July 10, 2013

BSC #120, Mary Anne and the Playground Fight: Counselors in Need of Counseling

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This didn't happen, but whatever, I don't care anymore

This didn’t happen, but whatever, I don’t care anymore

Summary: It’s almost summer (yes, again), and SMS is offering another big trip like the one they organized to Hawaii. This time, however, Mary Anne isn’t sure she wants to go since Dawn will be spending the summer in Stoneybrook, and Mary Anne wants to hang out with her. There’s also a big playground day camp being held all summer, and the BSC girls all want to get jobs there. The trip, which turns out to be to Paris and London, will take place at the same time as the camp, so the girls are worried that the people who go on the trip will be disqualified from the job, since they’ll have to miss a few days of work.

Mary Anne and Dawn decide not to go to Europe, but the other girls find non-babysitting ways to raise half their plane fare, like gardening and holding a stuffed animal sale. Everyone goes out for the playground camp jobs except Mallory and Jessi, who are cut from the process for being too young. Things get super-competitive, especially with Kristy, who turns into a big ol’ bossypants, so much so that people finally start calling her on it. There are only a few open slots at the camp, and the BSC girls want them so badly that some even lie a little on their job applications and in their interviews to try to get an advantage.

Things get so bad that while at a going-away party for Victoria Kent (see the B-plot), some of the girls start acting like they did at Jamie’s birthday party way back in book 4. They realize they’re being dumb and work things out, with Kristy genuinely apologizing and possibly learning a lesson. Ha ha! Probably not. Mary Anne, Dawn, Claudia, and Logan end up getting jobs at the camp.

In the B-plot, Victoria’s going back to England, as I said, and she really doesn’t want to leave America. She becomes a huge brat and whines a lot about moving. There’s no real turning point; she just kind of deals with having to leave America, while taking in as much American culture as she can while still in the States. She also invites the girls going on the Europe trip to come visit her while they’re in London.

Thoughts: I think this is the first book to mention that Dawn’s father and stepmother now have a baby.

This is also probably the first BSC book to use the word “sucks.” And an eight-year-old says it!

“If all your friends are going to Europe, you have to want to go.” Y’all, now Kristy is trying to control Mary Anne’s thoughts.

The idea of Mr. Spier having a van is really weird.

Logan’s welcome-home present for Dawn is a bottle of juice. Way to break a five, Logan.

Someone named a stuffed poodle Demitasse. Weird.

“‘But I believe for a true barbecue, you need a grill of some sort, don’t you?’ Lady Kent asked. ‘You need a barbecue,’ Mal said helpfully.” That cracked me up.


  1. SJSiff said,

    “Logan’s welcome-home present for Dawn is a bottle of juice. Way to break a five, Logan.”

    I’m kinda on Logan’s side…they give Dawn presents all the time, and in return she snots about their eating habits.

    Thanks for another fun post!

    • Jenn said,

      On the one hand, true, they do give Dawn lots of presents (both when she leaves and when she comes back). On the other hand, juice is a pretty lousy gift. On the other other hand, I’m not sure why I even care, since it’s not like I’m a big Dawn fan.

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