July 28, 2013

BH90210 6.10, One Wedding and a Funeral: Till Death Do Us Part

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Enjoy this while you can, because it's not going to last

Enjoy this while you can, because it’s not going to last

Summary: Dylan and Toni are for real getting married, and plan to have a private ceremony, then a reception with their friends. Kelly and Donna help Toni pick out a dress, talking about how glad they are that Dylan’s found someone (even if it’s not Kelly). Meanwhile, Marchette plots to have Dylan killed in a fake burglary gone wrong. His henchman reminds him to make sure Toni’s out of the house by 5 p.m.

As Marchette’s guys gather weapons, the gang kidnaps Dylan and Toni for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. They unknowingly ruin Marchette’s plans to have Dylan killed that night. The guys go to the Walshes’ and play poker; Brandon vetoed strippers and other debauchery because Dylan’s already done all that stuff. The girls (minus Valerie, plus Susan) go to the beach apartment for cigars and male strippers. Kelly teases Donna about how shocked Felice would be to see her.

Marchette is confused since Toni was supposed to come see him, but he learns that the parties meant the hit had to be called off. Bruno tells him he’s going to drive Toni to the wedding the next day. Brandon and Dylan are the last two awake at the Walshes’, and Brandon wants to make sure Dylan’s watching out for himself because of Marchette. He thinks Dylan and Toni are a great couple. Dylan thanks him for being a good friend.

Ray continues stalking Donna at the apartment, telling her he misses her and her friends. She reminds him that he hated hanging out with the gang when they were dating. She won’t let him in. He tells her she needs to start listening, or he’s going to make her life horrible. (I think that mission has been accomplished, Ray.) Toni thanks Kelly for the party, and Kelly assures her that the gang is her family now. She reveals that she knows Marchette killed Jack. She advises Toni to get far away from Beverly Hills and not look back.

The next morning, Toni reads the note her mother wrote her in the Bible she carried at her wedding. That’s her something old, and Kelly gives her flowers from the gang as her something new. Donna loans her pearls for her something borrowed. Her something blue is a garter from Kelly. Jim and Cindy send Dylan a congratulatory message from Hong Kong, and Dylan jokes that they’re just glad he’s not marrying Brenda. Brenda has also sent a message from London, saying that their love triangle has finally been resolved.

Marchette goes to the beach apartment to try to talk Toni out of the wedding. She won’t listen, so he tells her the marriage was made in Hell and will lead to nothing by misery. “You have made your Hell,” she replies. After Marchette leaves, Bruno comes in and tells Toni he tried to change Marchette’s mind. He volunteers to walk her down the aisle in her father’s place. He takes her to the wedding, where Brandon is the only attendant, and they get married overlooking the ocean.

At the reception, Brandon toasts the newlyweds, who go off alone to talk about Marchette. Neither of them is too upset about it. They go to Dylan’s house for their first night as a married couple, finding it decorated with candles by the gang. Susan goes home with Brandon, who admits that he feels a little lonely, since people keep leaving. She assures him that she’s not planning on going anywhere.

Donna caught the bouquet, and she and Joe think it means her luck is changing. He admits that he almost married his high school sweetheart, but she changed. He thinks things have worked out for the best. Kelly tells Colin that she thought it would be hard to see Dylan marry someone else, but she’s happy for him and Toni.

Dylan and Toni’s first morning as a married couple is interrupted when Nat and Steve arrive with a fancy breakfast for them. Then it’s interrupted again by a call from Marchette, who asks to meet with Dylan. He claims to have a surprise for Toni. (Surprise! You’re a widow!) Dylan wants to ignore him, but Toni tells him to just go and see what he wants. Bruno thinks Marchette is really trying to patch things up. Marchette double-checks his new hit with his henchman, who casually comments to Bruno that Dylan may not be alive much longer.

Bruno immediately tries to call Dylan and Toni, who have taken the phone off the hook for privacy. Toni’s worried about the cat, who she hasn’t seen since the day before. She asks Dylan to go look for her, since it’s getting dark and about to rain. Bruno spends the day trying to call the McKays, eventually calling Brandon and telling him about the hit. Brandon rushes over to the house to warn Dylan.

Dylan has no luck finding the cat, and it’s getting close to the time of his meeting with Marchette, which will be followed by their flight to Hawaii. He sends Toni to meet Marchette while he stays at the house to find Trouble. Brandon gets to the house and warns Dylan not to go to see Marchette. The two of them hurry off to stop Toni. On her way to see her father, Toni’s cut off by a guy who stops in front of her, then shoot her through the window. Dylan and Brandon arrive moments later to find her dead.

Dylan refuses to talk to the police, and in the morning he tells Brandon not to say anything to anyone. Brandon can’t believe he’s going to let Marchette get away with killing Toni like he did with Jack. After Toni is buried, Dylan stays behind in the cemetery to confront Marchette. Marchette tells Dylan that Toni’s death is his fault, then hands him a gun and encourages Dylan to kill him. Dylan almost does, but he says that they’re even now, so they need to stop killing. Dylan goes home to pack and finds Toni’s wedding dress. He opens the door and sees Trouble on the porch.

The rest of the gang gathers at the Peach Pit with Nat, wondering what Dylan will do now. All they know is that bad things happen, and they’ll miss him. Brandon finds Dylan getting ready to leave on his motorcycle with the cat. Dylan isn’t sure if he’ll ever come back to Beverly Hills. He gives Brandon his keys and asks him to lock up the house. Instead of saying goodbye, Brandon says he’ll see Dylan around.

Thoughts: General Hospital did a similar plot to this episode a few months after this one aired – a mobster married the daughter of another mobster, who tried to kill him but accidentally killed his daughter instead. And that plot tangentially involved Vanessa Marcil, who later played Gina on 90210. Everything is connected!

Sadly, this is Luke Perry’s last episode until season 9. I’ll miss you, Dylan!

Yeah, Marchette, I’m sure Toni wouldn’t have been suspicious about Dylan being killed right before their wedding. You should have waited till after and pretended to support the marriage, to look innocent. Plus, she would have inherited Dylan’s money.

If I ever have a bachelorette party, remind me to make sure it’s not at my fiancé’s ex’s place. That’s just weird.

Trivia: Dylan’s middle name is Michael.

Bruno, sweetie? Why didn’t you get in your car and go to the McKays’ house? I blame this on you. And maybe a little on the cat.


  1. Sabrina said,

    I thought it was weird that Valarie wasn’t included but Susan was. Kelly, what can I say. She always gets on my nerves. This is easily the saddest episode ever!!

  2. jimihaze68 said,

    If Marchette was smart, and casred anytihng about Toni, he would’ve thought twice. Did it ever occur to him that (if Dylan came down there and got it) how much he would’ve hurt Toni, because she loved Dylan.

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