August 10, 2013

Party of Five 2.22, Spring Breaks, Part 2: Starring Charlie Salinger as Dustin Hoffman

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The first six pleas didn't wear her down, but the seventh one did

The first six pleas didn’t wear her down, but the seventh one did

Summary: Charlie’s stalking Kirsten now, which is definitely the next logical step in their non-relationship, now that she’s marrying someone else. Julia and Justin’s relationship is majorly strained, but they still have to present a scene together for English class. He tells her to pick something for them to do. She says they’ll rehearse during school, even though they don’t have much filling up their spare time.

Charlie, Bailey, and Joe pack up the restaurant as Claudia mopes around. Kathleen shows up to start redesigning, and Bailey stands up to her, pointing out that the Salingers still own the restaurant. Kathleen replies that she’ll lose money if she delays: “I don’t want to feel like a chump for not calling in unpaid loans.” (Burn on you, Charlie.) Bailey goes looking for Sarah but instead finds Matt, who’s ticked at him for the way he’s been treating Sarah. He reveals that he wants them to work things out, though it sounds like it’s mostly because he pities Bailey.

Claudia hangs out at the coffeehouse with Jody and her new boyfriend, who are that typical middle school disgustingly sweet couple. At home, Bailey slams Charlie for not standing up to Kathleen. Charlie says he didn’t want to make a scene, but Bailey thinks he should have demonstrated to Claudia that he doesn’t want to lose the restaurant. He’s sick of worrying about so many people all at once. If he were Charlie, he’d try harder to fix things.

Julia hangs out with Ian, saying she wishes she knew what her future held, though she’s fine not knowing what might happen with Ian. She liked their kiss, but she’s not sure if it’s because it was different or because of who she was kissing. Ian gives her another chance to figure it out, then a third.

Sarah goes to the Salingers’ to complain that Bailey didn’t wait for her when she went to see him. (What? Shut up, Sarah.) He’s mad that she told Matt about his life; she made it sound like she just puts up with him. He’s not sure he still makes her happy. Sarah thinks he means that she doesn’t make him happy anymore. Bailey admits that not much in his life still makes him happy. Sarah wants to fix that, but he recognizes that their relationship is more bad than good now, so they need to end it.

Charlie summons Jake to the restaurant to tell him how bad things have gotten. Jake’s surprised, but Charlie wants his input since he’s a businessman. He has one night to solve things before the sale goes through. Speaking of doing things at the last minute, Julia and Justin get together to go over the scene they’re supposed to perform for class. She spots a hickey under his turtleneck and gets mad, because it’s okay when she makes out with someone else, but not when he does.

Ross stops by the Salingers’ and finds Claudia playing her violin in the basement, where it’s been since “Hold on Tight.” She claims that she hasn’t been playing it regularly. The Salingers go to the restaurant for their last family dinner there, but no one wants to stay. They’ll be continuing their tradition elsewhere, and with Joe. They all leave so they don’t have to be around when the restaurant closes at the end of the night.

Bailey tells Will about his breakup, saying “it wasn’t fun anymore.” Will thinks he’s crazy. Bailey repeats what he said to Charlie about being sick of worrying about people whose problems aren’t his. Plus, this will make it easier for him to leave for college on the East Coast in September. Julia runs into Justin at the coffeehouse and finally admits that he’s not the only person who’s been kissing someone else. They’re not sure why things are broken between them, which…really? It’s pretty obvious. And also, Griffin. So anyway, they’re done, too.

Kirsten goes to the house to yell at Charlie for sending her roses just two days before her wedding to someone else. He tells her she’s making a mistake. She points out that he doesn’t get a vote in the matter, and he needs to consider what she wants. Charlie thinks she’s moving too fast (fair enough), but Kirsten accuses him of only wanting her back because he can’t have her. He admits that that’s partly true. He loves her and is ready to make a commitment. She says he’s the one who’s kidding himself, and he only wants her because the rest of his life is so bad.

At school, Bailey runs into Sarah, who wants to talk about their relationship. He refuses, since that’ll just make things harder. Julia sees them, finds out from Will what’s going on, and tries to talk to Bailey about the breakup. She tells him she and Justin are also over. She loves him, but it wasn’t enough. Their split makes sense because something happened, but Bailey looked for problems and a reason to break up. Julia tells him not to look for more issues when things are already bad.

Jody slams Claudia for ditching her and her boyfriend, but Claudia doesn’t really care. She announces that she’s not ready for a boyfriend, and she doesn’t want to do the sort of things Jody and her guy do. Jody won’t slow down just because Claudia isn’t ready, and she doesn’t appreciate Claudia being ticked off all the time about it. Claudia says she misses Jody, but Jody doesn’t miss her because she has someone else. So there’s the third breakup of the episode. Justin and Julia do their scene in class, and of course it’s about breaking up.

Jake goes to the Salingers’ house and tells Bailey that Charlie talked to him about the restaurant. Bailey thinks that was a mistake; Charlie needs to clean up his own mess. Jake tells Bailey he has a proposal. Charlie stalks Kirsten again, this time to her FREAKING REHEARSAL DINNER, and declares his love again. Kirsten’s fiancé and his ridiculous mustache want to beat Charlie up. Charlie remarks that he’s taller. SHUT UP, STALKER. He tells Kirsten he can’t really prove himself to her or guarantee anything. Kirsten suddenly says, “Yes,” but Charlie keeps talking, saying she should marry Michael and be happy. Kirsten slaps him.

When Charlie gets home, Bailey gives him his acceptance letter to Hampshire State, the college he wanted to go to on the East Coast. He tells him that Jake agreed to pay his tuition. Now, though, Jake is willing to pay off the owners of the building that houses the restaurant so the sale won’t go through. But Jake will only either do that or pay for Bailey’s college, not both – and Bailey has to decide which. He cries and tells Charlie he hates him. Charlie tells him to pick college; their sisters will never have to know.

Because Charlie isn’t the only Salinger stalker, Julia sneaks into Justin’s bedroom and tells him she’s having a horrible time dealing with the breakup. She got used to hearing their names spoken together, and when she just hears her name, she feels like something’s missing. Justin comforts her, telling her it’ll get easier. Julia wonders if they made a mistake. He tells her they can’t stay together just because it’s too hard to be apart. She doesn’t want to think about him falling in love with someone else, but he reminds her that she’ll always be his first love.

Claudia laments to Ross about her life, admitting that she overheard Charlie and Bailey’s conversation and is worried about Bailey going away to school. She also admits that she’s been playing her violin again, but she hasn’t let anyone know because she doesn’t want the pressure she felt before. She feels like she needs to go back to her music. Ross agrees to work with her again. Kirsten’s wedding starts, but she panics and goes outside to get air. And guess who’s sitting outside the church in his truck?

Bailey goes to Sarah’s apartment and tells her he’s not going to Hampshire: He’s letting Jake use the money for the restaurant. Sarah’s confused, since she thought getting away was all Bailey wanted. He tells her that he’s spent two years fighting to keep the family together, so he can’t be the first one to leave. They’re supposed to be a family no matter what. Also, he doesn’t want to leave Sarah. “Being with you and taking care of all of them – it’s kind of who I am,” he says.

The Salingers meet up at the closed restaurant, and Bailey reveals that he and Sarah are back together. He starts to tell his sisters about Jake’s money, but Joe beats him to it, telling them the building isn’t going to be sold. Bailey and Charlie pretend that the seller just changed his mind. Charlie tells Bailey that he knows what he’s giving up, but Bailey doesn’t see it that way anymore.

Kirsten comes in, still in her wedding dress, and everyone thinks she and Charlie just got married. She tells everyone she changed her mind: “Always a bride, never a bride.” I’m sure her ditched fiancé will find that hilarious. The Salingers celebrate their saved restaurant with a family dinner, and I guess all their hostility toward each other is gone and everyone’s happy and sunny and la la la, whatever, season 2’s over.

Thoughts: Wait, season 2’s over? I feel like I just started it!

I kind of admire Bailey for the breakup. If it’s that bad, it’s time to call it quits. I mean, he did it for the wrong reasons, but still. Too bad Julia and Justin took so long to figure that out.

I think I noted before that the high school’s mascot is the possum, but I’m just now realizing what a dumb mascot that is. Do they play dead when the opposing team shows up?

I’ll say this about Kirsten: She has good taste in bridesmaids’ dresses.

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  1. Nick Rivers said,

    Ugh this bit —

    “Justin comforts her, telling her it’ll get easier. Julia wonders if they made a mistake. He tells her they can’t stay together just because it’s too hard to be apart. She doesn’t want to think about him falling in love with someone else, but he reminds her that she’ll always be his first love.”

    I remembered this scene and the wording for some reason, so I looked at the original airdate of this episode and it was like six weeks after my college boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me. Oh, the bittersweet memories.

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