July 13, 2013

Party of Five 2.16, Comings and Goings: I’ll Be There for You

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Summary: Bailey gives Sarah a recap of the events at the end of “Benefactors.” Sarah’s mad because she found out from a classmate that Bailey’s planning to go to college on the East Coast. Bailey tells her that he applied to the school before the two of them were dating, and he didn’t think he would get in anyway. He promises that leaving won’t change their relationship. Sarah doesn’t see it that way, and doesn’t think his behavior is any better than Jake’s.

By the next morning, Claudia is already BFFs with Jake. Charlie and Julia try to remind her that he’s not the most trustworthy person, so she shouldn’t expect him to stick around. Julia doesn’t think they need him around since they’re doing fine on their own. Claudia says that’s not the point. She has plans with Jake that afternoon and won’t listen when Julia protests. Charlie tells her to tag along if she has that much of a problem with it.

Bailey tries to make up with Sarah, who points out that he’s only ever talked about state schools. He tries to downplay the idea of a long-term relationship. Plus, he’s not leaving for six months, so they have plenty of time together before then. Sarah says that’ll make their separation hurt more. Charlie and Emily go shopping for…phones? Okay, phones. She complains that she can never get a hold of him. A salesman suggests that he get a beeper, the perfect piece of technology for juggling your two girlfriends.

Jake takes Claudia and Julia shopping at a flea market, which Julia uses as a metaphor for not being able to trust old things. Jake buys Claudia a little picture frame and gives her a picture of her mother to put in it. Julia says he’s just trying to buy her love. In other gift news, Kathleen has bought Charlie a new watch. He offers to fix a window in exchange, but she doesn’t need him for house chores (just sex). Charlie’s beeper goes off and he’s summoned to Emily’s to kill some bugs. And while he’s there, they might as well have sex.

Bailey goes to see Sarah’s band perform and realizes that there’s a surprise guest: Robin. Bailey introduces mother and daughter, and Sarah immediately knows who Robin is. The next day, Bailey asks about their reunion, but Sarah isn’t forthcoming. She plans to use her newfound connection with Robin to avoid having to spend time with Bailey.

Claudia wants Jake to move in with the Salingers, but her brothers object, saying it’s too soon. She wonders if they’ll just wake up one day and decide it’s time to invite him to move in. She’s worried that he’ll die before they can all make amends. Robin’s in a play, and after it closes in San Francisco, she’ll be going on tour. Sarah doesn’t get why Robin came looking for her right before she was going to leave town. Robin says this is just a start, and they can pick up their relationship when she gets back. She also reveals that Bailey found her a month ago.

Claudia’s guilted her brothers into agreeing to let Jake move in, but no one told Julia, who turns him away. Then she yells at Claudia for trying to get to know the man who abandoned their mother. “What gives you the right to forgive him for her?” she asks. Julia’s heard stories about how hard it was for their mother to be left, and she can’t understand Claudia’s selfishness in trying to befriend Jake.

Charlie and Kathleen go to a movie, where Charlie runs into Emily. He pretends they’re there for business purposes, seeing an Italian film because they’re planning a party with an Italian theme. Oh, did he mention that Kathleen’s engaged to a guy from Italy? After they leave, Charlie tells Kathleen that Emily’s an “old friend.” Claudia leaves a message for Jake at his hotel so she can cancel plans they had for the next day. She doesn’t want him to call back.

Sarah confronts Bailey over not telling her that he found Robin a month ago. He tells her that Robin said she didn’t want to meet her. Sarah admits to being angry over being surprised that Robin’s leaving, since people only ever leave. The next day, Bailey blasts Robin for meeting Sarah, then going away. He’s also mad that he’s being blamed for Robin’s actions. Robin is unsympathetic since she’s not the one who made Sarah any promises.

Charlie and Emily have a parent-teacher conference (not a euphemism), and she’s all business. She’s figured out that Kathleen isn’t just a business associate, so they’re done. (Do you think Charlie can get his money back for the beeper?) She advises him to be more careful with people. Bailey tells Julia what’s going on with Sarah and college, and she confirms that he’s not a horrible person for wanting to go to school on the East Coast. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he can’t be happy. Then he realizes that Sarah’s actually the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Claudia complains to Charlie that his breakup with Emily has brought out her mean side in class again. She knows Emily found out about “bachelorette #2.” She doesn’t want Charlie’s excuses, since “people never change.” She shouldn’t have expected him to do anything other than mess up his relationship. Claudia wishes that her brother would surprise her just once. Bailey tells Sarah that he’s decided not to go to school on the East Coast. Charlie spies on Kathleen as she comes home from a date with another guy.

Jake returns to the Salingers’ with a letter explaining why he’s leaving town. He doesn’t see a point in staying when no one wants a relationship with him. He gives Julia his pocket watch, which her mother loved as a child. Of course, Julia doesn’t want it. Jake reminds her that they don’t have a big family, so they need to stick together. He predicts that one day she’ll regret not knowing him, but it’ll be too late. Julia points out that he waited 30 years to reconnect. Jake wants to try to be there for the family because the kids are as close as he’ll get to reuniting with his daughter.

Charlie confronts Kathleen over her date, but she points out that he has no right to be upset since he was seeing someone else, too. Charlie tells her that’s over, but Kathleen knows it’s only because Emily busted him. He says it’s different because he feels bad about what happened, but Kathleen doesn’t.

Bailey and Julia let Jake play with Owen, and Claudia is surprised to see them all getting along after what Julia said to her. Now she’s the one caring about their mother’s feelings. Julia says that she thinks their mother would have told Jake it was too late for them, but not too late for him to connect with his grandchildren.

Robin asks Sarah to look after her cat while she’s on tour. Sarah’s still bitter about Robin leaving and wants assurance that Robin isn’t going to just disappear. Robin says they just have to let things happen. She’s okay with leaving because she knows she’ll be back, even if Sarah doesn’t. Sarah needs to have some faith.

Jake moves into the house, telling Claudia and Julia that he travels a lot on business, so he won’t be around all the time. He promises he’ll always come back. Julia notices that he has two wedding bands, and Jake explains that he thought he’d lost one once, so he bought a replacement. He gives them to the girls to wear as necklaces.

Kathleen goes to the restaurant to tell Charlie that she likes to keep her options open, i.e., date lots of guys all at once. But she doesn’t want to be the kind of person who doesn’t care. She suggests that she and Charlie trade little black books and become exclusive. Charlie agrees, making Kathleen laugh because he actually has a little black book.

Bailey fills out an application for a state school, trying to come up with a word that best describes him. Sarah tells him she’s taking care of Robin’s cat temporarily. She tears up his application and tells him to go to school on the East Coast. She knows he’ll be back.

Thoughts: Sarah, pretending to be okay with spending just the next six months with Bailey: “So we can spend pretty much every minute together?” Bailey, run!

Carroll O’Connor + flat cap = so cute.

I want to make fun of Emily for being girly about bugs, but…I’m girly about bugs. I mean, I’m not calling someone over to my place to kill them or anything, but I kind of wish I could.

Salingers, there is no room in your house for Jake. Claudia already SLEEPS IN A FREAKING TENT.

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