August 18, 2013

Party of Five 3.2, Going, Going, Gone: Relationships Are Hard, You Guys

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Thanks. You...shouldn't have

Thanks. You…shouldn’t have

Summary: Julia tries to do a crossword puzzle while Griffin supposedly looks for an apartment and a job. For some reason, she thinks he can help with the puzzle. Silly Julia. Inspired by their tickle fight, Claudia tries to be playful with Byron, but he’s not ticklish. Charlie reminds Griffin that he has to move out by the end of the week. (Why is the Salingers’ house always turning into a hotel?) Will laments how little he and his new college roommate Tucker have in common, but Bailey’s unsympathetic since Will gets to leave town.

Owen plays hide and seek at the house, though I’m not sure who’s playing with him, or if anyone even is. Maybe he just likes hiding in cabinets. Kirsten is offered a job at Cal State Monterey, and she’s thrilled about it, but Charlie notes that it’s far away. Julia interrupts a makeout session between Claudia and Byron, and when Claudia leaves the room to get some laundry, it becomes clear that Bryon has a crush on Julia.

Griffin takes Julia to see what she thinks is going to be his new apartment, but which is actually an old, crappy car he bought. She reminds him that he’s going to be homeless by the end of the week if he doesn’t get a place to live. He tells her he got the car for her. Julia pretends to be grateful, but really, the car is a piece of crap. Tucker wants to turn his and Will’s drive from San Francisco to their college into a road trip, but Bailey warns him against it. But it turns out Tucker’s idea of stopping by a state fair is one Will likes.

Griffin may not have a job, but Julia has one as a receptionist at a publishing house. He stops by to bug her (and me). Bailey’s also looking for a place to live, telling Sarah that he wants to find his own “dorm room” instead of being jealous of Will for getting the whole college experience. He thinks it’ll help him make new friends. Claudia shows Byron some old family photos, but he’s more interested in the ones of Julia than the ones of her.

Julia goes with Griffin to see apartments, pushing him to choose one already since he’s being picky. Too bad he spent $800 of his $1,000 on the car. He doesn’t get why she’s panicking, since he did something nice for her. She tells him the car is a piece of junk. Griffin gets all boo-boo-kitty because he’s an idiot. At the house, Kirsten complains about her new job, then falls asleep. Julia’s upset that Bailey’s getting his own place, since some of the money comes out of the family’s stash. Bailey tells her he wants the whole college experience.

Claudia tries to start up a makeout session with Byron, but he’s not interested. Julia offers him a ride home in her piece of junk, making Claudia stay behind to do chores. When Julia drops him off, Byron tries to play himself off as just Claudia’s friend. He acts as if he and Julia just went on a date, then downplays their age difference. Julia thinks he’s crazy. Back at home, Claudia accuses her sister of moving in on her boyfriend. Julia tells her to be mad at Byron, but Claudia’s mad at both of them. She finally got a boyfriend, and Julia overshadowed her.

Kirsten’s up at 4:30 to go to work, and she doesn’t have time to talk to Charlie. Sarah tries to talk Bailey into staying at the house, but he’s made up his mind about getting an apartment. Will informs them that he and Gina broke up instead of trying a long-distance relationship. Bailey thinks he was influenced by the fact that Tucker did the same with his girlfriend from back home. Will tells him to mind his own business.

Griffin shows up at Julia’s work again, this time with apology flowers. He’s left the Salingers’ and is staying at the Y. Julia gets chastised by her boss, and Griffin steps him to defend her. She orders him to leave before things can get violent. Claudia arranges to meet with Byron at the restaurant (a Julia-free zone) so she can break up with him. She tells Charlie that there’s nothing Byron can do to change her mind…”unless he’s really, really sweet. And he begs.”

Julia comes home to find Griffin loafing around the house; she lays into him for talking the way he did to her boss. She wound up getting fired because of him. He doesn’t see the big deal, since she hated the job anyway. Julia notes that she needed a recommendation from the job for college. She’s sick of Griffin’s aloofness. She wants things, and she works toward them, but Griffin just hangs around. Julia asks what he wants, and he says he just wants her. “That’s not enough,” she says. Claudia gets stood up for her breakup (and at her own family’s restaurant – harsh).

Bailey, Will, and Tucker go looking for Bailey’s stolen Jeep, which has turned up, and Bailey takes the opportunity to lecture Tucker about talking Will into breaking up with Gina. Tucker’s smart enough to know that Bailey’s just jealous of his friendship with Will. They both accuse each other of being phony. Bailey finds the Jeep, which is totally stripped, and Tucker taunts him for thinking he could drive a nice car into a Mexican ghetto without anything happening. Will has to break up their fight, and when he tells Bailey to back off, Bailey gets mad at him for taking Tucker’s side.

Kirsten gets home late, and Charlie complains about how her long commute is hurting their relationship. She announces that she’s going to get an apartment near the school and will stay there Tuesday through Thursdays, then spend the rest of her time in San Francisco. Charlie doesn’t like the idea. Now that Bailey apparently isn’t moving out, Sarah brings him some dorm-like decorations so he can turn the attic into a college room. He tries to be enthusiastic, but he’s upset because his relationship with Will has changed.

Charlie helps Kirsten pack up for her semi-move to Monterey, expressing his reservations again. He wishes they’d gotten married, thinking that might make things easier now. Kirsten tells him that her life right now isn’t perfect, but she likes it. Griffin tries to make Julia’s car less junky, then tells her he’s going to San Diego. She accuses him of running away when they were trying to work things out together. Griffin’s worried that he’s ruining things between them, which was exactly what he was afraid of. He’s moving to make things better.

Claudia has apparently forgiven Julia, at least enough to go to her for boy advice. She’s worried that all her future relationships will wind up like this one. Julia has nothing encouraging to say. But it’s worth the risks to get the good feelings. Charlie and Kirsten talk on the phone, so even though they’re not physically together, at least they’re communicating. Bailey goes to see Will before he leaves and they say a manly goodbye.

Thoughts: Y’all, Owen can speak! He says three whole words! In a sentence! A sentence that makes sense!

I guess it’s stupid to suggest that Bailey and Griffin live together?

Hey, Julia, if Bailey moves, you get his attic room, so shhh.

Will and Tucker’s cross-country adventure sounds like it might be a good idea. They get to have a bonding experience before they start living together, they learn about each other, and they share the travel expenses. Of course, they might wind up killing each other before they can even live together in college, so maybe it’s not that great a plan.


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