby. The wording of the letter makes it sound like either Sarah’s father isn’t her biological father, or she’s adopted. Gram tries to take the letter back, but Sarah wants to figure out what it means.

Julia visits Justin at his house with the flimsy excuse of looking for something she thinks he has. He tells her that if she’s there to have sex, she should just be honest. Sarah confronts her mother about the letter, and Mrs. Reeves admits that Sarah is adopted. Claudia and Enrico spy on hotel guests, including Charlie and Courtney, who are getting much closer.

Justin’s father walks in on Justin and Julia having sex, so that’s awkward. Justin doesn’t want to hear a lecture on sex from Mr. Thompson, since he knows about the affair. Mr. Thompson makes a weak attempt to lie, but admits that he made a stupid mistake. Charlie and Courtney flirt boringly and make out by the pool; eventually they go swimming topless.

Sarah goes to the Salingers’, shaken by what her parents have told her. She doesn’t want to go back home, so Bailey tells her she can stay. Sarah says that her birth mother named her, and her parents changed it after they adopted her. “I don’t even know my name,” she says. In Mexico, Charlie blasts Claudia for running off by herself, then grounds her. She calls him out on making out with Courtney.

Thurber solves the problem of the leftover cake by eating it himself. Mrs. Reeves finds Sarah at the Salingers’, but Sarah doesn’t want to talk to her. Bailey chastises Mrs. Reeves for not telling her daughter the truth. Mrs. Reeves says that they were going to when she was little, but she wasn’t ready, so they waited. Then I guess they just forgot, or something. There isn’t really a good excuse here.

Julia checks on Justin after his confrontation with his dad; he insists that everything’s fine. He reminds her that they weren’t going to care about each other, just have sex. (Justin, this is why you’re single. Sort of.) Claudia and Enrico do more spying while she tries to work out her feelings over Charlie and Kirsten. Enrico goes all Manny Delgado on her, saying poetic things, and gives Claudia her first kiss.

Mrs. Reeves tries to call Sarah, who still won’t talk to her. Bailey thinks Sarah should forgive her mother for making a mistake. Sarah doesn’t agree – her parents aren’t really her parents, so she doesn’t owe them anything. Bailey’s her boyfriend and should be on her side.

Justin surprises Julia at the house, but she doesn’t think they should do anything since Sarah and Bailey are there. Oh, and since he was a jerk to her earlier. She doesn’t like their friends-with-benefits arrangement anymore. He tells her that their sleeping together doesn’t have to mean anything. “Like father, like son,” she replies.

Courtney and Charlie discuss her future travel plans, and it soon becomes clear that she isn’t looking for a relationship. (She’s also kind of awful about it and actually makes me feel bad for him.) She reminds him that they don’t know each other, so their fling probably doesn’t mean as much to Charlie as he thinks it does right now.

At school, Bailey gives Sarah a key to the Salingers’ backdoor, telling her she can still feel like herself when she’s there. Justin tells Julia that having sex with her doesn’t make him care as much about her as when she taught him to dance. He’s worried that he’ll drop his guard around her and get hurt again. He also doesn’t want to do what his dad does – have sex without it meaning something.

On the plane home, Charlie tries again to connect with Claudia, but now she has another angle to get at him with. She misses Enrico already and might never see him again. “You never miss anyone,” she says. Kirsten could be gone forever, and Charlie doesn’t seem to care. He’s already moved on. Charlie calls her cruel; he does miss Kirsten, and being with Courtney made him feel better for a while. But now he knows that you can’t get rid of feelings by ignoring them.

Sarah goes home with Bailey, but this time she’s sad to be there. She tells him she doesn’t feel right because it’s not her home. Julia runs into Justin at the coffeehouse, and they talk about how they know each other better than anyone else. Their relationship (whatever it may be now) is a combination of good and bad, but some things just fit. They decide to go to a movie together as a baby step for whatever may come next.

Charlie and Claudia (now on much better terms) return home and are surprised to find Kirsten there, getting some of her things. She’s equally surprised that he went on their honeymoon trip. She doesn’t want to talk. Kirsten drops some dried flowers, which Charlie recognizes as a bouquet he gave her after their first fight. He gives them to Claudia and goes upstairs alone.

Thoughts: I’ll be mad at you for a free trip to Mexico, Charlie. I wouldn’t want to hang out with you there, though.

Why did Sarah’s grandfather have to write his wife a letter telling her they were grandparents? Sarah would have been born in the late ’70s – there were these things called phones back then. And why weren’t the grandparents together to get the news at the same time? I wish they’d explained that, since it’s a little contrived that Sarah finds out she was adopted from a letter.

Speaking of which, I don’t get why parents don’t tell their kids they’re adopted. I think it’s better to have them grow up knowing the truth than to let them stumble on it themselves when they’re older and get mad about being lied to. It puts a stigma on adoption, as if it’s a bad thing. Plus, how do you get the whole family to keep up the lie? How do you explain the lack of pregnancy pictures?

Good news, everyone: Owen’s still alive.

I’m impressed that Julia and Bailey go to school even when Charlie’s not around to make them.

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