September 2, 2013

BH90210 6.18, Snowbound: Sometimes Valerie is Right

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This is Kelly's "our drugs are really just sugar" face

This is Kelly’s “our drugs are really just sugar” face

Summary: Kelly’s been MIA at the beach apartment for a couple of weeks, and Clare thinks she’s been doing cocaine with Colin. Donna laughs off the idea. Of course, Clare’s right, and it’s all because of Bill. Brandon and Susan start the morning in a much healthier way, going for a jog together. They come across a car accident, and Susan’s shaken by the sight of one of the victims. She has a flashback to a jog with her older sister, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. She tells Brandon about it, as well as her drive to be as good as her sister at everything.

Clare drives her new car to the Peach Pit, where Steve makes fun of it. They decide to race their cars, but they’re dumb enough to do it in broad daylight, and they get pulled over. Steve tries to lie that he’s going to get a kidney transplant. Clare just wants to know who was winning. (She was.) At Colin’s, the druggies decide to use Bill’s money to buy fun things. Valerie comes by with news that a famous artist wants to meet Colin to talk about his mural. She spots a roll of money on the table, so now she’s as suspicious as Clare is.

Donna asks her father how he could come to one conclusion about Joe’s health when the other doctor saw nothing. Dr. Martin says it’s possible, since Joe’s EKG only had subtle indicators, but he should seek a third opinion anyway. He has to leave but wants to talk to her more later. Donna confides in Brandon, because why not? Steve asks David to talk to a guy he knows about fixing his traffic ticket, but the guy’s been busted. Clare and Steve’s only other option is to go to traffic school. Fortunately, they get to pick the theme of their class. (Who knew?)

Kelly and Colin rent a limo, which reminds him of his first limo ride to prom. When he got home, he encountered a van from the VA hospital for his father. Mr. Robbins is blind, but a better artist than Colin. Kelly’s been in limos a lot, but she’s never had sex in one, so the two of them decide to change that. Later, they take presents to the Walshes’ house. Valerie finds their behavior suspicious, and it’s hard to believe no one else does, because Kelly was obviously high. Now Clare doesn’t think Kelly’s using, which is weird.

Colin and Kelly go to a fancy restaurant and order expensive dishes, even though they’re not hungry. Kelly reveals that they’re out of cocaine, and Colin tells her they can’t get more because his dealer is out. Brandon visits Joe in his dorm room to address a Condor press release about Joe being cleared to play football. He also wants to talk about Joe’s meeting with Dr. Martin and his belief that nothing’s wrong with him. Joe tells him about a rock-climbing accident he had as a teenager that left him in a wheelchair. His doctors said he’d never walk again, but that was obviously wrong, so Joe has no reason to believe Dr. Martin’s diagnosis now.

Colin meets with a dealer about a “blizzard,” then scores $60 worth of cocaine. Kelly wants to start using it immediately, but Colin’s uncomfortable in the neighborhood and wants to wait until they get back home. At the Walshes’, Valerie’s still thinking about the druggies and how no one believes her suspicions. She accuses David of being in denial, noting that, as an addict, he should be able to recognize the signs of drug use. At the loft, the druggies realize that they were ripped off for inferior drugs. Colin calls his dealer and offers double for the good stuff.

Brandon tells Susan that the press release about Joe is a “snow job” (not snow like cocaine, though) and he might have a heart problem. Susan can’t believe that Brandon’s leaving their off-the-record conversation off the record. Brandon doesn’t want to drag it out in public and put Joe’s career in jeopardy. Clare and Steve attend comedy traffic school and spend the session sniping at each other. Valerie gives Brandon the “guilt gift” Kelly and Colin brought by for her – a $600 pen – and tells him about their drug use. Brandon’s as skeptical as the rest of the gang but calls to check up on the druggies, who are using downers to keep from crashing too hard.

The traffic class turns very unfunny with a video about the dangers of reckless driving. Another guy in the class produces a talk show and wants Clare and Steve for a segment about fighting couples. Susan approaches Donna about Joe’s possible illness, trying to get more information out of her. She admits that she hasn’t decided if she’s going to write a story about him. Joe knows they’re on the story and talks to Donna about it, but she’s on their side, hoping they can get Joe to take his health seriously.

David goes to Colin to confront him over using drugs with Kelly. Colin denies it, but David warns that if he doesn’t stop using with Kelly, he’s in for a big punch in the nose. Susan pursues the story on Joe, but Brandon puts on the brakes. She thinks he’s making a mistake by favoring his friendship over revealing the truth about the athletic department’s practices. Brandon orders her to drop the story, which I’m sure will work. Colin accuses Valerie of sending David over to threaten him, but Valerie had no idea what David was doing. She tells him that everyone’s just concerned about Kelly – but not Colin, because he’s not their friend.

Steve and Clare go on the talk show; she’s been reluctant the whole time, but he’s excited, at least until he finds out that it’s only a local show. The two talk about their traffic incident, which Clare has been blaming Steve for the whole time. Steve admits that he’s glad they got pulled over because being at odds all the time could have turned out a lot worse. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Clare’s “cute little brain.” Clare’s forgiving until she realizes that “cute” and “little” aren’t really complimentary.

Kelly goes to the beach apartment to get some sleep, and Donna finally sees that she’s not acting normally. Susan finds Brandon at the CU stadium, where Joe’s running the steps, and tells him that she wrote the story but isn’t going to publish it. Somehow this has to do with her sister, but I’m not really sure how. She does admit that she would run the story if Joe weren’t a friend. Susan’s still worried about his health, but Brandon thinks he’s fine. Donna arrives to apologize to Joe for being overly concerned. But after she leaves, Joe’s forced to stop running because of pain in his chest.

Thoughts: Somehow I don’t think Colin and Kelly would want to go on a shopping spree. Wouldn’t they spend the money on drugs?

How mad do you think Brian Austin Green was at this point that he didn’t have a storyline?

Cool, now I know how to ask for cocaine! Who says TV isn’t educational?

Where’s Jackie? I need her to come smack some sense into her daughter.

“Now you’re comparing horseshoes and hand grenades.” That’s…not how that goes, Brandon.

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