August 17, 2013

BH90210 6.14, Fortunate Son: Boyz (and Girlz) in the Hood

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I love how this kid is supposed to be 11 and he's almost as tall as Tori Spelling

I love how this kid is supposed to be 11 and he’s almost as tall as Tori Spelling

Summary: Donna has agreed to fill in for Rose Queen Lisa at her job for a day, since Lisa has Rose Queen duties. Joe’s concerned about her safety, but Donna thinks she’ll be fine. The After Dark is hosting a casino charity event the Alphas are running for kids. Kelly isn’t thrilled to have to work with Valerie. Brandon runs a Blackjack table and chats with Steve and Clare about an internship Rush got for Steve at a talent agency. Susan’s excited about the casino event because she’s never been to a real one.

Nat’s worried about Brandon getting involved in gambling again, which leads to a Brandon/Duke flashback. Nat’s all, “Well, that was a few years ago, so I guess you’re more mature now and can totally handle it.” Kelly thanks Colin for offering a portrait sitting to the event (which will help fund daycares). Valerie sees them kissing and makes her uncomfortable face. Steve’s boss, Tammy, is annoying and somehow knows less about the industry than he does. She doesn’t like him until she finds out about his connections through his father. Now she wants him around permanently.

Donna works Lisa’s convenience-store job, and considering the barbed wire around the parking lot, Joe was right to be concerned. A kid tries to buy a teddy bear for his brother but balks at the price. He pretends to put it back, then tries to walk out of the store with it. Another employee catches him, and Donna lies that he paid for it. The kid says he was putting it under his shirt so the gangsters down the street won’t steal it from him. (More like so the gangsters down the street won’t tease him for having a teddy bear.) Donna secretly pays for the bear herself.

Joe goes to pick Donna up at the store, and as they’re leaving, they run into the kid, Isaiah. He tries to give Donna a few dollars for the bear, but she won’t accept them. He’s all, “Awesome, I got away with it!” At the talent agency, Steve opens one of Tammy’s personal letters and learns that she’s been fired. He uses a typewriter (for real) to make a new envelope so she won’t know he opened the letter. She cries after she reads it, because she really does have a heart, I guess. Joe’s uncomfortable driving Donna through Lisa’s city’s rough neighborhoods, and things get worse when they get lost and run out of gas.

Brandon practices counting cards at the Walshes’ house (Clare taught him, which goes along with her characterization as a math genius) and tells Valerie that his parents aren’t coming back to the States for Christmas. Valerie thinks he’s taking the charity event too seriously – unlike in a real casino, the house is supposed to lose. Donna and Joe walk to find help, and he’s still jumpy about where they are while Donna’s calm. They wind up running into Isaiah, who pretends they were invited to dinner so some supposedly helpful people on the street will leave them alone.

Isaiah lets Joe use his phone as Donna takes in the scene and sees that Isaiah has to take care of his younger siblings. Donna doesn’t think she and Joe should leave the kids alone, so she tries to get them invited over for dinner for real. Isaiah tells her they don’t have enough food, and he has to clean the house. He’s worried that Child Welfare will find out that the kids are there alone while their mom is out. Donna announces that she’s buying pizza for them.

At the casino night, Brandon runs out of chips, which is probably a bad sign. Lisa’s there, wondering why Donna hasn’t arrived yet. Isaiah tells Donna that his mom works while the kids are in school, then goes to school herself to become a nurse. Joe wants to leave, since they’re butting into the family’s life, but Donna wants to keep helping. The mother arrives, alarmed to find strangers in her house, and gets defensive about leaving her 11-year-old in charge of her other kids. She begs Donna and Joe to leave them alone.

Brandon buys another hundred dollars’ worth of chips, even though Nat steps in to object. Colin and David don’t notice that he’s spending a lot, but they know he’s doing well, so they keep following his lead. Finally Susan decides Brandon’s going too far and asks Nat to say something. Instead, Nat goes all in against Brandon. Nat wins, and I guess Brandon learns some kind of lesson. Tammy shows up at the event and pulls Steve aside to beg him to use his connections to get her job back. Oh, and he needs to do it right now. Clare isn’t happy that he has to leave the event.

Brandon asks Susan for a loan, but she doesn’t want him to gamble anymore. He tells her to back off. The auction portion of the event begins, with Nat as auctioneer. The first item up for bid is a day with the chancellor, and even Clare thinks that’s a dumb idea. While the auction’s going on, the gambling is shut down, so of course Brandon objects. Susan tells him he’s embarrassing her and himself. Brandon ignores her, asking to talk to Steve, who’s helping to run the event. Susan walks away.

Colin’s portrait sitting goes up for bid, and Kelly tries to win it, but Valerie gets into a war with her over it. She goes too high for Kelly, so Valerie pays $600 to sit in a chair while Colin stares at her. That means she also pays $600 for Kelly to sneer at her, and she would have done that for free! Steve goes back to the office to talk to his dad’s friend Scott about Tammy. Scott tells him that Tammy’s horrible at her job and needs to not taking her firing personally. Steve isn’t sure what to tell her, but Scott thinks he’ll figure it out.

Donna and Joe finally arrive at the After Dark, and Donna notices how many expensive cars are parked there. Joe tells her she can’t feel guilty for being financially blessed since she deserves it. Donna doesn’t think Isaiah deserves to have so little. She tells Lisa about the family and how badly she wants to help them. “In case you didn’t know, this is not Adopt a Black Family Month,” Lisa says. She thinks Donna needs to mind her own business. Donna says that if she can’t help anyone, she doesn’t belong on the Rose Court. After all, the theme this year was children’s dreams.

David accuses Valerie of bidding on the portrait sitting to spend time with Colin. Valerie’s shocked by this idea, which is ridiculous of her. Steve tells Tammy that she was fired because her potential was being wasted at the agency. She doesn’t believe him, but it was a good effort. He gives her the advice his father once gave him: Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll be seeing them again. Brandon apologizes to Nat for his behavior, and Nat advises him to get help for his problem before he loses something important to him. Brandon thinks that’s already happened.

Clare has won a bunch at the casino, but she doesn’t want any prizes; she tells Steve she just did it to see if she could. Valerie goes to the beach apartment to tell Kelly that the event made $11,000. She also wants to apologize for giving Kelly the wrong idea about the portrait sitting. She planned to have Colin paint her so she could give David the portrait for Christmas. Now Kelly feels dumb. Donna’s only a little happy about the money the event made, since she still hasn’t found a way to help Isaiah’s family.

In the morning, Brandon goes to Susan’s dorm room to confess his past gambling problems and how Nat bailed him out. He thought he was past it, but obviously not. She offers to help him. Donna meets with Isaiah’s mother and offers to help get the kids into a daycare. Isaiah’s mother doesn’t want to accept charity, but Donna convinces her that that’s not what it is. Isaiah’s as grateful to Donna as his mother is. She tells him that the best way to pay her back is to do something like this for someone when he grows up. I let out a genuine, “Awwww,” because I like it when people help other people, so stop judging me, you heartless monsters!

Thoughts: Was this the first time Donna’s ever worked? She’s good with people, especially children.

I like the chancellor and all, but I’m with Clare – who’s going to pay to spend a day with him?

So who’s the fortunate son in the title? Isaiah? Brandon? Donna, who’s not a son? Confusing.

Susan’s dorm is going to have a potluck. I bet everyone brings chips and beer.

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