July 15, 2013

Party of Five 2.17, Valentine’s Day: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

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Summary: The teenaged Salingers and their significant others discuss Valentine’s Day, which Bailey hates. He plans to take Sarah to a monster-truck show with Will and Gina. Sarah is understandably annoyed, especially since this is her first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend. Bailey thinks he’s being perfectly romantic. Claudia makes her single appearance of the episode to announce that Griffin is there. Now Justin’s the one who’s annoyed. Griffin wants to talk to Julia, but she’s resistant to spend any time with him.

Kathleen thinks Charlie needs to work on getting more customers at the restaurant, though he thinks everything’s going fine. At school, Justin tells Julia that his parents are going to a beach house for Valentine’s Day, so he snagged the table they were going to take at a restaurant. Julia says that’s great, then announces that she wants to talk to Griffin. She wants to make it clear to him that they’re over and she’s moved on.

At her apartment building, Sarah runs into Sean, a college guy she used to know; she probably had a crush on him as a kid, and it’s still going strong. Kathleen offers Charlie a new chef for the restaurant so he can boost business. Charlie declines. She reminds him that he didn’t get married because he didn’t want that life, but he’s still not putting his name on anything and claiming it. Maybe if he makes the restaurant really great, he’ll feel proud. Charlie says he can’t afford someone like this chef, so Kathleen offers him money.

Sarah tells Bailey about Sean, and Bailey thinks she wants to invite him to the truck show. She actually wants to ditch the show to hang out with Sean. Bailey can’t come up with a good reason not to say no, since he didn’t exactly have something intimate planned. Julia tells Griffin that she and Justin are dating, and since they’ve had sex, they’re definitely together. Griffin confides that he hates his military school and may not go back. She reminds him that he has to, since it was part of the deal his father made with the judge. Griffin says he’s running away.

Griffin spends the night at the Salingers’, and when Justin comes by in the morning, he’s not happy to see him. Bailey meets Sean and learns that he and Sarah spent the previous evening looking at stars together on the roof. He’s unmoved by Sean’s story about being dumped by his girlfriend after joining her in the Peace Corps. Sarah’s smitten, though.

Charlie’s new chef wants to make a bunch of changes at the restaurant, and though Charlie can’t afford them yet, he plans to consider them if the chef brings in more customers. Now he’s grateful to Kathleen for the idea. Speaking of Kathleen, she shows up to cry to Charlie about being moved from the 6:00 to the 5:00 news. She doesn’t want anyone at her station to know that she’s this rattled.

Julia’s pulled out of class and questioned about Griffin’s whereabouts by a guy who I guess is a cop. She claims not to know where he is. Bailey finally wises up about his lame Valentine’s Day plans and tells Sarah that he’ll skip the truck show so they can do something romantic together. Sarah adapts his Valentine’s-Day-is-just-another-day attitude and tells him she’s fine just hanging out with Sean. Bailey: “YES THAT IS TOTALLY FINE I DO NOT WANT TO KILL SEAN AT ALL SMILEY FACE.”

Charlie surprises Kathleen at her office, though he’s surprised himself because he didn’t think she was going to come back. Kathleen – who’s now starting to sound manic – says she’s just going to work harder to prove herself. He throws her over his shoulder to force her to take a break. Yeah, that kind of scene will totally help her be taken more seriously at work.

Julia tells Justin that she’s worried about the police coming to the house to look for Griffin. She needs help getting his motorcycle to him. Justin is more than happy to help and – ha ha, yeah, right. Julia points out that if Justin helps her out, he’ll be helping Griffin leave. Justin gives in. Charlie takes away all of Kathleen’s work-related tech gadgets so she’ll stop working.

Bailey asks Julia for relationship advice, worrying that Sarah’s going to dump him for Sean. Julia thinks someone can love more than one person at a time. Justin’s annoyed that Griffin’s departure has been delayed – it’s Valentine’s Day, and he’d really like for Griffin to be gone by the time he meets Julia for their date. Griffin approves of the present Justin got her and says they’re lucky.

Things are going great for Charlie and Kathleen on their work vacation, at least until the phone rings. Charlie thinks she gave someone their room phone number, but the call is actually for him. Sarah and Sean go to an open mic night, where a guy literally reads from the phone book. Bailey arrives just in time to hear Sean read a poem that he probably wrote about Sarah. It gets sexual, and Bailey ends up punching Sean.

Julia, Justin, and Griffin go to get the motorcycle, eating into the date Julia and Justin were supposed to have. Griffin really wants to stay since – surprise, surprise – he’s in love with Julia. She gets mad, reminding him that he broke things off and didn’t want to keep in touch. Didn’t he expect that she might move on? Justin sees Griffin trying to touch his girlfriend and orders her into the car, then takes off with her.

Sarah’s furious with Bailey, who’s not apologetic at all. Sean tells him the poem was about his ex-girlfriend, not Sarah, who’s in love with Bailey. Bailey’s surprised to learn that Sarah writes poetry about him. She makes it clear that she doesn’t consider his act of violence romantic.

Griffin asks Julia if he can store his bike at the Salingers’ since he can’t take it home. He’s going back to school after all. He can’t bring himself to run away because it would mean never being able to come back, and therefore never being able to see Julia again. Griffin doesn’t want any statements of love or rejection from her either way; he just wants to know that there’s a chance they’ll wind up back together someday. She allows him to leave the bike.

Charlie goes back to the restaurant to deal with the chef, who’s being a diva. He points out that the restaurant is called Salinger’s, and that’s his name, so the restaurant is his. Kathleen: “Yay, you took me literally!” Happy to be Griffin-free, Justin decides to solidify his commitment to Julia in the worst way possible, considering their age and issues: He proposes. She doesn’t accept, but she’s okay with him thinking that way.

Bailey gives flowers to try to make up for his ridiculousness. But since Valentine’s Day is over, he couldn’t get any roses. And the card he got Sarah is in Spanish. But it’s the thought that counts, right? She falls for his I-only-acted-that-way-because-I-was-afraid-of-losing-you story. Charlie has to get up really early to do something for the restaurant, but now Kathleen wants him to ditch work. She thinks their relationship is really going somewhere, and that she could fall in love with him. Charlie basically says, “You’re awesome. TTYL.”

Julia goes to Justin’s house in the middle of the night, making him think she’s going to accept his proposal. Instead, she starts babbling about being late and finally realizing that she needed to check to see if everything was okay. It’s not, and she’s pregnant.

Thoughts: The woman running the open mic night is Ana Gasteyer. She has more screen time in this episode than Claudia does.

Griffin? Aw, man. I was enjoying not having him around.

Julia, you’re allowed to talk to your ex. You don’t have to run it by Justin.

Noooooo, Charlie, don’t take money from the woman you’ve only been sleeping with for two weeks!

First rule of Valentine’s Day: If your girlfriend wants to spend it with another guy, you’re doing something wrong.

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