August 21, 2013

BSC #121, Abby in Wonderland: Hey, Kids! Let’s Learn About Breast Cancer and Sadness!

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You may think the middle-aged-looking woman dressed as the Mad Hatter is Abby's mom. It's not. It's Kristy. Kristy, you look old

You may think the middle-aged-looking woman dressed as the Mad Hatter is Abby’s mom. It’s not. It’s Kristy. Kristy, you look old

Summary: In case you didn’t get enough grandparent-related sadness from Claudia and the Sad Good-bye, the hottest book in the BSC series right now is Abby in Wonderland. This book has everything: costumes. A fake beach. Family feuds. Janine’s long-lost nerd soulmate. (Sorry, guys. I miss Stefon.)

So anyway, Abby, Anna, and their mother go to the Hamptons for a vacation with Mrs. Stevenson’s parents. Abby quickly senses that something is going on with her grandmother, who’s more tired than usual and insists that a big anniversary party she and her husband are throwing is more important than it’s been in the past. Then Abby finds a pamphlet on breast cancer in her grandmother’s room and thinks she’s sick.

Everyone else is clueless, but Abby worries that this will be the last anniversary party her grandparents have, so she contacts the people who can’t come and gets them to change their minds. There’s a dumb thing about her grandmother not speaking to her sister because of a long-ago fight over a spilled secret, so Abby gets the sister to come. She also doesn’t want to say anything about her grandmother possibly being sick because she doesn’t want her to get mad about another spilled secret.

The party happens, everyone dresses up (the theme is Alice in Wonderland), and the family is all together. But knowing her grandmother might be sick gets to be too much for Abby, and she finally asks if it’s true. Her grandmother admits that she had a biopsy and is waiting for results. Of course, this mean she might not be sick, which Abby never considered, so now everything’s okay. Her grandmother will never die! The family will never have to be sad again! Everything is wonderful and no one has a possibly life-threatening illness and everything is rainbows and puppies!

In the B-plot, the Pikes can’t go to Sea City for their usual summer vacation because they had to spend their vacation money fixing Mr. Pike’s car. The BSC girls help them set up a fake beach at their house. It’s one of those things that sounds like more fun to do than to read about.

Thoughts: Anna’s Janine-alike friend is named Corley. Parents, please don’t do that to your children.

More proof that Mrs. Pike is awesome: Instead of getting mad when the triplets accidentally spray her with a hose, she soaks them with a water gun.

Abby learns that people with Jewish and Eastern European ancestry are at high risk for breast cancer. Well, crap. Thanks for giving me something to worry about, Abby.

“[Mallory] likes Ben Hobart a lot – if you know what I mean.” Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what you mean.

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  1. SJSiff said,

    “Anna’s Janine-alike friend is named Corley. Parents, please don’t do that to your children.”

    Yesterday I was driving with the kids I nanny, and the boy pointed out someone on the street who he knew, with an incredibly unfortunate, completely made-up, not from another culture name. “That’s AwfulFirstName LastName. I don’t know his middle name.” I suggested, “‘My parents hate me’?”

    I wish we knew whatever happened with Abby’s grandmother!

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