October 5, 2013

Party of Five 3.11, I Do: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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Sarah wants to put this under her pillow. She is a crazy person

Sarah wants to put this under her pillow. She is a crazy person

Summary: Sam and his crew are still working on the Salingers’ house, and Julia is still being a stalker. He tries to avoid her because of their kiss, telling her that she’s too young for them to get together. He’s very much in denial that he has feelings for her. Sarah’s still annoyed with the amount of time Bailey and Callie are spending together, but since she’s still in high school and has a curfew and everything, she can’t always hang out with them.

Charlie’s in a bad mood, and Julia has to point out to Claudia that it’s because it’s a year to the day that Charlie and Kirsten were supposed to get married. Speaking of weddings, that’s what Joe’s going to have; he tells Charlie that he’s engaged to a woman named Franny. They’re getting married at the restaurant on Sunday. Sarah tries to distract Callie for Bailey by fixing Callie up with her cousin Paul. Callie resists, only agreeing to the set-up if they double date. In other news, Julia is still a stalker.

Franny meets the other Salingers, who all seem to like her. Claudia’s especially happy to get some good news for once. Charlie’s the only one who isn’t in a good mood, and Joe knows it’s because of everything that happened with Kirsten. Charlie shares his concerns that Franny and Joe have only known each other a month, and she’s 20 years younger than he is. Joe asks him to try to be happy for them.

The next day, Charlie visits Grace, partly on business and partly so he can ask her to go to Joe’s wedding with him. She notes that they’ll get the same questions they got at her charity event from people who thought they were dating. But he considers this a repayment of the favor he did for her by going to the event. Sam is so determined to get away from Julia that he removes himself from the job at the Salingers’ house. She tries to call him, and Claudia tells her she’s nuts.

Sarah, Bailey, Callie, and Paul go on a rollerblading double date, and it looks like Sarah’s matchmaking was successful. Well, it looks that way to her and Paul, at least; Callie admits to Bailey that she’s not interested. Charlie and Grace go shopping for a wedding present, which is super-fun since he’s still in a bad mood. He invites her to the rehearsal and possibly a movie afterward. Grace is smart enough to know that they can’t just be friends; she’ll only be going to the wedding.

At the rehearsal, Claudia learns the phrase “May/December romance” and outs Julia and Sam as having one. Charlie’s ticked. Julia gives a shrieky denial. Sarah’s running out of ways to keep Bailey from hanging out with Callie alone, so she brings out the big guns: She tells him she’s ready to have sex. Because every girl’s first time should be as an attempt to keep her boyfriend’s eyes from wandering. But Bailey can’t perform, so Sarah remains a distress virgin.

Just before the wedding, Charlie tries to write his best-man’s toast. Franny, already wearing her wedding dress, comes to thank him for his hospitality, and he gets distracted by thoughts of Kirsten in her wedding dress. He decides to send Kirsten flowers but has trouble figuring out what to write in the note. Julia (who’s playing “he loves me, he loves me not” with a flower) and Sarah commiserate over their love troubles while Bailey tries to talk to Charlie about his failure to perform with Sarah. Charlie points out that just before a wedding is a bad time to have this discussion.

Joe and Franny’s wedding goes well, and though Charlie still isn’t all that happy, Grace’s arrival makes him feel better. He tells her that Joe was always like an uncle to him, but now he’s the closest thing Charlie has to a father. At the reception, Julia apologizes to Joe for her freak-out at the rehearsal. She’s trying to convince herself that ages don’t matter in a relationship, so Sam’s attempts to avoid her are for some other reason. Sarah and Bailey are still awkward and quiet, and seriously, why are they still together?

Charlie gives a nice toast, saying that everyone talks about luck with regards to love, but Joe’s also smart because he’s making a move to ensure he doesn’t lose Franny. (You know, unlike Charlie, who lost Kirsten.) He cries, and Grace is probably regretting letting herself get involved in this whole mess. Julia ducks out of the reception to track Sam down at some worksite and blast him for making her feel “stupid and pathetic” after she told him how she felt. There’s some blah blah about shutting off emotions. Whatever, Julia, you’re still only 17.

Sarah decides to take her piece of wedding cake home to sleep with it under a pillow; it’s some tradition that supposedly leads to you dreaming about who you’ll marry. She tells Bailey she wants to try having sex again – after all, it could fix their relationship. (Sex always does that. True story.) Grace leaves the reception early, telling Charlie that she doesn’t like the mixed signals he’s giving her. She tells him she’s not the person he needs to turn to if he wants answers.

Sam goes by the Salingers’ house, pretending he needs to come back to work there. Sam, she’s 17! It’s weird! Callie goes out on another date with Paul, coming home to a drunk Bailey (ruh-roh), who’s moping to Counting Crows. They talk, but we all know the conversation isn’t important. What’s important is that they end up having sex again. Elsewhere, Charlie makes plans to go see Kirsten in Chicago.

Thoughts: Julia, what are you doing? Julia, stahp!

Whenever people on TV or in movies talk in the audience of a wedding or some other special event, I always want someone to turn around and tell them to shut up.

How do you sleep with cake under your pillow? Wouldn’t that make a mess? I’d rather eat the cake than dream about my supposed future husband. The husband might not work out, but there’s a pretty good chance the cake will be delicious.

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