June 22, 2013

BH90210 6.2, Buffalo Gals: Ginger Fail

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She's just going to use that buy more denim

She’s just going to use that buy more denim

Summary: After a replay of the last few minutes of the previous episode, it’s morning at the beach apartment. Donna wants to talk to Ray, but Clare talks her out of it. After all, Donna had to lie to her parents about where she found the missing ring. Brandon comes by with flowers for Kelly’s 21st birthday, but Clare tries to stop him from going to her bedroom. Too late – Brandon sees Colin and realizes that Kelly is no longer single.

Steve is moving out of the frat house and into the Walshes’ house, even though it means leaving behind frat minions, as Ginger points out. She and Valerie are happy to hear that they’ll be allowed to go to Kelly’s birthday party. The frat minions move Steve’s stuff, and the Walsh house suddenly looks like there was never a destructive party there.

Dylan comes by to see Brandon (NOT YOU, Valerie) and look at information on Anthony Marchette, Jack’s killer. He finds the ring Brandon was going to give Kelly. Brandon tells him that Kelly has gone back on “I choose me” and has chosen Colin instead. Kelly calls David at the arena where he’s setting up a concert that night, and asks for tickets for Valerie and Ginger. Colin serves her birthday pancakes, which is just the icing on the cake of her awesome birthday.

Brandon and Steve discuss house rules while Ginger breaks one by smoking pot in Valerie’s room. Ginger’s annoyed by Brandon’s strictness and obsession with Kelly. She’d much rather be with Steve. She also doesn’t want to go to the concert. Valerie tells her to “stick to the program.” Steve wants Brandon to buy beer, but Brandon’s worried that the house will just become a new branch of the KEG house. He’s annoyed to discover that his cookie jar money stash has been depleted. Steve suggests that Ray took it, but Brandon doesn’t think he would steal from Donna’s friends. Of course, Ginger’s the culprit.

Kelly and Jackie check out their seats at the concert, where Jackie wants Kelly to get noticed and have her picture taken. Kelly just wants a fun night with her friends (well, and Valerie and Ginger, who will be seated far away from her). Ginger uses Brandon’s money to buy Kelly earrings. She and Valerie run into Donna and Clare and accidentally make them feel like their presents are inadequate, since they’re not sapphire earrings.

Back at home, Valerie casually asks Brandon what he and Dylan were talking about. She feels like everyone’s excluding her from things. (Yeah, why don’t you take the hint?) She thinks that Brandon’s making a mistake by helping Dylan – he can’t bring his father back. Speaking of Dylan, he and his gun are stalking Marchette, who has lots of security.

Donna and Clare come home to find Ray waiting there. Donna’s mad that he left town and didn’t call her. He knows her friends won’t trust him again, but she insists that she’ll stand up for him. She thinks he changed over the summer, for the better. Ray mopes that she’ll be going back to school soon and won’t have time for him. Donna calls him on his attitude. He sulks some more, saying he doesn’t want to go to Kelly’s party, but she tells him if he doesn’t, they’re definitely over.

Steve’s Cartier watch is missing, and he thinks it was another victim of Ray’s kleptomania. Kelly goes to get Colin for the concert, but he’s working on a painting and isn’t in a partying mood. She snaps at him for using his art to be selfish. Nat makes his requisite appearance of the episode, bringing food for the party. Jackie’s annoyed that Mel isn’t coming since Sheila called him with some sort of problem. Kelly has a better attitude about not having a date; she plans to have fun no matter what.

Dylan tells Brandon that he went to see Marchette, trying to find out how close he could get. Brandon advises him to get a hobby or go back to school instead of plot people’s deaths. Jackie tells the guys that Colin isn’t coming and asks them to sit with Kelly so she’s not alone. (Jackie, you’re really not helping.)

Ray arrives with Donna, and no one’s happy to see him. She tells her friends that she doesn’t care if they have a problem with him being there. Kelly says it’s fine and there won’t be any problems. Steve begs to differ, almost starting a rumble with Ray. Steve accuses him of stealing his watch. Ray leaves, followed by Valerie. Donna decides to stay. Val tries to sympathize with Ray, since she’s also an outsider in the group, but he’s confused over why she would want to help him. She makes him go back to the party with her.

Donna cheers herself up with champagne, and we all know bad things happen when Donna drinks. Kelly opens her presents, and when she gets to Ginger’s earrings, Valerie announces that she bought them with Brandon’s stolen money, then let Ray take the fall. She grabs Ginger’s purse and pulls out Steve’s watch and Brandon’s ring.

Ginger blasts Val, since she’s always been there for her, but Valerie says that doesn’t give her an excuse to steal from Val’s friends. Dylan thinks the gang owes Valerie for figuring things out. Val says that whatever the gang thought of her before was probably true, so she doesn’t expect an apology. Now everyone’s happy and shiny and forgiving. Also, now Kelly knows that Brandon still has her engagement ring.

The concert turns out to be by Dave Koz, and we get to kill a few minutes with music. Meanwhile, Valerie and Ginger regroup, and Ginger receives her payment for helping Val in her con. She arranged the whole Ginger’s-a-thief thing to make herself look good for the gang. Ginger plans to spend her fee in Maui instead of returning to Buffalo.

Back at the beach apartment after the concert, Donna tries to do a drunken striptease for Ray, who doesn’t see the fun in it. She asks him to sleep with her, but he knows it’s the champagne talking. At the Walsh house, Brandon, Steve, and Dylan talk about Kelly and how Colin must be a jerk if he skipped her birthday party. Brandon warns Dylan not to do anything stupid with the information he got him on Marchette. Valerie comes home pretending that her and Ginger’s friendship is over. Now she’s moving on from her old life.

Kelly thinks Ray’s a good guy because of how he’s taking care of Donna. She assures him that they’re on good terms now. Colin shows up with her birthday present, refusing to leave until Kelly comes down to the parking lot. There, he has a guy play her “Happy Birthday” on a trombone, and shows her a big painting of a cake, which is what he was really working on during the concert.

Thoughts: When Kelly calls David, the guy who answers the phone tells him his sister is calling. I thought that was sweet.

Who bought the carousel hourse in the Walshes’ house? Steve?

I’m sorry, things start disappearing just as Ginger shows up, and no one suspects her?

Donna, your pink plaid dress is cute. Clare, your belly shirt with a kitten on it is both hideous and confusing.

Ray really has changed (at least temporarily), considering that Donna orders him to go to the concert and he doesn’t slap her.

The plastic-looking snakeskin-print belly shirt Clare wears to the concert is even more hideous and confusing than the first shirt.

Nothing against Dave Koz, but no way anyone ever had a 21st birthday at one of his concerts.

So am I supposed to like Colin? I get no read on his personality. So far I feel nothing toward him but indifference.

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