July 27, 2013

Party of Five 2.19, Altered States: Look Before You Leap

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What's that you're eating, Charlie? Awkward Flakes?

What’s that you’re eating, Charlie? Awkward Flakes?

Summary: Bailey’s waxing poetic about Leap Day, which freaks him out because it doesn’t actually exist. (I don’t know.) Sarah tries on some new clothes, and Bailey appreciates the fact that she’s decided to start showing cleavage. Justin brings Julia some homework, since she’s been staying home from school since her miscarriage. He encourages her to get back into her old routine. He’d like their relationship to get back to where it used to be.

Claudia’s also worried about Julia, who’s been having trouble sleeping. Charlie wants her to go back to school, since staying home isn’t helping. He tells her he won’t write her any more notes for excused absences. Then he goes to Kathleen’s for some goodbye sex before she goes out of town. She suggests skipping her meeting and going to Hawaii with Charlie instead. She seems to have forgotten that Charlie has children to watch. He points out that, unlike her, he has people in his life he has to look out for.

Julia returns to school but feels like people are staring at her. Justin notes that it’s just because she was wearing the same shirt as another girl. No one knows she had an abortion; they just think she was sick. Julia decides to skip her last class, telling Justin it’s because her family’s going to Tahoe for the weekend. When she gets home, she tells Charlie she’s going to Tahoe with Justin’s family.

Sarah’s new sexy wardrobe has spilled over into her performances with her band. Bailey can barely hold a conversation with Will while she’s on stage. Kathleen goes to the Salingers’ and tells Charlie she wants to be more of a part of his life, as glamorless as it may be. Julia goes to the airport and buys a ticket to New Orleans. She’s going to see Griffin.

Bailey asks Charlie if he can throw a Leap Day party at the house, but Charlie doesn’t like the idea. Kathleen sides with Bailey, shocking him and Claudia by appearing in their kitchen in a bathrobe. They have no idea who she is or that Charlie was dating her. Kathleen tells Bailey to throw a sexy party outside with candles. Later, he discusses her with Sarah, then tries to talk Sarah into wearing something sexy for the party. Griffin and Julia meet up in New Orleans, and she dodges telling him what happened, only saying that she did something stupid.

Back in San Francisco, the Leap Day party is underway, and Bailey’s mad that Sarah invited a bandmate named Matt. Kathleen folds Charlie’s laundry, telling Claudia that love makes people do weird things. Claudia tells her about her Mexican boyfriend. She encourages Charlie to go to Hawaii, and again he says he has too much to take care of. Kathleen suggests bringing the rest of the family along. Charlie yells at her for basically inviting herself into the family. He’s confused as to when their relationship went from casual to serious. Kathleen says she loves him.

Griffin has guessed that Julia got pregnant, so she confides that she had a miscarriage but was going to have an abortion. He asks why she came to see him, but she’s not completely sure. She thought he would understand since he’s also done things he wishes he could take back. Julia feels like she can’t recognize herself anymore. The person she used to be would never get pregnant or schedule an abortion. Griffin can relate, since he never saw himself going to military school. But he lives the life he has to live now. He doesn’t judge her; he still loves her.

Bailey pulls Sarah aside at the party and tells her that someone stole Charlie’s coat. He thinks it was one of the guys in the band. Sarah refuses to confront them. Bailey says they’re not her friends if they make her dress differently to get the audience’s attention. Claudia pops up to say the coat wasn’t stolen; it was in Charlie’s car. Griffin takes Julia back to her hotel room and offers to spend the night (not like that). She’s worried that he’ll get in trouble for missing his curfew. Griffin doesn’t mind; he wants her to feel better so she’ll sleep.

In San Francisco, Bailey does what he always has to do: make things up with Sarah. He makes dumb excuses for why he was a jerk. Then he tells her that her band can perform at the restaurant that night. Sarah gives in, because that’s what she always does. Charlie goes to Kathleen’s to tell her that he only wants a casual relationship right now. Since she wants something more, he’s basically dumping her.

Griffin takes Julia out in New Orleans, though she feels strange for trying to have fun. She got herself into a situation that she couldn’t fix, which is unusual for her. Bailey suddenly dislikes Sarah’s sexy clothing, since it makes her look different from the sweet person she really is. She gets upset with him for being controlling, especially when she learns that he’s censored the band’s playlist. She tells him she’s not performing.

Kathleen calls the restaurant, and Claudia makes Charlie talk to her even though he tells her to say he’s not there. It’s a good move, since Kathleen has taken a bottle of pills. Griffin takes Julia to a church, telling her he likes being there because it makes him feel like all his mistakes don’t matter. He’s always loved there, no matter what. His parents have never said they loved him, and he notes that Julia’s parents can no longer tell her that.

Charlie rushes to Kathleen’s place and makes her throw up the pills. Back in New Orleans, Griffin makes a joke that makes Julia smile, so now they’re both feeling better. She talks about staying, but he reminds her that she has a lot to go home to in San Francisco. Julia says she feels far away from her life there, and she’s not sure she’ll keep feeling like she does now. Griffin tells her that each horrible day she has passes, and the next one might not be as bad. She just has to do her time like he’s doing his.

Now recovered from her emergency, Kathleen tells Charlie that she was just confused and accidentally took too many sleeping pills. She thinks he panicked too much over her declaration that she wanted something serious. She doesn’t get why he’ll let her help with the restaurant, then have sex with her, but she’s not allowed in the rest of his life. Kathleen is risking a lot by giving up control and putting up with someone else’s problems. Charlie asks people to care about him, but when they ask the same in return, he bails.

Griffin sees Julia off in New Orleans, assuring her that things mostly get better each day. He kisses her and says that some days are “amazing.” Sarah’s still annoyed with Bailey, who tells her he’s trying to figure out who she is. She acts differently now that she’s in a band. Sarah points out that she’s a teenager and hasn’t figured out who she is yet. Bailey tells her she’s not the person he fell in love with. She thinks changing should be good, so if he has a problem, there’s something wrong with him, not her.

As Charlie takes flowers to Kathleen’s place, Julia gives Justin a souvenir from her trip to “Tahoe.” Claudia accidentally busts her by telling her that Charlie wants her to leave a number the next time she goes out of town. Julia admits that she got Justin’s souvenir at the airport. He doesn’t ask where she went, since he’s just happy that she’s feeling better.

Thoughts: Matt is played by Danny Masterson from That ’70s Show and that unfunny-looking TBS show I can’t remember the name of.

I don’t know if Jennifer Love Hewitt has ever admitted to having work done, but let’s just say that her cleavage in this episode is one-tenth the size of her cleavage now.

Kathleen, DO NOT GET ON A PLANE TO HAWAII WITH CHARLIE. You’ll thank me later.

Stupid question: Where did Julia get a wad of cash for her plane ticket and hotel room? Does she still have all the money she made from that waitressing job?

Claudia to Charlie: “When was the last time you actually solved a problem?” Ha!

Charlie: “You put away my socks!” Kathleen: “I’m sorry, it was a terrible thing to do.” I love her delivery there, all, “Are you kidding me with this?”

Julia actually says “abortion.” I wonder why no one said it in the previous episode.

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  1. Barbara said,

    If you watched on Netflix she said abortion at point 9.40 left in episode Before and After. she said it once in that episode.

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