July 1, 2013

Party of Five 2.14, Strange Bedfellows: Don’t Smoke! Don’t Have Sex! Don’t Listen to Bailey!

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This is as much for Justin as it is for Claudia

This is as much for Justin as it is for Claudia

Summary: Will has a new girlfriend, Gina, who Bailey and Sarah haven’t met yet. When they do meet her, they’re a little speechless, mostly because she talks so much and so fast. Justin’s mom helps Julia sort through some clothes for a clothing drive; she’s thrilled that Julia and Justin are back together. She finds Julia’s birth control pills and, much like Sarah and Bailey, is rendered speechless.

Jody talks Claudia into smoking in the school bathroom, but they’re caught by one of their teachers. Will tells Bailey and Sarah that Gina loved them, then tries to arrange a double date. Sarah and Bailey come up with an excuse not to go. Claudia’s teacher, Emily, calls Charlie in to talk about Claudia being sent to detention. Ironically, Emily just quit smoking a few days ago. She talks almost as much as Gina, but Charlie finds it endearing.

Charlie decides that yelling at Claudia won’t work, and instead tries to reason with her (or, in more accurate terms, bribe her). She realizes that he’s interested in Emily. Instead of asking for a bribe not to smoke, she asks him to not get involved with her teacher. Sarah and Bailey go to a club, so of course Will and Gina run into them. Will’s not happy since they told him they were studying.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson sit Julia and Justin down to have the sex talk with them. Justin doesn’t see a problem, since he and Julia always use protection, and they’re not hurting anyone. Mrs. Thompson warns Julia not to let her hormones make her decisions for her. She orders the teens to stop sleeping together, and that goes over exactly as well as you would expect. (Basically, the result is the same as if Charlie had given the order.)

Bailey tries to make excuses again, this time for why he and Sarah ditched Will and Gina at the club, but Will tells him to just admit that they don’t like Gina. Bailey says that he can do better. Will likes Gina, though, so Bailey says to forget about the bad things he said about her. Justin wants to keep having sex with Julia, but just be more careful about getting caught. She’s worried that Mrs. Thompson sees her as a slut. He says not to worry about that. Also, his sex drive won’t let them stop.

Emily asks Claudia how her non-smoking is going, though it’s really an excuse to find out if Charlie’s available. Since Emily’s a math teacher, Claudia uses math terms to warn her that everyone Charlie’s dated has gone away unhappy. Sarah, Bailey, Will, and Gina have lunch together, finally having a pleasant conversation (this one’s about Tom Hanks). Suddenly Will finds himself annoyed by the same things that annoy Bailey and Sarah. Also, apparently not liking Forrest Gump might be a deal-breaker for him.

Mrs. Thompson discusses Julia and Justin with Charlie, but he’s more inclined to sympathize with his sister than to side with a parent. He’d rather have them have sex under his roof than sneak off to a car. Mrs. Thompson tells Julia she’s worried because no one’s looking out for her. After she leaves, Charlie reveals that he thinks Julia’s stupid for taking risks, and he’s not pleased with her decisions.

Will comes by the house to tell Bailey and Sarah that he and Gina broke up. Sarah’s not very good at hiding her enthusiasm. Now Will has nothing to do, so he invites himself to hang out with the lovebirds. Emily goes on a bad blind date at the Salingers’ restaurant, sending Charlie a note asking him to rescue her. He does, providing her with an excuse to give the date so she can ditch him.

Justin reluctantly helps his parents with the clothing drive as Julia questions Mrs. Thompson over going to Charlie. She lectures Julia on the risk of teen pregnancy. Julia shoots back that Mrs. Thompson isn’t her mother. Charlie and Emily do yoga together (not a euphemism); apparently this is her idea of a good first date. Somehow this leads to an anti-smoking PSA.

Sarah and Will run into each other at the coffeehouse and discuss girls Will can date next. He’s disheartened because Sarah and Bailey are doing so well. Mrs. Thompson gets sick in the bathroom of wherever the clothing drive is being held, and when Julia puts that together with the lectures about pregnancy, she figures out that Mrs. Thompson is expecting. This is an object lesson that no matter how careful you with sex, anything can happen.

Charlie cooks for Emily at the Salingers’ house, and Claudia catches them kissing. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes, saying that Charlie has his own bad habits he can’t break. Emily’s not happy to realize that the deal Charlie and Claudia made involved him not dating her. Will mopes in his room, because his friends are jerks, and when Bailey comes over, Will blasts him for the mean things he said about Gina. He’s mad that Bailey gets everything he wants so easily (like Sarah). Will finally got a great girl, but Bailey ruined things. Will decides he wants Gina back despite what Bailey thinks.

Justin has now learned that his mother’s pregnant, and he vents to Julia about how sick his father’s affair makes him feel. He wants to tell Mrs. Thompson about it. Julia cautions against it – her marriage will end just as she’s about to have a baby. Emily takes her anger over her breakup out on Claudia and Jody’s class, giving them a pop quiz/test. Jody asks Claudia to fix things.

Bailey and Will’s physics class is studying elementary particles, and while he’s answering a question, Bailey makes a metaphor about charges and best friends and nuclear reactions. One particle would like to apologize to the other particle. Bailey is no Bill Nye. Charlie finally takes a stand, telling Claudia that she doesn’t get to dictate who he can and can’t date. Claudia agrees easily.

Justin confronts Mr. Thompson about his affair again, ordering him to tell Mrs. Thompson. Mr. Thompson already did. They’re working on their relationship, and he plans to stay, not least because he’s happy about the baby. Justin says that his parents’ relationship is none of his business, just like his relationship with Julia is none of their business. Mr. Thompson disagrees, saying that no matter what mistakes he makes, he’s still Justin’s father.

Charlie visits Emily at school to tell her they can date. Cue kissing. Bailey and Sarah run into Will and Gina at the coffeehouse and voluntarily hang out with them. Apparently Will sang “Baby, Come Back” as an apology. Justin and Julia study at the Salingers’ house, but he’d rather be doing something else. They vow to always be careful, though he doesn’t think they have anything to worry about.

Thoughts: Gina is played by Alanna Ubach, who was in Sister Act 2…with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Weird.

Jody carries cigarettes around with her, but not a lighter? Then what’s the point?

I’d rather hang out with Gina than Bailey, so he can shut up. Also, he took Sarah from Will, so he should tread lightly. And really, as long as Will’s happy with someone who’s not Sarah, Bailey should be happy.

I don’t remember everything about the series from when it originally aired, but I do remember that Mrs. Thompson’s warnings about teen pregnancy are foreshadowing…

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