August 3, 2013

BH90210 6.11, Offensive Interference: This Sting Has Stung

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From Kelly Kapowski to this, ladies and gentlemen

From Kelly Kapowski to this, ladies and gentlemen

Summary: Donna tries to call Joe, then tries to leave a message for him, but fails on both counts. She hopes he’s not avoiding her. He’s not – he’s busy talking to the police, since Ray told them Joe beat him up on Halloween. It’s Homecoming week at CU, and Steve has been assigned to protect the school’s mascot, Corny the Condor, from SCU. He’s taking it seriously, probably because he knows what it’s like to be on the other side of this. He tells a bunch of students that Corny will be hidden in a secret location. Kelly encourages Colin to join in the fun.

Valerie skips out on the festivities to go to work, where she’s surprised by Jonesy. He wants his repayment for the favor he did her and Dylan in Mexico. He also offers to find Dylan now that he’s left Beverly Hills, but Valerie doesn’t think he wants to be found. Jonesy’s new gig requires Valerie to accompany him for one night, though he doesn’t say what’s involved. Joe tells Donna that Ray’s pressing charges; he had to tell his football coach, which meant admitting he missed curfew, so he can’t play in the Homecoming game. He’s also supposed to stay away from Donna.

Valerie’s wardrobe for her night with Jonesy includes a pleather dress from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Hey, at least Jonesy paid for it. Brandon checks Dylan’s answering machine for him in his role as house closer-upper. Susan suggests that he write something for the paper to get himself back into his normal routine. In Pasadena, the Rose Court hopefuls learn which of them will be princesses. Felice and Dr. Martin attend, and Kelly and Clare think Donna will be upset when she sees them. Donna and her friend Lisa both get places on the Rose Court.

After the ceremony, Felice sits down with Donna and confirms that the picture she found is of her. The day after the Rose Court was announced, she found out she was pregnant. She was 19 and Dr. Martin was Medical Student Martin. They got married quickly, and Felice had to drop out of the competition because it was only for single girls. Then she miscarried the baby. Felice is worried that Donna sees her as a fraud; after all, she’s the queen of abstinence lectures. Donna’s just happy that Felice has been honest with her.

Steve and some other KEG guys – AKA the Condor Patrol – transport Corny to the Walshes’ house in a crate. Valerie tells David she has to go out that night, but she sidesteps giving details, which makes him suspicious. That night, Jonesy takes Valerie to a spot popular for guys who want hookers. He’s trying to lure a guy he’ll only call the Duke (not the bookie) so he can take pictures and help the Duke’s wife use them for evidence in a divorce. He assures Valerie that the Duke is a jerk, so he deserves this.

Kelly, Steve, and Clare meet Colin at his loft, and Kelly learns that he’s been working undercover for the Condor Patrol. He caught them making a decoy Corny and joined up. The decoy’s at the Walshes; the real one is in Colin’s fridge. Joe congratulates Donna on making the Rose Court, assuring her that things will work out with his legal problems, even though charges have officially been filed and he’s being arraigned in a few days. Donna agrees to help with his defense.

Valerie is less than helpful with Jonesy’s sting, and happy when the night is over. He tells her he’ll be needing her for another night. At the CU quad, Brandon lectures Steve loudly about how messy the KEG brothers have been. Donna meets with Joe’s lawyer, who thinks Joe will be cleared since he was protecting her. However, the truth about Donna’s abusive relationship with Ray is going to come out at the arraignment. Donna decides it’s time to tell her parents about that.

The Condor Patrol sets up surveillance cameras in the Walshes’ house so they can keep an eye out for SCU thieves. David’s still curious about Valerie’s activities the night before, but she doesn’t want to talk about it, or the fact that she has to put in another night’s work. He thinks she’s seeing someone else. Valerie promises to tell him everything eventually. David doesn’t like that response, and he doesn’t like the pleather dress he finds. She tells him he’s acting childish. He replies that he’s done being patient with their relationship.

Ray tracks Donna down in Pasadena, and Lisa makes the smart decision to stand nearby and keep an eye on things. Donna yells at Ray for going after Joe, and he tells her he’ll drop the case if she gets back together with him. She refuses. Kelly wants to help with the house closing-upping, but Brandon isn’t sure it’s worth it, since he doesn’t think Dylan’s ever going to come back. She says that they both care about Dylan and that will never change. That doesn’t answer the question, but Brandon doesn’t seem to care.

Valerie and Jonesy go back out that night, but she still hates the gig and no longer cares that it’ll bring her some money. As they’re fighting, the Duke arrives in a totally inconspicuous white limo. As Jonesy attempts to pimp Valerie out, a cop jumps out of the limo and arrests him and Valerie for solicitation. Susan goes to see Brandon at Dylan’s and finds him and Kelly playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. (I can’t believe Dylan didn’t take those with him!) It’s awkward, but Kelly quickly leaves so Brandon and Susan can be alone.

Valerie calls David from jail and asks for bail money. He’s confused but pays. He’s also flattered that she called him. She tells him that he’s the only person she was willing to let see her like this. Jonesy gets the charges dropped and assures Valerie that her record will stay clean. He got half his payment from the Duke’s wife, but he can’t pay Valerie for her help. Val’s okay, since she gets David. (Awwww. Or something.)

Donna meets with Joe’s angry jock friends to tell them that Joe broke curfew to protect her from Ray, not to party. She thinks that makes him a good leader on the football field. Joe arrives and makes up with his friends. Everyone goes to a Homecoming pep rally, where Steve shows footage of the SCU students stealing Corny from the Walshes’ house. The Condor Patrol brings out the real Corny. Brandon listens to the Homecoming game on the radio while he tries to write a column about Dylan.

The Martins watch the game at the beach apartment, at least until Donna tells her parents about her relationship with Ray. Felice realizes that he hurt her in Palm Springs. She and Dr. Martin are very sympathetic and assure her that they’ll support her and Joe while they deal with the legal mess.

The CU students celebrate their game win at the Peach Pit, and Donna meets up with Joe, who’s still pretty optimistic about everything working out. The gang discusses having Thanksgiving at the Walshes’; Colin and Susan will both be out of town, so Brandon and Kelly will be unaccompanied…. David and Valerie are at the house, and it looks like they’re no longer taking things slowly. Use protection, kids!

Thoughts: Clare: “Joe?” Donna: “Ray.” Me: “Mi! Oh, wait.”

There’s a sign at Joe’s jock house that says, “Use key to open door.” Are they really that dumb that they need a sign for that?

Why didn’t Valerie just tell David what she was doing? What a stupid conflict.

Ray is completely horrible and Joe is completely wonderful. Yeah, that’s realistic.

I love the twist in the Jonesy/Valerie storyline. Though he kind of owed her some money after he accidentally got her arrested.

David: “You could have called anyone – Brandon, Steve, Nat.” Can you imagine being Nat and getting a phone call from one of those stupid kids in jail? My first instinct would be to say, “Who is this?”

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