July 22, 2013

BH90210 6.9, Earthquake Weather: Danger Zones

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"You want us to deliver what now?"

“You want us to deliver what now?”

Summary: Dylan and Toni are looking at real estate in Hawaii, now that they plan to move there. They chat a little about commitment, and he casually mentions that he was thinking about getting married. She says he might as well find out the girl’s feelings about it by asking. She thinks he’s joking around, but Dylan proposes and Toni accepts.

Remember how Donna made the next round of Rose Queen contestants and then never mentioned it again? It’s time for her and the rest of the hopefuls to go to Pasadena for…something. Ray comes by, his arm in a splint from his run-in with Joe, and announces that he started therapy. His therapist wants Donna to come to one of his sessions, even though they’re not together anymore. Clare thinks Donna’s crazy for agreeing; she’s worried Donna will get sucked back in.

Brandon and Susan are at a hotel for some newspaper convention, and plan to use the opportunity to have a romantic time together. Susan turns on the radio and listens to DJs talking about “earthquake weather.” In a pointless scene, Colin tells Kelly how happy he is now that he’s made up with her and taken a new job.

At the Walshes’, Steve and Clare discuss their interesting Halloween night together. She screws up his pinball game so he’ll go upstairs with her. David and Valerie are also at the house but not headed upstairs; Valerie still wants to take things slowly. Well, not that slowly, since she’s ready to have sex that night.

Donna and the other Rose Queens get their pictures taken and are reminded that they have interviews the next day. Donna’s befriended another girl, Lisa who works at a convenience store. They look through pictures of former Rose Queen candidates, and in one, Donna sees someone who she thinks is her mother. Joe comes by, wanting to take Donna to lunch, and she tells him she’s going with Ray to his therapist. Joe’s not thrilled, but he doesn’t try to talk her out of it.

Susan and Brandon head back to their hotel room via elevator. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills, Steve has another pinball game ruined, this time by an earthquake. The gang rides it out in their various locations, and Colin decides he doesn’t like L.A. so much after all. Brandon and Susan’s elevator gets stuck, and since this is a TV show and the writers have no imagination, they’re in there with a pregnant woman. And her water breaks. Of course.

Donna drives back from Pasadena, listening to the same DJs Clare listened to; they’re now saying there’s no such thing as earthquake weather. She calls her father and tries to ask about Felice, but they don’t have a good phone connection. Bruno calls to check on Toni, and she tells him that she and Dylan are engaged. He’s speechless, which is at least better than how her father will inevitably react.

Kelly and Colin make a grocery run and go to the Walshes’, where Valerie suggests that the whole gang just spend the night. Colin thinks he feels an aftershock and panics. Kelly notes that David and Valerie “seem to be getting along well.” He doesn’t want to fight with her about it since Valerie was there for him at such a rough time.

Donna and Ray meet with his psychiatrist, Dr. Phillips, who tells Donna that they’ve discussed Ray’s abusive father. She asks Ray to leave the room, then warns Donna that because of his lifelong experience with abuse, he’s not going to change quickly. She also thinks he’ll be more successful in therapy if Donna isn’t there. Dr. Phillips continues that Ray is unpredictable, and if Donna spends time with him, she could put herself in danger.

Brandon and Susan’s elevator is going to take a while to get back online, so it looks like they’ll be delivering a baby. Colin’s still anxious about aftershocks and thinks the others are too calm. Clare is somehow turned on and wants to have sex with Steve even though there are a bunch of people in the house.

There’s a paramedic at the hotel who can talk Brandon and Susan through the delivery, which isn’t really a comfort to them. Susan tries to distract the mother, Ellen, by getting her to talk about her family. Donna goes to the Walshes’ after the therapy session and tells everyone about finding Felice’s picture. Dylan and Toni arrive next and announce their engagement. Kelly barely manages to congratulate them without sounding like she’s lying. Nat calls to ask the gang to come to the diner and help out with the dinner crowd.

Back at the hotel, Brandon and Susan deliver the baby, and seconds later the elevator is fixed. At the diner, the gang helps keep things under control. Joe comes by for dinner and tells Donna that he thinks Ray’s using therapy to get her back. She says she needs to give him the benefit of the doubt. Colin babbles about how dangerous the stockroom can be, telling Dylan that he and Toni are smart to move to Hawaii.

Kelly gets Dylan alone and blasts him for being so casual about announcing his engagement. He assures her that he took her feelings into consideration. She wants to know where Toni was when she and Dylan were together in his past life. He reminds her that she chose herself. Kelly wishes she could just hate Toni, but she can’t. Dylan thinks he might have more than one soulmate.

Joe takes Donna home, and guess what? Ray’s there! He came by to check on her and decided to fix a broken window at the apartment. Donna asks him to leave. He does, but first he breaks the window again. Joe decides that Donna should go back to the Walshes’, which is a very good idea.

The next morning, Colin’s calmed down. The radio DJs say the earthquake was an anomaly. (An earthquake in California is an anomaly? Really?) Valerie ribs David for sleeping the previous night instead of doing what they’d planned, but it wasn’t really the best timing. Kelly tells David that their relationship is none of her business, so she’ll keep her mouth shut.

Donna and Kelly are a little giggly over Donna’s new relationship. Kelly’s also proud that Donna is going after the Rose Court. At the hotel, Brandon and Susan discuss the delivery, and how great she felt when the baby was finally out. She’s proud of how well he handled things. So this whole plot was so Susan could realize how awesome Brandon is? Great.

Donna returns to Pasadena for her interview, where she’s asked about helping children fulfill their dreams. She talks about how fragile children can be, such as a certain person she knows who was abused as a child and now abuses others, including her, when he gets angry. Adults need to protect children’s hearts so their souls aren’t harmed. Donna thanks the judging panel for helping fulfill one of her dreams.

Toni and Dylan go to see Marchette, who babbles about his house being unshakable and how he has a lot to protect, blah blah blah earthquake metaphor. He already knows about the engagement, from Bruno, and asks Dylan how he would respond if he were Marchette. Dylan just says he’s not him. Marchette gives Toni a Bible that her mother carried at their wedding.

Donna tells her father that she’s made it to the final round of the Rose Court competition. He didn’t know she was still in the running. Felice joins them, and Donna asks if she didn’t approve of Donna competing because she herself didn’t make the finals. Felice tells her she’s mistaken. After Donna leaves, Felice tells Dr. Martin that she saw the picture. Dr. Martin urges her to tell Donna the truth. Back at Marchette’s, Anthony meets with a thug and puts out a hit on Dylan.

Thoughts: Okay, everyone, the pregnant-woman-stuck-in-an-elevator plot needs to be officially retired.

I like that everyone was kind of casual about the earthquake (other than Colin). They’ve lived in California for years, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for them.

On the other end of the spectrum, the pregnant woman was TOO calm. Two 20-somethings are delivering your baby without any supples! Why aren’t you freaking out?

Whatever, Kelly, you already moved on. Dylan no longer has to worry about your reaction to his engagement.

So after I finished watching this episode, I turned over to Full House (shut up), and they were showing the episode where Stephanie freaks out about an earthquake. With that, this episode, and the two SVH earthquake books, I’m seeing a theme in my life, and it’s not a good one…

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