July 14, 2013

BH90210 6.7, Violated: Another CU Professor Makes a Bad Decision

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I like to think that if this were me, I'd say, "I KNOW that's not your hand on my leg." (Also, if this were me, I would have awesome hair.)

I like to think that if this were me, I’d say, “I KNOW that’s not your hand on my leg.” (Also, if this were me, I would have awesome hair.)

Summary: Dylan tries to give Bruno a letter to give to Toni, explaining his side of things that happened in “Speechless.” Bruno asks which is more important to him: love or vengeance? Would he rather destroy Marchette or keep seeing Toni? In a class about advertising, a professor uses Valerie as an example of the kind of sexy woman who would be ideal to attract male customers. Susan objects to the exploitation of women, but Professor Haywood reminds her that sex sells.

After class, Val approaches Haywood to ask a question, and Susan taunts that she could get a better grade if she showed some cleavage. Shut up, Susan. Valerie chats with Haywood about her midterm, which he assures her she did well on. She tells him she loves his class, so he invites her to a lecture he’ll be giving to some executives at a hotel that afternoon. Oh, and by the way, he likes the way she smells.

Donna tells Clare that she’s arranged a meeting with Ray so she can return something of his. Clare spots Steve and tries to avoid him, even though they’re supposedly dating. He wants to get a hotel room, but she wants a different kind of relationship than he does. Even as a virgin, Donna knows that sex makes relationships way more difficult. Bruno gives Toni Dylan’s letter, which tells her that he cares for her no matter how things are with her father. He thinks she deserves better than him.

At the Peach Pit, Steve discusses hotel options with Brandon, despite being nervous about spending the night with Clare. Kelly stops in to make sure the guys are coming to Colin’s art show. Speaking of which, he’s setting it up while Claudia questions his relationship with Kelly. But it’s because of his work, not because she wants him or anything. That’s crazy talk!

After Haywood’s lecture, he invites Valerie to get a drink in the hotel bar. He reveals that he’s a widower, and Val reminds him of his late wife. They have a seemingly innocent conversation, but then he invites her up to his room. Valerie protests, especially when he puts a hand on her leg. She makes it clear that she likes his class but has no interest in him.

Clare and Steve try to cook dinner, but he screws up the spaghetti and she burns the bread. They agree to go to a hotel the next night. Valerie arrives at home as they’re sitting down with Susan and Brandon, and the four of them immediately see that Val is upset. She won’t talk about what happened.

Donna and Ray meet up at the After Dark, and he tries to guilt her into reconciling because not being with her makes it hard for him to be musical. She tells him to get help for his violence issues. He remarks that since she built him up, it makes sense that now she would tear him down. Bruno shows up at Dylan’s to give him a message from Toni asking him to meet her the next day. He tells Dylan this will be the last note he delivers.

The next day, Dylan and Toni meet up, and she tells him she’s not going to listen to his father, who forbade her from seeing him. Bruno is on their side, at least temporarily since Marchette is going out of town and can’t yell at him. Toni begs Dylan to stop hating Marchette, which is kind of a ridiculous request of someone whose father is dead because of the guy. But whatever, Dylan’s a sucker for a needy girl, so he agrees.

Bruno drives Marchette to the airport, resisting taking him by CU to see Toni. At the beach apartment, Kelly tells Donna about her concerns over how close Claudia is with Colin. Donna warns her not to trust guys because they all cheat – and “some cheat and beat.” She admits that Ray abused her but promises that they’re done. She didn’t say anything because she thought it would stop, and she didn’t want Kelly to hate him. Now that Donna’s dumped him, she feels stronger.

Dylan and Toni spot Marchette arriving at CU, and he orders her to get in his car. Dylan announces that he loves Toni. Marchette says he can’t have her, then tells Toni to either get in the car or find a new place to live. Toni chooses the second option. Haywood gives Valerie’s class back their midterms, and Val, David, and Susan are shocked to see that Val got a D. She confronts Haywood over giving her the grade after gushing over her paper. Susan snarks that being nice to the professor didn’t work out the way Valerie had planned.

Steve checks out his and Clare’s hotel room ahead of time to make sure everything’s perfect. In a closet he finds a bag from a place called the Pleasure Hut. He thinks Clare bought the handcuffs inside it. Valerie tells Susan and David what happened with Haywood, and Susan, now sorry for her remarks, assures Val that she didn’t do anything wrong. She and David encourage Valerie to report Haywood for sexual harassment. Valerie reluctantly agrees, but she thinks she’ll come off looking bad.

Valerie reports Haywood to someone in CU’s ethics office. The administrator promises to start an investigation, but she wants to know why Valerie would meet with Haywood off campus. Some of her friends will need to be questioned. Kelly goes to Colin’s before the show, but Claudia’s there and keeps her out of the studio. “You can borrow Colin, but I own him,” she says. Kelly’s surprised because she thought Claudia was married. Claudia tells her she likes to see younger guys on the side.

Kelly’s late for the show, which Steve wants to ditch early to get to the hotel. Clare tells him she left a surprise in the room, and he says he found it, which of course means that they’re talking about two different things. Colin tries to call Kelly, but Claudia says she’s not coming, since she told Kelly about the two of them. Colin leaves to go find her.

Clare and Steve head to the Bel Age and he retrieves the handcuffs from the closet. Except Clare’s surprise is a test Steve got an A on. Steve would prefer the handcuffs. Each thinks the other bought them, and Clare’s so disgusted that she starts to leave. Steve remarks that he knows she’s used handcuffs before. (Nice one, Steve!)

Brandon goes to get Susan for the show, but she’s in the middle of investigating Haywood, who’s harassed more people than just Valerie. Brandon offers to help make some calls, especially if it means not going to his ex’s new boyfriend’s show. Later, Brandon calls Valerie in David’s room and advises her to go on the record with her story, since there’s a lot more to it. She tells him he and Susan can do what they want, but she doesn’t want to be a part of it.

David questions Valerie’s decision; she’s tough, so she can handle the situation. He’ll stand by her no matter what. She asks him not to get impatient if she asks to take their relationship slowly. Colin finds Kelly at the beach apartment and tells her he made a deal with Claudia for his career (she pays his bills so he can just paint). He plans to end the deal and get a job so he can support himself. Kelly says he’s a whore, and she would respect him more if he were a janitor. She goes back inside, but soon hears something on the porch: Colin’s sweeping.

Valerie goes to Haywood in the hopes of making peace and working out her grade. But he’s not interested since he knows the Condor has picked up the story and he’s being investigated by the ethics office. Valerie swears that she has nothing to do with the story. Haywood promises to ruin her, then blames her for his actions, since she kept wearing skimpy clothing and turning him on. “You are going to be humiliated,” he vows.

Valerie heads straight to the Condor office to give Susan an interview. Brandon and Susan have already worked out the rest of it – they’ve gotten a ton of Haywood’s former students to come forward about his harassment. The school is going to demand the professor’s resignation. Toni’s staying with Dylan, but she’s upset because of how things are with her father. She knows things are never going to be the same. Dylan promises never to let anyone or anything hurt her. (Foreshadowing!)

Thoughts: First Lucinda, now Haywood. What’s with CU professors wanting to hook up with students? Oh, and Dan was Andrea’s TA! Sheesh, the authority figures at this school are terrible!

Ugh, now Susan’s annoying. Why aren’t TV feminists ever normal people?

So Bruno is the apothecary from Romeo and Juliet now? Because that ended well.

Dylan’s suit illness is back – he wears a button-down shirt and a vest to his library rendezvous with Toni.

Valerie asking David to take things slowly is kind of funny, considering he was willing to date Donna for years without having sex. I think he’s okay with things moving slowly, Val.

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