August 4, 2013

Party of Five 2.21, Spring Breaks, Part 1: I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your Kiss

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Why did they dress her like this? She's so cute!

Why did they dress her like this? She’s so cute!

Summary: Joe’s back in San Francisco for a few weeks and is impressed with what Charlie’s done with the restaurant. He mentions the sale of the building that houses the restaurant, and Charlie pretends not to know the details. Joe thinks they should fight the sale. Sarah’s band is taking up a lot of her time, which means Bailey doesn’t get to see her much. Justin and Julia also haven’t seen each other much, though she wants them to get back on track. He tells her he’s working on a project at the TV station where he interns and will be busy for a few weeks.

Jody has a crush on the new guy at school. Pretend you’re interested. Julia decides to take a photography class (alone, even though she’d wanted to take it with Justin). She meets a guy named Ian who offers to help her out. After a band gig, Sarah and her bandmate Matt are robbed at knifepoint. Matt handles it calmly, but Sarah freezes when the robber demands her purse. Matt manages to grab the guy and get him away from Sarah.

Joe continues his bid to get Charlie to fight the restaurant sale, but Charlie doesn’t think it would be too big of a deal to just find a new location. Bailey and Claudia arrive and surprise them with a plaqued version of the great review the restaurant got. Claudia spots some paperwork regarding the sale and recognizes Kathleen’s name, telling Joe that Charlie was dating her. Will shows up to tell Bailey that Sarah and Matt were robbed and are at the hospital. Meanwhile, Joe gathers more information about Charlie and Kathleen’s relationship.

Sarah’s uninjured other than a bruise on her face, and Matt just needed stitches in his arm. Bailey feels like a fifth wheel as the bandmates comfort each other. Charlie tells his sisters what Kathleen’s trying to do at the restaurant, and they beg him to try to talk her out of the sale. Bailey comes home and chimes in on blaming Charlie for the mess. Later, Julia and Ian take pictures together downtown, and Julia spots Justin out with a girl.

Bailey gives Sarah pepper spray and a beeper so she can contact him if she needs him. Claudia tries to talk to Jody about how upset she is with the possible restaurant sale, but Jody’s too busy thinking about the new kid she likes. She invites Claudia to a party with all the cool kids. Charlie gets drunk at a bar while Sarah tells Matt that she wants to quit the band. Bailey’s made her paranoid about having another frightening encounter. Matt tells her not to let someone get her worked up; he’ll protect her.

Julia goes to Justin’s and shows him the pictures she took of him with the girl. He tells her Cory’s a friend from work, and he likes to take walks with her and tell her what’s going on in his life, since he can’t talk to Julia. The Salingers get a call in the middle of the night from the police – Charlie’s been arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Bailey considers leaving him in jail overnight, but ultimately calls Joe for bail money. Joe yells at Charlie for being an idiot and always finding a way to screw things up when they’re going well, like he did with Kirsten.

In the morning, Julia wakes up to find Justin in her room, because that’s not weird. They talk and agree to try to put the past behind them and work on their relationship. Bailey tells Sarah about the late-night phone call from the police, which he thought was going to be about her. She snaps at him for harping on the mugging when she just wants to move past it. Justin takes Cory shopping for a present for Julia, though I think she might want him for herself.

Claudia and Jody go to the party, and since they’re in middle school, they play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Sarah complains to Matt about how overprotective Bailey’s being. For some reason, he thinks that’s an appropriate time to tell her he likes her. He kisses her, then realizes it was a bad idea. Unfortunately, Will’s nearby and sees them. Claudia and her Seven Minutes in Heaven partner go into a closet, but she leaves as soon as she finds out what the game entails.

Julia and Ian develop pictures together, including one she took of herself that she wants to give Justin. However, she only tells Ian it’s for a friend. Then he tries to start his own game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Charlie goes to work, but Joe tells him to go home. Also, he doesn’t need to come back because Joe’s going to shut down the restaurant. He’s disappointed because Charlie did so much work and it’s all for nothing. Next Friday will be the last time the Salingers can have dinner together at the restaurant.

Julia gives Justin her photo and he gives her perfume that Cory helped him pick out. They immediately have nothing else to talk about. Also conversation-less: Bailey and Sarah. Sarah asks if Bailey’s talked to Will recently, but he hasn’t. Then she spills the news herself that Matt kissed her. She tries to downplay it, assuring Bailey that she doesn’t return Matt’s feelings.

Jody tracks down Claudia and tells her that the guy she kind of kissed said she was a great kisser and that they got to second base. Jody wants to double date with her and their two new boyfriends. Claudia says she’s not ready for that sort of thing, but Jody’s free to spend all her time with them if she wants. Jody insists that she still wants to hang out with Claudia, but she also wants to date.

Justin tells Cory that things aren’t going well with Julia, and she tries to cheer him up by telling him how awesome he is. That just makes it worse, since he wants to keep laboring under the opinion that they’re just friends. Meanwhile, Julia and Ian hang out, and she finally tells him she has a boyfriend. However, things are easier when she’s with Ian. At home, Claudia looks at old pictures and laments the loss of the restaurant. She sadly tells Charlie that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to forgive him.

Sarah tells Bailey that the kiss with Matt isn’t as big a deal as the way Bailey’s been treating her. He’s going to college soon, so she needs to learn how to be independent. Bailey plays the dead-parents card, reminding her that he has a hard time thinking about losing someone he loves. Basically, she needs to let him smother her or they’ll have to break up. At the end of his rope, Charlie goes to see Kirsten (whose hair, by the way, looks lovely). He tells her that the last time he remembers things being all right was when they were together. He loves her and wants her back. But he’s too late: She’s getting married next week.

Thoughts: As you can see from the picture above, Cory is played by Kate Hudson, in her first acting role.

Also, I didn’t recognize her, but a nurse at the hospital is played by Niecy Nash.

Excuse me, Salingers, but how was Charlie supposed to know what Kathleen would pull? She’s the one you should be mad at. I mean, true, she was unstable, and Charlie knew it, and he didn’t handle their breakup well, but I still wouldn’t say the sale is his fault.

Justin, you were starting to grow on me, but sneaking into a girl’s room and watching her sleep is an Edward Cullen thing, and it needs to stop right now.

What’s with Kirsten and fast engagements? Wasn’t she still sleeping with Charlie, like, six months ago?

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