September 28, 2013

Party of Five 3.10, Close to You: Damsels in Distress

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They're cute, but I don't see any chemistry there

They’re cute, but I don’t see any chemistry there

Summary: Bailey comes home and is immediately annoyed to realize that Callie has a guy over and isn’t going to give him the peace and quiet he needs to write a paper. Callie and the guy are making out, but when he wants to have sex, she says no. Things get bad, and when Callie starts screaming, Bailey races in and pulls the guy off of her. She’s really shaken and wants to be alone. The next day, she insists that everything’s fine and there’s nothing to talk about, since nothing happened.

A classmate of Claudia’s named Stuart wants her to write a relationship advice column for the school newspaper. She notes that she’s not the best person to give romantic advice since her only boyfriend left her because he liked Julia more. Stuart insists that she can do a good job. At the Salingers’, Julia finds little things for Sam to work on so he’ll stick around the house. Similarly, Grace has found various reasons to see Charlie every day, so they’re getting along much better. She has a flat tire, so he offers to drive her around to make her food deliveries.

Apparently Sam isn’t the best roofer in the world, since he forgets to put a tarp on it, so when it rains, Claudia’s room gets soaked. She defends Sam, and Claudia thinks it’s because she has a crush on him. Charlie drives Grace home to her very bad neighborhood, and just as she’s asking him to go to an event with him, she spots some gang members approaching and tells him to duck down in his seat.

Callie is definitely not as okay as she claimed; when Bailey goes out to a concert with Sarah, she breaks down in tears over the thought of being in the apartment alone. She talks him into staying home with her. Grace is nonchalant about the encounter with the gang members, but Charlie’s nervous and advises her to take some security precautions in her apartment. She resists his attempts to make her a “damsel in distress.”

Bailey didn’t tell Sarah that he wasn’t going to the concert with her, so she’s ticked that she was stood up. He tells her what happened to Callie, so now Sarah can’t really be mad. Bailey says they’ll spend the next day together, but Sarah thinks he should stay with Callie. Charlie confronts Sam over leaving the tarp off the roof; Sam offers to make the necessary repairs and only charge for materials. Charlie balks, but Sam points out that Julia distracted him with her odd jobs, and by the time he was done, it was too dark to go up to the roof. Charlie fires him and Julia freaks out.

Sarah and Bailey hang out with Callie, who tells Sarah she doesn’t have any female friends she can talk to about her near-rape. Sarah offers to be her friend, but Callie resists. Sarah then offers up Bailey instead. She’s all, “Bailey’s awesome! He’s a great guy! You can totally trust him!” Get the irony? Julia talks Sam into making the repairs in the house for free, then takes a page from Sarah’s book and tells Charlie how awesome he is. Next she goes to Sam and tells him that Charlie changed his mind, giving him the money he wanted.

Charlie meets up with Grace at her event, and everyone mistakes him for her boyfriend. They both pretend to be embarrassed, but they clearly find it cute. Julia admits her scheming and crush on Sam to Sarah, frustrated with herself for being so girly about it. Claudia thinks Charlie and Grace are getting involved, especially since he gets a silly smile on his face when she says Grace’s name. He assures her that they’re just friends, since he’s supposedly still with Kirsten.

Bailey goes with Callie to the police station so she can report her attack. The police officer who takes her statement wonders how Callie knew the guy was going to rape her. Bailey backs her up, but Callie thinks the officer doubts her story. Sam goes back to work on the Salingers’ roof and quickly realizes that Julia lied about Charlie wanting him to return. She says it was her fault, and it doesn’t matter whose money he’s taking as long as he gets paid. “You people are a little strange,” Sam notes.

Grace calls Charlie back to her place to help her install a new lock, and to listen to her babble about how something good has suddenly come into her life. She almost kisses him, but he backs off. Callie’s attacker is questioned but says that they were about to have consensual sex when Bailey interrupted. He claims that Bailey and Callie have something going on, and that Callie panicked and cried rape so Bailey wouldn’t think she was cheating. Sarah tells them to go back to the police, but Callie doesn’t want to talk about the incident anymore.

Bailey goes to a bookstore to find something to help Callie feel better. He runs into Julia, who’s looking for help with writing her advice column. She thinks she has a natural intuition for when something’s going on. In Bailey’s case, he’s acting weird, like he did when he was first falling for Sarah. Apparently his dimples pulse when that happens. Later, Sarah tells Bailey that she thinks Callie’s relying on him too much. They decide that she needs to go to a support group.

Stuart loves Claudia’s advice column, especially the part that encourages a girl to go after her crush. You see, Claudia may think she’s insightful, but she’s missing out on the obviousness that is Stuart’s crush on her. At the house, Sam gives Julia back half of her $300, saying that’s the deal he and Charlie should have made in the first place. He apologizes for calling her strange (though he really called the Salingers as a whole strange, and he wasn’t wrong) because she’s a sweet person. She replies with a kiss.

Grace didn’t make her usual visit to Charlie today, so he goes to see her at her apartment. She thinks he’s there to tell her they’re not going to progress past friendship. He does, basically, but says she’s the first person he’s actually wanted to hang out with for a while. However, he’s waiting for Kirsten. Callie decides to go talk to the police again, and also examine why she always goes after the wrong kind of guy. Why can’t she find someone like Bailey? She cuddles up to him and Bailey starts to realize that this isn’t going to end well.

Thoughts: Stuart is played by Ben Savage, making him the second character played by a Boy Meets World star to fall for Claudia.

The concert Bailey and Sarah were supposed to go to was Barenaked Ladies. Oh, ’90s!

At one point I typed Callie’s name and thought of Callie from Grey’s Anatomy. Then I realized there’s a Bailey there, too. (Two, actually.) Then I realized there’s also an Owen there. Weird.

“How do you know he was going to rape you?” Um, excuse me? I don’t think he was trying to bake her a cake.

Owen status: unknown. That’s a little scary, since there are so many tools and construction materials lying around.


  1. Ramie said,

    “You people are a little strange.”
    So true.

  2. Joe said,

    you get Julia and Claudia mixed up a lot.

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