September 1, 2013

Party of Five 3.5, Mixed Signals: Stop Trying to Help

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It's been so long since Bailey's seen a naked woman, he forgot what one looked like

It’s been so long since Bailey’s seen a naked woman, he forgot what one looked like

Summary: Now that Bailey has his own apartment, Julia has taken over the attic, which gives her a place to hang out with Cooper in privacy. And by “hang out,” I mean make out. Cooper thinks it means have sex, though. Julia puts on the brakes, and he thinks it’s just because they’ve only had three dates. Bailey takes his laundry home (a rite of college students everywhere) and checks on Kirsten, who’s feeling better, if overly occupied with organizing things. Charlie notes that Claudia’s been spending a lot of time at Jody’s (so I guess they’re still friends) and reminds her that she can have Julia’s room.

Callie’s trying to move on from her breakup and is getting a lot of assistance from interested guys. One of them, T.J., is unable to take the hint that Callie’s not interested. Julia tells Cooper about her miscarriage and how she’s not sure when she’ll be ready to have sex again. “What are you dating a college guy for?” he asks, because he is lovely and sensitive. Julia maturely tells him that she wants to wait until she feels ready to feel with the possible consequences of having sex. She doesn’t want lack of sex to affect their relationship. Cooper sucks, so of course it will.

Claudia spends another night at Jody’s, talking about Jody’s mother’s boyfriend, Kenny. Claudia says this will be their last sleepover for a few nights, until Charlie eases off. Jody’s upset and swears Claudia to secrecy before admitting that Kenny comes into her room at night and makes her uncomfortable. Recently, he kissed her. Claudia urges her to tell her mother, but Jody doesn’t want to ruin her mom and Kenny’s relationship. She reminds Claudia of her vow of silence.

Callie keeps getting calls from T.J. and finally tells him that she’s dating someone – “someone” being Bailey. Bailey immediately refuses to play along. Callie asks him to come with her to T.J.’s show at an art gallery to show the guy that she’s telling the truth. Bailey continues to say no until she tells him she’s naked in the pictures. He goes to the Salingers’ house to get some nice clothes and learns that Julia and Cooper are on a break and possibly over. Bailey wishes he hadn’t asked for details when Julia tells him it’s because of sex.

Elsewhere in the house, Kirsten bugs Charlie about not sticking to her new organizational system. Claudia plays “Taps” on her violin before taking down her tent, then tells Charlie that Jody’s staying for a few days. Charlie says it’s okay, but Jody doesn’t think he’s that enthusiastic, which upsets her. When he comes into Claudia’s room without knocking, Jody gets jumpy and runs out. Claudia tells Charlie that she’s upset because of a breakup.

Bailey enjoys the photography exhibit, running into his economics section leader, Tom. Bailey likes his class and was definitely not sleeping during a recent lecture. Things get even more uncomfortable when Callie tells him that Tom is T.J. Julia cooks Cooper dinner, but he’s ticked because he thought he was coming over for sex. She tells him she’s ready to give it a try. They go to Cooper room and…well, start to give it a try.

Jody’s mom summons her home for Kenny’s birthday, so Charlie drives her over. As soon as he’s gone, Jody leaves. At Cooper’s, Julia decides she’s not ready after all and stops him before he can put on a condom. He basically calls her a tease. Bailey tries to switch out of his economics section, but Tom catches him and tells him he can’t change sections unless there’s a scheduling conflict. Bailey’s stunned to see that he got a C- on a recent test. Tom tells him it’s going to be a long semester.

Bailey runs into Cooper and threatens to pound on him if he does anything to hurt Julia. Cooper thinks Julia told him about their sex issues, but Bailey just knows he’s sleazy. Cooper notes that Bailey didn’t think he was so bad when he helped him with his computer-placement test. Bailey tells him to stay away from Julia, but Cooper one-ups him by deciding to stay away from both Salingers.

Charlie comes home to find Kirsten bleeding from a bathroom-organizing mishap. She cries as she tells him that she thought putting things in order would help her feel better. Her medication isn’t working, and she wants to stop taking it. Charlie gets a call from Jody’s mother, who says Jody didn’t come home. Charlie demands the truth from Claudia, refusing to agree when she tries to transfer the vow of secrecy to him. She tells him about Kenny anyway, and Charlie immediately calls Jody’s mother.

Bailey comes home to a jumpy Callie; Tom has been harassing her and she thought he was going to come to the apartment. Bailey tells her about his poor grade and demands that she do something about the situation. Callie tells him it’s really serious – she thinks he’s stalking her and made 18 hang-up calls to the apartment. He also may have killed her cat (which is news to Bailey, who didn’t know she had a cat).

Back on campus, Bailey confronts Tom for his psychotic behavior, threatening to go to the police. Tom claims that he was trying to return Callie’s wallet. He also debunks Callie’s claims about the calls (who knows who left them?) and the cat (who was super-old and died in a box, so…not really suspicious). Claudia approaches Jody at school and apologizes for telling Charlie about Kenny. Jody tries to brush her off, then tells her that her mother kicked Kenny out and will be sending Jody to counseling. She’s worried that she’ll have to go live with her father.

Julia meets Bailey at his place and tells him she tried to call him all night but kept hanging up when she got the machine. She yells at him for yelling at Cooper, since she feels responsible for their problems. She confides that she doesn’t know what she wants or what she’s ready for; she was using Cooper to figure that out. At home, Claudia blasts Charlie for screwing things up for Jody, but he’s too busy helping Kirsten to listen. He tells Claudia that he helped because she was in over her head. Speaking of people in over their heads, Kirsten wants to go off her meds completely.

At the apartment, Bailey returns Callie’s wallet to her, having gotten it from the mailbox, where Tom left it. He calls her on being overdramatic about their breakup. Maybe she should stop dating so many guys and be honest with the ones she doesn’t want to be with. “You’re real good at saying ‘maybe’ when you mean no,” Bailey says. Callie doesn’t appreciate the psychoanalysis. He predicts that she’ll be providing a lot of drama. She thinks he likes it.

At home, Julia and Charlie talk about thinking problems are in the past when they’re not. Charlie knows he can’t keep asking himself if things will always be this way; he’s trying to take them one day at a time. He thinks he can handle it if Kirsten stops taking her medication. Julia offers to help, but Charlie has it covered. Elsewhere in the house, Claudia calls Gene and tells him that Kirsten’s sick and she doesn’t think Charlie can handle it.

Thoughts: There’s a cute scene where Charlie teaches Owen the names of characters in the comics. Then Kirsten comes in and asks rhetorial questions about colors of linens, and Owen answers like he’s being quizzed. I love when Owen gets to do cute stuff.

Julia cooks an entire meal for Cooper and he’s mad because she’s not giving him sex for dessert. What kind of college student is unhappy about a free meal, especially a homecooked one? Heck, I’m nine years out of college and wouldn’t turn down a free meal.

Paula Devicq is doing really well with her storyline. She really seems anxious and hopeless.

Callie, a spray bottle is not an effective weapon, unless Tom is a cat.

Why, why, why is Julia talking to Bailey about her sex life?


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