September 14, 2013

BH90210 6.20, Flying: Danger Zone

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Unless that hand has drugs in it, she's not touching it

Unless that hand has drugs in it, she’s not touching it

Summary: The beach apartment residents are planning a garage sale, except they don’t have a garage. (Why don’t they have it at the Walshes’?) Kelly doesn’t feel well, and Valerie thinks it’s because she and Colin are having problems getting drugs. She’s actually wrong: Colin’s still using, but Kelly’s trying to quit. She’s not trying very hard, though, since she goes straight to Colin to ask for something to get her through the week.

Jonathan is still hanging around the Condor offices while on assignment in Beverly Hills, though he insists that he and Brandon have nothing to fight over. He even invites Brandon and any interested friends to come with him the next day for a biplane flight. Brandon declines, since the last thing he wants to do is sit in a confined space with Jonathan.

While looking for safety pins in Kelly’s room, Clare comes across the cocaine Kelly just got from Colin. She knows the amount could get Kelly in trouble with the police. Plus, since Donna and Clare live there, they could also get in trouble – and cocaine possession carries mandatory sentencing. Clare insists that Donna talk to Kelly about it.

Valerie goes through her clothes to find items for the non-garage sale, while David pretends to be helpful. Ginger LaMonica calls and announces that she’s coming to town tomorrow. Valerie refuses to have any contact with her and won’t even tell David who was on the phone. Steve thinks the guys should all go on the biplane with Jonathan, so now it looks like Brandon’s reconsidering.

Donna and Clare summon Kelly to the beach apartment, but she shows up with Colin and is definitely high. She thinks she’s in trouble because she’s not helping with the sale. Her roommates confront her over the coke, but of course Kelly denies that she’s using anything. Clare doesn’t believe her, so Kelly decides to take her ball and go home. And by “home,” I mean Colin’s place. And by “ball,” I mean drugs.

Joe’s been invited on the biplane flight with the other guys, though Donna’s nervous about his safety. She’s also upset that things with Kelly have gotten to where they are. At Colin’s, Kelly moves her stuff in and is told to help herself to coke whenever she wants. (Aww, Colin, you’re such a nice host.) The girls run the non-garage sale and talk about Kelly, though Valerie thinks they should be more discreet. And when Val thinks you should be discreet…

David shows up the sale, the only guy to skip the biplane flight. His decision to sit it out doesn’t help Donna feel better about Joe’s safety. Jonathan takes Brandon, Steve, and Joe to the airfield for a day of excitement and barrel roles and most likely some posturing between Jonathan and Brandon. Jonathan will be one of the pilots, and Brandon winds up in his plane while another pilot takes Joe up. Then the show fills a few minutes with stunt flying, because why else have this plot?

Donna and David talk about Kelly’s denial and the possibility of telling Jackie about her addiction. David isn’t sure, since when Mel found out about his drug use, it made him want to use more. If Kelly doesn’t want to get clean, what her friends say won’t matter. Back at the airfield, Brandon and Jonathan have bonded over doing guy stuff together. Joe gets out of his plane and promptly passes out. The guys decide to cut the day short. Joe asks Brandon not to tell anyone he fainted, especially Donna.

At the non-garage sale, we learn that Clare still has her blow-up boyfriend. Susan tells Valerie that she’s totally done with Jonathan, but she doesn’t mind having him around. Valerie tries to get her nervous about the fact that Brandon and Kelly are exes and still hang out. Ginger calls again, having found out from Nat that Valerie was at the beach apartment. She’s currently at the Walshes’ house and wants a place to stay in exchange for her silence about their previous scam.

Valerie tells David what Ginger’s up to and asks him to check her into a nice hotel. Ginger repays the favor by flirting with David and spending lots of Valerie’s money. Val swears David to secrecy about Ginger’s presence in Beverly Hills while she figures out how to get rid of her. At the Walshes’, Brandon downplays Joe’s condition, though Steve mentions his passing out to Clare. Clare tells Brandon to talk to Kelly, since she’s still using.

Instead of going out with Susan, Brandon heads to Colin’s, where Kelly’s scouring the place for drugs. (Turning on some lights might help. Or maybe they spent the money for their electricity bill on coke.) She tries to get him to leave, but he refuses, because it’s Brandon’s job to fix everyone and everything. He takes her for a drive while she insists she’s handling things. Also, they’re quitting. Kelly wants to go home to Colin, and when Brandon says he’s the problem, Kelly accuses him of not being able to deal with her being in a relationship with someone else.

Ginger goes on a shopping spree, charging her new clothes to the room Valerie got her. Valerie reminds her that she’s already given her money, as part of their agreement that Ginger stay out of Beverly Hills. Ginger starts talking about staying in town, moving in with Valerie, and stealing David. Old Valerie would have scratched her eyes out, but new Valerie just asks her to leave. Ginger agrees, if Val pays her $50,000.

Of course, Valerie balks, but Ginger threatens to play the gang a recording of her and Valerie talking about their scam. Val’s just tired of this whole thing and barely puts up a fight. Ginger tells her she wants what Val has – a nice life with nice friends. Valerie only tells her to rethink her plans and be out of the room by noon the next day.

Brandon stops at a payphone to tell Susan he’ll be late for their date. While his back’s turned, Kelly drives off in his car. Susan has Jonathan on her other line, and he tells her that he overheard Brandon talking about going to see Kelly. Susan decides to go to dinner with Jonathan instead. Ginger calls Valerie to announce her new terms: She’ll leave Beverly Hills as soon as she’s gotten a night with David.

Donna’s learned that Joe passed out after the flight and asks him to go see her father again. He agrees to, though he’s still insisting that he’s fine. She gets him to admit that he’s scared. Kelly goes to the beach apartment to get more of her things, telling Donna to tell Brandon that if he kidnaps her again, she’ll call the police. Donna wants Kelly to stay, but Kelly’s sick of having to answer to her friends for her behavior. She says she’s outgrown the apartment. Donna wonders if that means Kelly’s outgrown her, too.

Thoughts: Jonathan, re: a biplane flight: “It’s more fun with a bunch of guys.” Um…

Clare and Valerie both changed their hair. Thumbs down on both. Well, Clare’s cut looks okay, but she has streaks that just make me cringe.

Clare and Donna put tape over their bookcases and label them “not for sale,” and put signs on their doors that say “do not enter.” Smart, but I still don’t get why they don’t have the sale at the Walshes’. Why would you want a bunch of strangers in your apartment all day?


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