June 23, 2013

Party of Five 2.12, Hold On Tight: Sex and Violins

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"Yeah, well, at least in ten years, people won't be making jokes about my boyfriend's boobs"

“Yeah, well, at least in ten years, people won’t be making jokes about my boyfriend’s boobs”

Summary: Julia and Justin are looking at a really old book about sex, but they keep getting interrupted by Claudia. Charlie comes home and asks Julia to actually look after Owen instead of just pretending to. (He doesn’t seem to care that she and Justin are on the bed together.) Claudia tells Charlie that Kirsten called and left a message saying she wants to see him. Justin and Julia try to find some privacy in the basement, but Bailey and Sarah have already claimed it for themselves.

Charlie and Kirsten run into each other (literally) on campus, so I guess he’s still taking classes and she’s moved back from Chicago. He thinks she called because she wants to get back together. She actually called because he owes back taxes from when she was Owen’s nanny. Claudia and Jody watch a soap opera at the Salingers’, so I guess Charlie’s order that they can’t hang out anymore was in vain. Jody makes Claudia nervous about getting her cast off.

Julia and Justin clean up the Salingers’ attic so she can move into it. She’s planning to audition to sing with a band. Sarah hears them moving things around, but Bailey thinks there are just rats up there. He has a job interview for an internship at a TV station. Bailey likes Julia’s attic-bedroom idea so much that he wants to move in himself. Justin thinks this sounds like an episode of The Brady Bunch. Sarah remembers that one, and they laugh over the show until their respective significant others glare them into silence.

Claudia gets her cast off, and now she can go back to playing her violin. Ross is eager to restart her lessons, but Claudia is tentative and complains of pain. Bailey hijacks Julia’s move, putting a moose head from the attic in her bedroom. She tells him she needs her own space to practice for the band she hopes to join. Bailey thinks he deserves the attic because he has to share a room with a toddler. Julia blows up about never having privacy, as if she’s the only one who feels that way.

Kirsten tries to sort out her taxes, but Charlie’s distracted by all the things he wants to build and fix in her apartment. Then there’s some subtext about how they’re both sleeping alone now. The two of them get the tax issues squared away, which means now they’ll be going their separate ways. Unless Kirsten would like a ride home? And maybe a trip to a coffeehouse? And then I guess she can just go home with Charlie and live happily ever after?

Bailey complains that Julia threw a bunch of his stuff around and Thurber chewed it up. Sarah isn’t that sympathetic. She sings along with some muzak, giving Bailey an idea: How would she like to audition for a band? Claudia skips a lesson with Ross to go to a movie with Jody. At dinner, Charlie and Kirsten cheerfully discuss various wedding presents they got. They also show how well they know each other; he knows she won’t like a certain kind of bread, and she keeps him from eating jicama, which he’s allergic to.

Claudia comes home late to find Ross playing the Salingers’ piano. She lies that she didn’t have her watch with her, then says that they might as well stop lessons, since he’s probably sick of her. He knows she’s scared about getting back into playing, and worried that she won’t be as good as she used to be. Claudia tells him she doesn’t care about any of that – she’s not playing the violin anymore. Julia’s late to her audition (which is apparently in a busy club, with a big audience) and arrives to find Sarah in the middle of hers.

Charlie walks Kirsten home, and it looks like neither of them wants to say good night. She’s not sure if she should invite him in, so they just kiss outside the building. The next morning, he wakes up in her bed, but she’s not happy. She’s been working to get over Charlie for weeks and has now undone all of that. She wants to know what this all means. Charlie doesn’t know, and he doesn’t know what will come next, but he likes where they are now. He promises that they’ll take things slow.

Julia knows that Bailey told Sarah about the audition to get back at her. Justin thinks it could just be a coincidence. He’s filling out an application to work at the coffeehouse, but Julia knows of a better job he can interview for. At home, Ross tells the older Salingers that Claudia wants to quit her lessons. Bailey supports her decision, but Julia and Charlie think she’s making a mistake. Charlie also suspects that Jody influenced the decision. Claudia comes home in the middle of the discussion/argument (mostly between Bailey and Julia) and tells her siblings that they’re not making the best decisions right now either.

Charlie hangs out at Kirsten’s place, hiding in the bathroom when Claudia shows up (so I guess they haven’t mentioned to anyone that they’re sort of back together). Claudia wants advice about how to convince her brothers and sister that she doesn’t want to play the violin. She sees two glasses of wine on the table and realizes that Kirsten has someone over.

Sarah’s officially in the band, and they’ve already set up a gig. In other news, Justin has gotten the job Bailey wanted at the TV station. The news comes out that Bailey wanted the job and that Julia wanted to sing with the band. The siblings start yelling at each other, and Sarah and Justin slip out of the room to let them kill each other. Of course, the fight turns to the attic, and Julia accuses Bailey of not caring about her. He confirms that he doesn’t.

Now Sarah feels horrible about taking Julia’s spot; she accuses Bailey of using her to get back at his sister. She’s confused about why the two of them are fighting so much. Justin’s also mad at Julia for using him against Bailey. He points out that the siblings have known each other their whole lives, so they should probably be nicer to each other. As he’s complaining, Julia finds something interesting in the mail.

Claudia tries to sell a bunch of her classical CDs so she can get Hole, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Foo Fighters CDs. Julia gives Bailey the interesting mail: It’s an acceptance letter from a school in Boston. She didn’t realize he wanted to go to school on the East Coast. He asks her to keep it quiet since no one knows yet. Julia agrees.

Charlie and Kirsten are in her bed again, and she’s still not completely happy, since they haven’t told anyone that they’re back together (or whatever they are). She feels like nothing’s changed from their previous relationship, and not in a good way. It’s like they’re just holding on to each other, and are trying to find a way to end things instead of trying to start over. Charlie says that he sometimes wonders how things would have turned out if they’d met each other later. He thinks he would have known she was the one as soon as he saw her.

Bailey finds Julia painting the attic, but for him, not her. If he goes to college in Boston, he’ll only be living at home for six more months, so he should have the attic first. Julia says she’ll miss him if he leaves. In the basement, Claudia pulls out her violin and plays it for what could be the last time, then stashes it on a shelf.

Thoughts: You know who really deserves the attic? Claudia, who SLEPT IN A TENT FOR A YEAR AND A HALF.

Also, no one asked Charlie’s permission to turn the attic into a bedroom. And I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate someone moving up there because there’s more privacy for sex.

The band Julia and Sarah wanted to audition for is called Nielsen Family. Lame.

Charlie, about a wobbly table: “I can’t believe that doesn’t drive you nuts.” Kirsten: “It did. Now it’s charming.” Heh.

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