November 2, 2013

Party of Five 3.15, Significant Others: Nothing Says “Mature and Focused” Like a Drinking Problem

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I'm not sure the drunk guy should be playing with pointy things

I’m not sure the drunk guy should be playing with pointy things

Summary: Bailey wins a wrestling match at a meet, but his team isn’t as happy about it as he is, since they lost the meet anyway. He wants to take everyone out to celebrate with beer (of course). The other wrestlers can’t go because of family and school obligations. Julia and Sam are still dating, and it’s still weird. She tries to get him to invite her to a party his friends are having; he’s reluctant to take her, probably because IT’S WEIRD THAT HE’S DATING A GIRL IN HIGH SCHOOL.

Charlie’s receiving a citizenship award at a homeless benefit, but he doesn’t want to accept it because he didn’t vote for the mayor presenting it and he doesn’t want to thank rich people who are patting themselves on the back for helping poor people. He thinks Grace deserves the award more. She tells him to feel like he’s giving the rich people “positive reinforcement.” Claudia and Bailey play poker at the house, and she mentions that he said he was going to move out of his apartment before he and Sarah broke up. Now, though, things are looking up, so he’s staying put.

Julia passes for an adult at the party, so clearly, Sam hasn’t told anyone about her. She’s a little jealous when she sees Sam talking with an “old friend” who happens to be female (and not in high school). At the benefit, Charlie finds out that he’s considered kind of a big deal. He tries to be humble, and Grace tells him to give her some credit, since he was just talking to someone from the mayor’s office and didn’t mention that his homeless-feeding program was her idea.

One of Sam’s friends tells Julia that the woman Sam’s talking to is Karen, and Julia should totally know who she is. Another friend fills in that they were once engaged and lived together. Bailey stocks up on beer and ends up buying a winning lottery ticket. (He spends the $5 winnings on more beer.) Even Callie is sick of his crap, and was kind of looking forward to him moving out. Bailey claims that he needs time to regroup after his breakup. Callie tells him he has a month and a half.

After the benefit, Charlie talks to the guy from the mayor’s office, Michael, again. He expositions that he didn’t thank the mayor in his speech, and he talked Grace up. Michael wonders if he and Grace are dating, because if they’re not, he’d like to ask her out. Charlie says they’re “not really” together, but it’s starting to look like he wants them to be. Bailey wants to try to enter an all-stars match, but Coach Russ doesn’t think he would make it. Bailey asks for positive reinforcement. (Grace would be proud.) Russ tells him he would have to work his butt off for the next 48 hours. Bailey’s up for that.

Charlie comes up with a lame reason to get Grace to come over to his house, then ups the ante to dinner and a movie. Grace doesn’t get the hint that he’s angling for a date. Claudia pops up and invites herself to join them, because Claudia never gets a plotline. Now Grace is game, even though she’ll be doing laundry while at the house. Julia yells at Sam for accepting a dinner invitation from Karen, especially since he never told her about Karen in the first place. Sam invites her along.

Bailey goes on a training binge with a reluctant teammate, Teddy, who just wants to go home and study. Bailey thinks they should calm themselves mentally, and what better way to do that than with a big pitcher of beer? Grace ditches Charlie and Claudia to go to a concert with Michael, so now Charlie has the sads. Sam, Julia, and Karen go to dinner, and it looks like Julia’s calmed down about her boyfriend almost marrying another woman. Karen’s happy that they’re happy because she’s also found someone new. Oh, and they’re getting married. Now Sam’s not happy.

Bailey and Teddy stay out late, and Teddy eventually leaves to study and/or sleep. Bailey’s well on his way to having a nice little hangover the next day. Julia thinks Sam reacted badly to Karen’s engagement because he’s still in love with her. He insists that all their past is in the past, especially since she’s with someone else, so there’s no reason to keep talking about it. He tries to distract her with the idea of having a romantic day together.

Callie presses Bailey to bump up his move-out date since she already has a new roommate lined up. Bailey yells at her that he’s too busy with wrestling and won’t be going anywhere. Charlie visits Grace at her office and finds a bouquet of flowers from Michael. Grace isn’t in because she stayed out late the night before with her new buddy. Sam impulsively wants to take Julia to Lake Tahoe for the weekend, forgetting that she probably has homework (and might need Charlie’s permission). She knows he wants to leave town so they don’t have to deal with their issues.

Bailey’s late for practice, and with only one day left to get ready for the all-stars tryout, Russ doesn’t think he’s serious about it, or mature enough. Bailey insists that Russ let him try out. Apparently he’s forgotten than Russ doesn’t listen to whiny teenagers, and that whining isn’t going to make him look any more mature. Crying won’t help either. Bailey says that this is the only thing he has left that matters to him.

From the friendzone, Charlie listens to Grace talk about how Michael shouldn’t be sending her flowers because he doesn’t make a lot of money. They’re going to dinner at a restaurant run by a couple Michael helped get political asylum. Charlie tries to get into her head, telling her that “political” guys like Michael aren’t always honest. Grace is all, “Thanks for looking out for me – you’re such a good friend!” Later that night, when Charlie calls her, Michael picks up the phone.

Bailey’s moved his maniacal training to the Salingers’ house, still trying to drop weight just hours before the tryouts. He asks his siblings to come along to support him, but they already have plans. He’s upset that he’ll be the only one there without family or friends, but to be fair, he didn’t give them much notice. Claudia nicely says she can come, because she has nothing to do, because she has no plotline.

Instead of writing the paper she told Bailey she was working on, Julia goes to Sam’s to confront him for acting so weird lately. She knows it’s all because of Karen; the only time Sam’s been nice to her recently was when they went to dinner with her. Julia accuses him again of still being in love with Karen. Sam tries to deny this, but he has to admit that she might be right. He misses the feeling of his whole life being about one person. Julia’s all, “Well, thanks for that.” But she also gets it, because why would he feel like that about her so soon into the relationship? (Yeah, I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that YOU’RE 17.)

With coaching from Russ and support from Claudia, Bailey wins his match at the tryouts. He’s not as happy as he should be, since he doesn’t have a girlfriend there to congratulate him. Claudia suggests that they go celebrate, but Bailey lies that he’s going to hang out with his friends. Julia and Sam have a hard time remembering when they realized they liked each other, but they can easily remember when they realized they liked Justin and Karen. And yet, Julia and Sam are still together. I don’t get it.

Grace tries to plan a date with Michael while she’s with Charlie at the restaurant, and finally Charlie can’t take it anymore. He asks her straight out to stop seeing Michael. He tells her that she matters to him, but Grace still doesn’t get it. “I know we’re friends, but I don’t know what else,” she says. Finally she understands that he wants to be more than that, which is what she wanted before, when he was still hung up on Kirsten. Bailey gets drunk at a bar (I know, I’m shocked, too) and talks to some poor stranger about wrestling and how it lets him feel like he’s on top.

Thoughts: Karen is played by Corinne Bohrer, who I will always think of as Veronica Mars’ mom.

Bailey needs a girlfriend – he’s much more annoying when he’s single.

Dr Pepper, Julia? On a date with adults? At least order iced tea, or just water. Are you trying to make yourself seem younger?

If Bailey makes Claudia cry, I will punch him in the face. Though I’d probably have to wait in line for that.

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