September 9, 2013

Party of Five 3.7, Personal Demons: “I Have to Be Prince Charming!”

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Your love is an illusion! It'll never last! (sounds of sobbing and drinking beer)

Your love is an illusion! It’ll never last! (sounds of sobbing and drinking beer)

Summary: Charlie tries to fix a chandelier while Claudia watches an infomercial about an exorcist/ghostbuster. She thinks there’s a hex on the family since bad things keep happening to them. Just as he tells her she’s ridiculous, he falls off his stepladder. Bailey goes with Sarah to a costume shop, where she’s looking for something to wear to a dance benefiting a children’s clinic. Sarah finds a Snow White costume tells Bailey that she’s always wanted to be her for Halloween. Now she has a Prince Charming to dress up with her, but Bailey won’t cooperate.

Charlie tries to call Kirsten from the restaurant, but her sister won’t put her on the phone. A woman named Grace asks to take the restaurant’s leftover food for her organization, which feeds the homeless. Charlie is not in the mood to be a nice guy. His next visitor is there to see Charlie’s father. Maybe Claudia’s hex idea isn’t so crazy after all. Julia thinks Justin’s passing her a note in class, but it’s for another girl. The guy at the restaurant tells Charlie that he used to do odd jobs for Mr. Salinger when he needed money. But again, Charlie is a jerk today, so there’s nothing for him there.

Claudia calls the exorcist/ghostbuster, Dr. Blalock, over to the house to purify it. He requests some of the family’s belongings and some alone time to “tap into the energy of the house.” Claudia should probably not be left at home alone anymore. At Bailey and Callie’s, there’s some business with condoms, which only exists so Bailey can tell his roommate that he and Sarah don’t have sex. But he’s not a virgin – he’s a real good sex person. He does it all the different ways. Callie does the math and realizes that if Bailey hasn’t had sex since he dated Jill, he’s been celibate for two years.

Justin and Julia carve pumpkins and talk about the upcoming dance; his note to Robin, the other girl in their class, was an invitation. Julia swears she’s fine with that. She’s not. Also, Robin sounds kind of annoying – she names everything, including her breasts. The lights go out at Bailey and Callie’s, and their apparent sexual tension (which I haven’t actually seen any evidence of yet) gets to be too much for them, so Bailey’s two-year no-sex streak is broken. Afterward, he’s regretful, but Callie doesn’t care. Sarah shows up with Bailey’s John Smith costume (to go with her Pocahontas costume) but doesn’t notice that anything’s off.

Handyman guy fixes some things up at the restaurant even without permission, and when Charlie tries to pay him to leave, he won’t take the money. He remembers a time when Charlie was a kid and helped him with a project. Now Charlie’s willing to find something for him to do. While Julia tries to find a date to the dance, Blalock starts to purify the Salingers’ house, telling Claudia that the family’s luck is going to change soon. He puts some of their things in a jar and has Claudia bury it in the yard.

Charlie works with handyman guy as he talks more about his memories of Charlie as a kid. Once everything that needs fixing has been fixed, Charlie comes up with more projects. Julia’s running out of potential dates, now that she’s learned that her most recent choice is gay. She runs into Robin, who thanks her for being so cool about her dating Justin. Julia ruins everything by calling Robin’s breasts by name. Sarah tries to make out with Bailey in a bookstore, but he’s jumpy about getting so physically close.

Charlie finds some of Blalock’s purifying salt in the Salingers’ kitchen, but Claudia pretends she doesn’t know where it came from. Charlie gets distracted by a phone call from a credit card company reporting large purchases made with Mr. Salinger’s card. Claudia realizes that Blalock may have gotten into Mr. Salinger’s paperwork and used his social security number to make the purchases. Bailey tries to get the Snow White and Prince Charming costumes, but they’ve already been rented out. “You don’t understand – I have to be Prince Charming!” he shouts.

Robin’s mad at Justin (totally reasonable) and won’t read the note he passes her in class. Charlie lectures Claudia about letting a stranger into the house as they head to the police station, having been told that someone was arrested for using Mr. Salinger’s card. But the culprit isn’t Blalock – it’s the handyman guy. Charlie realizes that he had access to paperwork because Charlie gave him the key to a file cabinet.

Sarah thinks Bailey’s cooled on her because she’s still in high school while he’s in college, and he doesn’t want to go to the dance. He’s all, “No, I want to go with you! I definitely don’t want to stay home and have sex with my roommate!” She’s all, “You’re such a great guy!” Julia tries to apologize to Justin for ruining his relationship with Robin, but that’s not what happened (Robin tells everyone the names of her breasts). However, he’s mad that Julia did something so horrible on purpose, in order to break them up. “You really think that you’re still that important?” he asks.

At home, Charlie looks through childhood pictures, trying to find photographic evidence of the things handyman guy told him about. He admits to Claudia that he’s having a hard time helping people and letting them in. At their apartment, Bailey tells Callie that what they did was a mistake. He accuses her of seducing him, since he doesn’t usually do stuff like that. Callie warns him not to blame her because he’s not happy with Sarah. She scoffs at the idea of him dressing up like Prince Charming.

While looking for something for a costume, Claudia finds the family’s water-heater warranty, which doesn’t run out until November 15th. This means they can get the roof fixed without having to pay thousands of dollars. She thinks this is what Blalock meant about the family’s luck changing. Charlie doesn’t like that Claudia believes she can throw magic salt around to fix her problems, but Julia wants to let her keep her naïve wonder since it makes her feel so good. (Basically, just because they feel crappy doesn’t mean Claudia should, too.)

Justin tries to avoid Julia at the dance, which Bailey shows up to dressed as Prince Charming. Sarah actually looks pretty cute as Snow White. Things are still awkward between them, though. Charlie tracks down Grace and apologizes for being a jerk to her earlier. He’s brought food so he can feel better about himself…I mean, so he can help the less fortunate. At the dance, Julia, who’s dressed as a fortuneteller, pretends to read Robin’s palm in order to tell her that Justin still likes her and is a good guy. She ends up giving Robin some advice on how to get revenge on Justin for whatever he did.

Bailey wants to spike the punch so people will have more fun, and definitely not because he’s slowly turning into an alcoholic. He also criticizes Sarah for charging too much for pictures, even though the proceeds go to charity. She calls him on being a jerk, and he tells her he only came because she guilted him into it. In better couple-related news, Justin and Robin have made up. Julia runs into a friend and they end up dancing together. Bailey goes home to his roommate/bed buddy, but she has another guy over. At least Bailey has beer to comfort him. Delicious, forgiving, understanding beer.

Thoughts: Justin, you don’t have to run your dating plans by Julia. You know she was all over Griffin two minutes after you broke up, right?

Claudia’s defense of letting Blalock into the house: “He wasn’t a stranger – he was on TV.” Hee!

Again with the weird school schedules – in the scenes before and after Claudia goes to the police station with Charlie, Julia and Justin are at school. Why is Claudia always on a different schedule?

I wish we’d gotten some sort of resolution to the handyman storyline. Did he really know Mr. Salinger? Why did he use a credit card from a guy he knew was dead? I wish they’d at least had a scene where Charlie meets with him and forgives him or offers him help or something, in fitting with the theme of the episode.

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