September 7, 2013

Party of Five 3.6, Going Home: Moving Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Moving On

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Home is where the emotional repression is

Home is where the emotional repression is

Summary: Julia and Sarah are on a plane to go visit Dartmouth together. Sarah’s a nervous flier and just hopes the movie on the flight features Brad Pitt. She’s also nervous about going 3,000 miles from home. That’s the part that excites Julia the most. At the Salingers’, Charlie is surprised by a visit from Ellie and Gene, having been summoned by Claudia to take care of Kirsten. They’re mad at Charlie for not telling them what was going on.

Charlie confronts Claudia for going behind his back, and she reminds him what he said about Jody and trying to deal with things that are over their heads. He thinks she’s getting revenge for the Jody situation, but Claudia says she just wanted to help. He’s too furious to talk to her. While Ellie and Gene wonder why Kirsten didn’t call them, Bailey tells Charlie that he should have contacted the Bennetts. Charlie says that Bailey doesn’t even know what’s going on since he doesn’t live there anymore. He needs to stay out of it.

Bailey goes to his apartment to mope (with beer, so that’s not good) and help Callie come up with something insulting to say to her father on his birthday. At Dartmouth, Sarah learns that her mother’s in the hospital, having broken her hip. Julia, in contrast, feels no need to contact her family. Gene and Ellie blast Charlie for not taking good enough care of Kirsten – Gene claims that she wouldn’t be depressed if she weren’t with Charlie. Ellie outs Gene as having depression in his family, though.

The next day, Kirsten makes a little progress, getting out of bed and getting dressed, but it’s only because her parents are taking her to a psychiatrist. Charlie objects since Kirsten already has a doctor, but Kirsten goes along for the visit. Julia enjoys a stuffy social at Dartmouth while Sarah’s distracted by her mother’s health. Bailey complains to Callie about Charlie freezing him out. Callie shares the information her father sent her to include in his birthday toast, lamenting that he always expects her to disappoint him.

Kirsten and her parents return from the psychiatrist, and the Bennetts don’t want to talk to Charlie about their plans. Gene notes that they took care of Kirsten the first time she went through this, after Charlie left her and wasn’t around to care about her. Bailey and Callie spend the money she was supposed to use to fly home for her father’s birthday on a nice dinner together. Bailey decides to finally take Charlie’s advice and stay out of his family’s troubles.

Charlie asks Kirsten about the doctor’s visit, but she gets upset about everyone putting pressure on her. He promises to keep taking care of her. Julia finally calls home, but only to get Charlie to fax some of her writing to her. Claudia tells her that things are getting back with the Bennetts there. Currently, Charlie is yelling at Gene that he and Ellie are making things worse. He kicks them out of the house, but if the Bennetts are going to leave, they’re going to take Kirsten with them.

The next day, Charlie tries to talk to Ellie about convincing Gene to let Kirsten stay. Ellie thinks that she’s already caused enough problems, what with her affair, so she needs to side with Gene. Charlie accuses her of selling out her daughter to keep her husband. Julia gets more information from Claudia, so now she and Sarah are both annoying Dartmouth students by spending too much time on the phone. Neither of them seems to consider that they could just go home.

Charlie meets with a lawyer in an attempt to find a legal way to keep Ellie and Gene from taking Kirsten back to Chicago. Since they’re not married and Charlie has no legal rights, he’d have to take them to court. Charlie knows Kirsten isn’t up for that. Claudia calls Bailey to fill him in on the Bennetts’ plans to take Kirsten back to Chicago, then tries to keep Gene from coming into the house. He just wants to give Charlie a letter from a lawyer, explaining what will happen. Claudia begs Gene to let Kirsten stay, regretting her decision to call the Bennetts.

Apparently every year two dueling Dartmouth dorms hold a porcupine race, and Julia and Sarah are there for this year’s competition. Julia’s finally decided that they need to go home early. Bailey has also decided to go back to the house, which makes Callie mad, since they just spent a day agreeing to distance themselves from their families. She even calls him a hypocrite, since family emergencies apparently aren’t a good enough reason to try to support your loved ones. Shut up, Callie. Bailey tells her to go home for her father’s birthday. If you can walk away from a call begging you for help, you have a problem.

Charlie’s starting to realize that he’s probably going to lose Kirsten, so when Bailey shows up at the house, he’s really not in the mood to talk. Bailey says he’s just there for support, not for any lectures. He takes Kirsten some of the flowers she planted in the backyard and tells her that after the wedding, he never got used to her not being around. He knows Charlie’s going to take it really hard if she leaves. Bailey doesn’t want Kirsten to have to worry about Charlie, but he’s scared of what will happen if she goes. He encourages her to let Charlie keep caring for her.

Sarah decides to stay at Dartmouth and tries to convince Julia to do the same. Julia says she’s not going because anyone asked her, but because her family needs her. Sarah notes that going away to school means not being able to go home all the time. Julia replies that maybe she shouldn’t go to school so far away after all. She and Bailey can’t move on from Charlie like Sarah can move on from her parents.

The Bennetts return to the Salingers’ house and fight with Charlie over their legal maneuvers. They tell Kirsten that they want to take her home to Chicago, and she needs to say what she wants to do. She says she wants to stay with Charlie, then adds that she wants her parents to care for her, too. She’s too confused to realize that she has to pick one or the other. Gene takes this as a sign that the family will be going back to Chicago together.

As Gene and Ellie get Kirsten ready for their flight (treating her like a child), Claudia tries to talk to Charlie, but he’s not in the mood. She understands and tells him he can punish her however he wants. Julia arrives just in time to learn that her presence can’t really do anything, but she doesn’t feel like it was a bad idea to return. Charlie and Kirsten say a very sad goodbye, and while Kirsten leaves to let her family take care of her, Charlie lets his family do the same for him.

Thoughts: Kirsten lies in bed all day and her hair still looks better than mine. Grrrr.

I couldn’t find any information on the porcupine race, so I don’t think it’s real. It should be real! Someone needs to start an annual porcupine race!

The plot with Julia and Sarah wanting to go to school on the East Coast is dumb – it’s the same as Bailey’s plot from last season and it’s obviously going to end the same way.

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