October 15, 2013

BSC #124, Stacey McGill…Matchmaker?: Stacey’s Mom Really Does Have It Going On

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Mrs. McGill looks younger than Stacey

Mrs. McGill looks younger than Stacey

Summary: There’s a new family in Stoneybrook, the Brookes, and Stacey’s the first of the BSC girls to sit for them. The kids, Joni and Ewan, are sweet but sad; their mother has ditched them to become a reporter in Atlanta, so the kids are in Stoneybrook alone with their dad, John. He’s a writer and usually needs a sitter to watch the kids while he works. Stacey finds him nice and cute.

So does Stacey’s mother. When she and John meet, they quickly hit it off. Stacey’s thrilled, since her mom hasn’t dated since her divorce, and she likes that Mrs. McGill has fallen for such a great guy. Joni, however, is unhappy. She hasn’t come to terms with her parents’ divorce, so she doesn’t want her father to get involved with another woman. Totally understandable, right? Unfortunately, no one handles the situation well.

Joni is a brat to Stacey, since she’s the one who introduced their parents, and gets Ewan to be bratty to her, too. She’s also a little jerk to the other BSC girls, since they’re Stacey’s friends. Stacey lets John know how the kids are acting, and he talks to them about it, but Joni doesn’t listen and continues to be a little jerk. She also figures that if John can’t write during the day, he’ll have to skip dates with Mrs. McGill and write at night, so she messes with his computer to keep him from working.

The McGills and Brookes spend some time together, and Joni continues to be a brat, but John is almost as annoying. He just yells at her to get in line, punishing her in front of Stacey and Mrs. McGill. Mrs. McGill has started to cool on John, having learned more about him and realized that they have a lot of differences in ideologies. (I’d think she’s also a little turned off by his lack of sympathy for his daughter.) Stacey, however, still wants them to date.

John suggests that the two families have Thanksgiving together, and it’s a disaster. Joni is in full-on brat mode, and when her father yells at her yet again, she reaches her breaking point and runs off to hide in Stacey’s room. Stacey goes after her and finally shows the girl some compassion, assuring her that her parents love her and all that. Joni sobs heartbreakingly, unable to deal with her parents’ divorce. But Stacey helps her feel a little better, and Joni calms down.

Mrs. McGill decides to break up with John, which Stacey disapproves of. She plans to warn him, but when she goes to New York to visit her father and Ethan, she cools off about it. Ethan gets her to see that Mrs. McGill, as an adult, gets to make her own decisions. Stacey and her mom are also reading Pride and Prejudice, and the book helps Stacey realize that Mrs. McGill deserves a Mr. Darcy, not just any old guy.

There’s not really a B-plot, but there’s talk of how Mallory is still struggling at school after her disastrous student-teaching gig. She hates going to SMS so much that she’s considering going to boarding school in Massachusetts. The BSC girls are sad at the possibility of her leaving, and Jessi’s really upset. More on that in future books.

Thoughts: According to Stacey, people still use word processors in 1998. Poor dear. They have computers now. Smartphones are really going to blow your mind.

“I was never sure if Dad’s girlfriends liked me or if they were only pretending to like me because of Dad.” Richard had girlfriends before he married Sharon? Multiple girlfriends? Richard Spier? I call bull.

Okay, Mallory has officially been bullied out of SMS. WHY IS THE ADMINISTRATION NOT DOING ANYTHING? I can’t believe her parents haven’t gone down there and demanded that the school do something about the way Mal’s being treated.

Claudia: “Mrs. McGill loves kids who are a pain. She loves Stacey.” Nice best friend you got there, Stace.


  1. sjsiff said,

    Right? Richard, dating? No way!

  2. Leslie said,

    Thank you so much for your blog :’) I love all these books!

  3. Ramie said,

    No way will I ever believe Richard had lots of girlfriends. Or any girlfriends other then Sharon.
    Seriously, why aren’t the Pikes doing something about Mallory? I was being bullied pretty badly in the seventh grade to the point I didn’t even want to go to school, my parents’ spoke to the school and it never happened again. I don’t know what my parents or the school did but the kids never spoke to me again.

  4. Hello hello! I happened across your blog today and could not stop reading. It’s terrific.

    There is no way that Richard Organizes His Underwear Drawer Spier dated before Sharon. No way. But, continuity? Pfft. That’s for people with no imagination!

    I was born in 1987 and never knew what the heck a word processor was when I read these books. Now, thanks to google–another mind-blower for BSC land, I’m sure–I image search. But I have reservations with the BSC having tech. I had a strong emotional reaction to when they started writing emails to each other when Mallory went to boarding school. I was all, “Get yourself back to ye olde Stoneybrook theater and watch Mary Poppins!”

  5. Marianna Escalante said,

    In 1998, I already had a PC with Windows 95 installed on it. Did the person writing this book (Ann? Ghostwriters?) not have a computer? I find that very hard to believe.
    Same with Richard having girlfriends… when?? Continuity errors seriously annoy me.

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