November 3, 2013

BH90210 6.28, The Big Hurt: Save Me

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Eh, I've seen crazier

Eh, I’ve seen crazier

Summary: Tara is STILL living at the beach apartment. Clare still hates her. Kelly asks her to feed her fish while she’s out for the day. Donna feels bad that they’re making Tara leave, especially since things have been kind of okay since she got Kelly’s haircut, but Kelly doesn’t want to back down. After the other girls have left, Tara overfeeds the fish, so I guess she’s really crazy, huh?

Colin is nervous to learn his fate after his lawyer meets with the district attorney. He and Valerie are told that if he pleads guilty, he’ll only have to serve six months in a halfway house. That is, if the judge accepts the offer in court the next day. Colin’s relieved and grateful that Valerie paid for him to get a better lawyer.

Clare’s friend, a prince, is coming to Beverly Hills for a visit, and Steve is excited to meet a royal. Clare has known Carl since childhood and doesn’t have fond memories of the spoiled brat. Brandon finds Tara in the Condor‘s darkroom, where she’s developing pictures of Kelly. She tries to make him think that Kelly’s still in love with him. Brandon quickly realizes that something’s off, then gets that confirmed when Tara tries to kiss him, saying she just wanted to see what it was like to be Kelly. Brandon and Susan agree that Tara’s crazy.

Steve and Clare go to her father’s house to meet Carl, who I guess is handsome. Brandon leaves Kelly a message saying he needs to talk to her about Tara’s behavior. David and Donna show their music video to Brandon, Susan, and Joe, so Joe gets to glower about half-naked Donna again. David walks out before it’s over, either because he doesn’t want anyone to see that he’s hot for Donna, or because he doesn’t want to watch Joe watch.

Susan likes the video because it makes Donna look like she has power. Joe just says it’s “professional-looking.” Donna calls him out for acting like she did something wrong. He tells her he’s worried that the video will wind up on TV and his family will see it. He also thinks she should be embarrassed because she’s being portrayed as a sex object. Donna asks what he wants her to do, but Joe says she’s already done plenty.

Kelly listens to Brandon’s message when she gets home, but she gets distracted by the fact that her fish are all dead. She accuses Tara of overfeeding them, then tells her she needs to move out tomorrow. Brandon worries that Valerie is so involved with Colin that he’ll take her down with him. Then he tells her that he thinks Tara keyed her car. Steve decides to skip his classes so he can hang out with his new bro, Carl. Carl also wants to hang out with both him and Clare later.

David edits the music video, telling Donna that he thinks it’s almost ready to be shown. Donna offers her own edits, which involve taking out some of her sexy shots. David thinks Joe made those decisions, and he doesn’t want to accept them. Donna tells him she’s feeling exploited. He still refuses to make the changes, pulling rank as director. She replies that they’re never going to work together again.

Tara tries to smooth things over with Kelly with a trip to the beach, desperate to make sure they’ll still be friends even after she moves out. Kelly assures her that they will. On her way out of the apartment, Tara runs into Brandon and tries to get him on her side. Instead, Brandon tries to convince Kelly to detach herself a little from Tara. Kelly’s already on board, planning to pack Tara’s things for her and have them in the car when Tara gets back.

Kelly snoops in Tara’s things and finds a stack of letters from her parents. Tara’s story has always been that she doesn’t know where her unsupportive parents are, but in reality, they want her to get in touch with them. Steve, Clare, and Carl hang out at the beach, and the guys are definitely buddies now. In court, Colin gets worried again because the DA opposing him isn’t the one his lawyer made the deal with.

Tara comes home to find Kelly waiting for her. She called Tara’s parents, who want her to come home. Tara flips out and says that she and Kelly can’t be friends anymore. Kelly should be grateful: Tara came on to Brandon for her and keyed Valerie’s car for her. Kelly starts to call Tara’s doctor, but Tara stops her by grabbing her gun and threatening to kill herself if Kelly doesn’t obey her orders.

The first order is for Kelly to drive Tara somewhere. Kelly tries to get Tara to talk about her family, but Tara won’t cooperate. In court, Colin pleads guilty, and the DA does come through with the recommendation of the six-month sentence. The judge, however, doesn’t approve of the deal. After all, Colin engaged in a high-speed chase and put police officers’ lives in danger. He’ll have to serve a minimum of two years in prison.

David and Donna take their video to a management company, MZA, that’s interested in signing them to a three-video contract. The agent just thinks the video needs more Donna. David agrees to add some of her footage back in and resubmit it tomorrow. Donna’s unhappy since he didn’t ask her opinion. David tells her that they need to go along or they’ll miss out on this great opportunity. Kelly and Tara drive to a cliff overlooking the beach, and Kelly tries to make a move to get away. Tara responds by hitting her with the gun and knocking her out.

Steve and Clare are back at Chancellor Arnold’s, where Carl offers his new best bro cufflinks with his royal crest. This plot is boring. Kelly regains consciousness and discovers that Tara has rigged the car so they’ll both die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Tara tries to convince her that she should want to die after all the pain she’s experienced in her life.

Colin is resigned to his fate, though Valerie notes that they can still file motions and appeals. She encourages him to use the week he has before he has to turn himself in to do fun stuff. Colin’s like, “I’ve never had fun, so why should I start now?” Valerie tries to tell him he’s strong. Steve shows off his cufflinks to Nat while Carl tells Clare that he’s planning to stay in town longer. This is the most boring potential love triangle ever.

Donna tells Joe that MZA wants her and David to undo all of the changes he wanted. Surprisingly, Joe now feels embarrassed for the way he acted, and admits that he was just jealous because David and Donna were spending time together. Donna assures him that there’s nothing to worry about. Joe tells her he wants her to feel free to live her own life.

Night falls, and Tara’s carbon-monoxide contraption starts to do its thing. Kelly tells Tara that she’s not mad, and is ready to die with her. But first, she’d really like it if Tara would untie her hands. As soon as Tara does, Kelly grabs the gun and frees herself from the car. She fires the gun a bunch of times to draw attention to her and Tara, then throws it away. Tara cries because Kelly lied to her.

Later that night, Tara lands in the psychiatric ward and Brandon goes to the hospital to check on Kelly. Kelly wants to get some closure with one last visit with Tara. She meets Tara’s mom, who’s very grateful for everything Kelly did for Tara. After all, Tara would have died if Kelly hadn’t saved both of them.

Thoughts: I guess Tara killed the fish because there was no bunny around to boil?

I really hope someone kept Aaron Spelling from watching the music-video footage.

Even with the gun, I think Kelly could take Tara.

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