August 28, 2013

SVU #2, Love, Lies, and Jessica Wakefield: Two Twins, One V Card

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Nice hair, Mike

Nice hair, Mike

Summary: It’s been a few days since the Halloween dance, and Jessica hasn’t heard from Mike. She’s handling it like a mature adult, assuming he has something important to do and will contact her when he gets the chance. Ha, as if. She’s so obsessed with Mike that she doesn’t want to leave her dorm in case she misses a call from him.

Mike eventually resurfaces, and Jessica spends all her free time with him, as well as time that’s not really free, such as the time she’s supposed to be spending in class. She even spends the night at his place. Isabella is concerned that she’s going to…give him her flower, as they say on Friends. By the way, Mike lives in Steven and Billie’s apartment building, and when Steven realizes that Jess is spending all her time there, he gets super-overprotective and basically spies on her. Billie is like, “Freak, I’m gonna leave you if you don’t get it together.”

Despite Steven and Isabella’s warnings about Mike, Jessica sleeps with him, so one of the twins is no longer a virgin. He asks her to move in, but she’s at least smart enough to realize that’s too big of a step at this point in their relationship. Then she has a dream about Lila (who’s married, remember) taunting her for being less of a woman, or something. Jessica changes her mind, but when she goes to tell Mike she’ll move in, she finds another woman at his apartment.

There’s nothing left for Jess to do but stalk Mike and see what else he’s been up to. She sees him at a pool hall with another woman and goes off on him, but he just laughs at her. Later, Mike makes up with her without actually explaining why he keeps hanging out with other girls, and Jess is so happy to have him back that she doesn’t care. She even decides to move in with him after all. I’m sure that will turn out just fine.

Tom wants to keep looking into the possibility of illegal recruitment of athletes on SVU’s campus, but since he used to be one of those athletes, he knows he’s not the right person to try to get information. He teams up with Elizabeth (who uncovered the possible scandal in the first place), and she finds that she kind of has a knack for investigative reporting. Unfortunately, she also finds out that her suspicions are probably correct, which means Todd could get in trouble, since he’s benefited from the recruiting. Elizabeth warns him, but he’s offended that she thinks he would accept illegal offers.

While they’re working together and getting to know each other better, Elizabeth starts to develop feelings for Tom, who already has a crush on her. (Isabella also likes Tom, but it’s not clear if he even knows who she is.) Tom writes Liz a poem expressing his feelings for her (yeah, they’re perfect for each other), and though he doesn’t sign it, she thinks it’s from him. At the Homecoming game, Isabella sees Tom looking at Elizabeth (well, he thinks it’s her but it’s really Jess – more on that later) and realizes that he likes her. But she doesn’t seem like the sort of person to try to steal him away.

Celine is in love with William, as we know, and unfortunately for her, William’s growing more and more interested in Elizabeth. Celine rubs it in to Elizabeth that Todd has a new girlfriend, then spreads rumors about Liz so that everyone on campus thinks she’s a party girl. Elizabeth has befriended a girl named Nina who calls Celine on her crap and makes an effort to convince people that she’s lying about Elizabeth.

Celine tells William that Elizabeth has a date to the Homecoming dance (not true), and for some reason that makes him ask Celine to the dance, just as she wanted. This doesn’t really go anywhere, and they’re both annoying, and I’d rather not have to talk about either of them, but oh, well.

The Theta sorority wants both twins (well, they want Jessica; they kind of have to take Elizabeth because Alice was a Theta), but the vice president, Alison, is mad about how Elizabeth treated Peter. She tells Jessica that if Elizabeth wants to pledge, she’ll have to make a public apology to Peter and go to the Homecoming football game with him. When Elizabeth hears about this, she laughs it off; she doesn’t want to be a Theta anyway. So Jessica pulls a twin switch and goes to the game with Peter, fooling Alison and everyone else.

Winston’s having trouble with the Sigma frat brothers, who keep coming to his room to hang out now that they know he lives with a bunch of girls. They flirt with all the girls, who aren’t interested, and the girls eventually tell Winston that he has to fix things. Winston’s kind of a wimp, so instead, the girls decide to humiliate the guys by agreeing to go to Homecoming with them, then standing them up. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Winston himself likes Denise, one of Jessica’s friends, and…you know, I’m going to cut this short and just skip to the end: She likes him, too.

There’s also a bunch of stuff with Alex and her new boyfriend, who’s one of Todd’s teammates, and how happy they are and blah blah blah, I don’t care.

Thoughts: If Enid wants to go by Alex now, then I’m going to need the ghostwriter to stop calling her Enid.

The Thetas’ president is Magda Helperin. Continuity, my old friend! How nice to see you!

Isabella puts an ad for condoms on the fridge so Jessica will see it. I’m starting to really like her.

In a dream, Jessica wears a chartreuse cat suit. Dream Jessica is as crazy as real Jessica.

Celine: “I’d say that those two might be doing a little bit more than working. If you know what I mean.” William: “No, Celine, I don’t know what you mean. Are you saying that Elizabeth’s going out with Tom?” Celine: “Oh, no, William, I didn’t mean to imply that.” I’m so confused.

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