August 26, 2013

Party of Five 3.4, Deal With It: Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

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Not this Mr. Cooper, unfortunately

Not this Mr. Cooper, unfortunately

Summary: Bailey brings Sarah and Cooper to the Salingers’ house after a party, and when Cooper meets Julia, it’s love at first sight. Well, lust, at least. Their music wakes Charlie and Kirsten, but Charlie doesn’t bother trying to be authoritative and tell them to turn it down. Also, Kirsten is depressed, y’all. The next morning, Julia tries to invite herself along on a trip to the bookstore with Bailey and Cooper, but Bailey tells her that she’s not Cooper’s type. Charlie asks them to keep the noise down since Kirsten’s having some issues.

Kirsten has nothing to do all day, so Charlie asks her to work at the restaurant for a few days as a hostess. Yes, that certainly seems like a good job for someone who clearly doesn’t want to be around people right now. Since they can’t be loud at the Salingers’ anymore, Cooper offers to let Bailey crash at his place whenever he wants. Julia pretends to run into Cooper at the bookstore after Bailey leaves. The Salingers need house repairs, and somehow Claudia’s the only person home to deal with the repair guy. He tells her they need to replace all their pipes.

Bailey goes to Cooper’s dorm and ducks into the bathroom to clean up. Cooper arrives with Julia, and of course Bailey catches them making out. Charlie thinks his plan for cheering Kirsten up is working, but that’s because he doesn’t see her going into the alley and crying. At home, Bailey tries to order Julia not to date Cooper, claiming that siblings can tell each other not to date their friends. Julia notes that he’s dating her friend. Bailey just doesn’t want to have to hang out with his sister when he’s with a college friend. Claudia tries to tell them that they need new pipes, but they ignore her.

Charlie’s all, “Yay, I’m a hero!” Kirsten’s all, “Go away and let me lie in bed all day.” Bailey and Sarah check out an apartment he wants to move into, not realizing that one of his roommates would be a girl, Callie. He pretends the place is too expensive so Sarah won’t get mad at him for living with a girl who has no problem with walking around half naked. Julia and Cooper go on a date, though it sounds like he’s coming up with excuses for them not to have another one. Of course, she figures out that Bailey told him to back off.

Claudia tries to tell Charlie about the pipes, but he’s distracted because he doesn’t know where Kirsten is. She’s crying in the corner of their bedroom, having been unable to get dressed and leave the room all day. She tells him that she’s not better like he thought she was, and his attempts to make her better are actually making things worse. Kirsten feels like she’s lost something inside herself, and it prevents her from doing even simple things. Charlie thinks they should call her parents, but Kirsten refuses to talk to them or her psychiatrist.

Bailey finds Julia and Cooper hanging out in Cooper’s room, so it looks like Julia won this round of Who’s Allowed to Hang Out With Cooper? Actually, she may win the whole thing, since Cooper tells Bailey that he likes Julia, and since they’re going to be spending more time together, Bailey can’t crash in Cooper’s room anymore. Bailey decides not to protest.

Claudia takes bids for the home repairs, but the plumbers she talks to assume they’re hired and charge her for the visits. Bailey decides to take the half-naked-chick apartment – not because Julia will always be at Cooper’s (Bailey doesn’t think that will work out) but so he and Sarah can have privacy. Sarah hates this idea. Bailey promises that he doesn’t want to be with Callie, or any girl who isn’t Sarah – not even Michelle Pfeiffer. Sarah buys it.

Cooper and Julia go out again, but it’s clear that they don’t have much in common. She realizes that she may have only wanted to date Cooper because Bailey told her not to. Bailey and Sarah move his stuff into his new apartment, which is now an apartment for just two people: Callie’s boyfriend/roommate has left her for another girl and moved out. Sarah puts on her concerned face.

Charlie visits Kirsten’s psychiatrist to tell him how she’s been behaving. The doctor tells him that medication could help, since it helped her before, but it could take up to six weeks to start working. Charlie demands a plan that will help her before then. The doctor questions why Charlie needs to know that Kirsten won’t suffer for another six weeks. (Um, maybe because he doesn’t want to see his girlfriend struggling?)

Julia and Cooper talk about past loves and blah blah blah, somehow this leads to them deciding to keep trying to date. I don’t know. Charlie tells Kirsten that he’s realized that everything he’s been doing to try to make her feel better has really been so he can feel like he’s doing something. He’s going to stop putting pressure on her and let her do what she needs to do.

Claudia gets the repairs taken care of for $3,000, which Julia and Bailey think is too expensive. Julia tells her she was snowed when the guy told her they needed new pipes. Bailey thinks she should have known what it meant to get bids. Claudia points out that she’s only 13, so no, she shouldn’t have known what that meant. The next time the family needs repairs done, someone else should take care of them. Owen gets to say two words: “Claudia’s mad.” Thanks, Owen!

Callie’s in a better mood after her breakup, and Sarah thinks it’s because she’s spending time with Bailey. Bailey tells Sarah to be compassionate and happy that he found a place to life. He points out that he’s never given her a reason not to trust him. If Sarah can’t be happy, she should fake it. Hey, maybe he should get her a job at the restaurant. Bailey himself shows some compassion by inviting Cooper and Julia to hang out with him and Sarah.

Later, at home, Charlie babbles to Julia about people who win awards for standing by their partners during difficult times. He confides that Kirsten isn’t doing any better, and she might not show any change for a few weeks. He’s not sure he can keep doing what he’s been doing. Julia reminds him that he’s hung in there for his siblings, but he says he didn’t have a choice. She compares the situation to growing out of clothes as a kid without even noticing – maybe Charlie’s grown more than he realizes. He’s worried he’ll want to bail, but Julia doesn’t think he will.

Thoughts: I didn’t recognize him, but Dan Bucatinsky (James from Scandal) plays a clerk at the bookstore. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize him since pretty much all I’ve done for the past two weeks is watch Scandal.

I know I watched this season when it originally aired, but I have zero memory of Callie. I remember Annie from the next season, though (and wish I didn’t).

Since Bailey and Julia are only a year apart, I’m surprised she’s never wanted to date one of his friends before.

I don’t think plumbers are even allowed to deal solely with 13-year-old girls who don’t have an adult present in the house. Whatever, Claudia’s probably the most mature person in that house anyway.


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