August 19, 2013

BH90210 6.15, Angels We Have Heard on High: Get It? High? Heh

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Cindy, take me to Hong Kong with you! I need to get away from all these crazy people!

Cindy, take me to Hong Kong with you! I need to get away from all these crazy people!

Summary: Good morning, Susan! She wakes up in Brandon’s bed and does what any reasonable person would do in that situation: She tries to leave. Brandon tells her she doesn’t have to keep doing that, but Susan seems embarrassed to get caught in her boyfriend’s house. (Everyone else who lives there is sleeping with someone, so what’s her problem?) Today she may have a good reason to be embarrassed: Cindy has arrived for a surprise visit. (Yay! Cindy!) But she’s hiding something because she doesn’t know where Jim is. Ooh, scandalous!

It’s almost Christmas, and there are lots of cheesy decorations all over Beverly Hills. Not at the Walshes’ house, though, because Brandon’s too classy for cheese. Cindy tells him that Jim’s job in Hong Kong makes him happy, but she’s bored there. They were supposed to go on a cruise with his boss, and when Cindy said she wouldn’t go, Jim left without her. She’s not sure she’s going to go back to Hong Kong.

Rush volunteers Steve to buy last-minute Christmas presents for his boss at the talent agency (not Tammy, the guy who fired her). Rush tells Steve not to “screw up as usual,” which makes me wonder why he volunteered him if he doesn’t think Steve can do it. Valerie goes to Colin’s to pick up the portrait she’s giving David, and while she’s there, a guy drops by to sell Colin some cocaine. Colin first says it’s for a friend (sure, Colin), then says he needs something to keep him occupied while the gang drinks. Because alcohol is bad, but cocaine is okay.

Steve and Clare deliver Steve’s boss’ Christmas presents, one of which is, strangely, a child’s oven for a woman who’s definitely not a child. At the Peach Pit, David commiserates with Brandon over having parents with a broken marriage. Nat thinks they just need some time apart. Brandon believes there’s something Cindy isn’t telling him. Nat offers to talk to her and try to get more information.

At the beach apartment, Donna tries to sneak a look at the present Joe got her. Awesomely, he anticipated this and filled the box with plastic snakes. Clare advises Steve to stop letting Rush get to him since Steve’s an adult now. Steve says he just has to remind himself that Rush isn’t his real father. Clare doesn’t believe he’s adopted, which is a weird thing not to believe about someone. Steve delivers a present to his boss’ niece, who, strangely, is the right age for that toy oven…

Brandon mopes around the house, blaming Jim for his and Cindy’s problems. Cindy takes responsibility since she’s the one who can’t fit into Jim’s new life. She’s not sure it’s worth fighting to find anything they have in common anymore. She asks him to put the family’s problems aside for the holidays. Later, the gang and a bunch of other people come over to decorate the house. Donna begs Joe to tell her what her present is, but he keeps quiet to punish her for peeking at her fake present. Susan and Brandon are boring.

As the get-together goes on, Colin tells a story about seeing a woman deliver a baby on a park bench in New York. As he goes off to the “little elves’ room,” David tells Valerie that he thinks Colin is high. Clare and Steve are boring. Nat and Cindy decide to go to Mass together and are heading off just as Rush arrives. He informs Steve that he’s been fired because he delivered the presents to the wrong people, and his boss’ niece got a bustier. (Oops!) Steve laughs off the error, since the presents were mislabeled, but Rush holds him responsible anyway. He’s always screwing things up, like with the fire. Rush is ashamed to be Steve’s father. Steve fires back that Rush isn’t his real father anyway.

As Kelly collects Colin, who’s using the little elves’ room to ingest some Christmas snow, Clare encourages Steve to apologize to Rush the next day so his Christmas isn’t ruined. It’s okay, guys – Colin just sniffling because he has allergies. Joe calls Donna at 3:27 a.m. (the time of her birth) to wish her a Merry Christmas and a happy birthday. She asks for hints about her present, so he tells her it’s “mostly grayish” and “interactive.” After he hangs up, we see that the present is a parrot that Joe has taught to say, “Joe loves Donna.”

On Christmas morning, little Brandon goes to see what Santa put in his stocking. Apparently Santa stopped in Hong Kong to get his new watch. Cindy tells him that she’s realized she can make it on her own if it comes down to leaving Jim. Brandon reminds her that they’ve been married for 22 years, so they owe it to each other to work on their marriage. He thinks that their love for each other can get them through all of their problems. Cindy isn’t sure Jim still cares about her. Just then she gets Jim’s present, a little angel, and a note proving that he still loves her.

Steve mopes on down to the Peach Pit to meet Rush and apologize for their fight. Rush admits that he was out of line, and they agree that they want to change the way they act with each other. Then he gives Steve a copy of his adoption papers, which show that Rush isn’t just his adoptive father – he’s also his birth father. Rush and Samantha were trying to adopt, since Samantha couldn’t have children, so Rush wound up buying his own child.

Steve is furious over being led to believe that he was abandoned. Rush notes that he gave his son all sorts of material things, so he had a great life. Steve would have preferred the truth. Rush admits that Samantha doesn’t know that he’s Steve’s biological father, which is why Steve was kept in the dark. (Holy cow, this man is crazy, you guys.) Rush claims he’s proud to have Steve as a son. He should probably also order him not to tell Samantha anything, but whatever.

The gang brings in fake snow for some kids, then takes them sledding. Steve is suddenly in a great mood, which confuses everyone. Donna wants her present, but Joe didn’t want to bring it around the snow. Donna jokingly asks if it’s something that could freeze, then gets mad when he kind of confirms it. Colin sneaks away to snort some more cocaine. Steve throws a snowball at him, which leads to a snowball fight. Valerie tries to plant the idea in Kelly’s head that Colin’s on drugs. Kelly asks if Valerie’s responsible.

Everyone goes to the Peach Pit, where Steve tells them that Rush is his biological father. Kelly ambushes Colin as he’s coming out of the bathroom and accuses him of doing drugs. He denies it, but she sees the powder on his face. Joe goes home to get the parrot, but now it doesn’t want to say its line. Everyone else gathers at the Walshes’, where Rush toasts to fathers and sons. Suddenly Steve is happy about their relationship, and did I miss a scene or something?

Joe brings over the parrot, which I’m sure Kelly and Clare will appreciate having to live with. Now the bird only says the last thing Joe said to it: “Damn bird.” (It also says, “Damn bird loves Donna,” which is pretty great.) Colin confronts Kelly for being cold to him, and we learn that he was using over the summer and promised to quit. He promises that he was only using over the holidays, and now he’s done. Cindy says goodbye to the gang, then heads to the airport to go back to Hong Kong. She misses the house, but her home is now where Jim is.

Thoughts: In “A Walsh Family Christmas” (and by the way, what’s up with Steve’s family issues and Christmas?), Steve’s grandfather said Steve’s mother was in high school when she got pregnant with him. So…Rush is gross.

Hey, where’s Brenda spending Christmas? Does anyone care? …Anyone?

Jim’s present to Cindy is addressed to “Mrs. James Walsh.” Shut up, Jim.

On the adoption papers, Samantha is listed as Iris. Shut up, continuity people.

High Colin doesn’t really seem any different from regular Colin, so I’m not sure how everyone’s figured out he’s using drugs. Maybe they’re looking at his eyes really carefully?

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