November 10, 2013

BH90210 6.29, Ticket to Ride: Look Who’s Not Talking

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It's a scratch-off ticket, Brandon, not a scratch 'n sniff ticket

It’s a scratch-off ticket, Brandon, not a scratch ‘n sniff ticket

Summary: Susan borrows some money from Brandon so she can buy a lottery ticket (which they apparently sell at the campus snack bar). Brandon does the scratching, which reveals that they won $5,000. They’re told to take the ticket to the California Lottery Office in Van Nuys. Elsewhere on campus, David, Donna, and Clare discuss forming a study group since they have finals coming up. Clare isn’t sure Steve will be able to tear himself away from Prince Carl long enough to participate.

Joe joins David and Donna as they discuss music and their work with MZA. Joe’s not jealous anymore, and is also excited about getting back into football. Colin and Valerie pack up his stuff, since he’s about to head off to prison for two years. She cries. I still don’t care about this plot. Kelly’s been staying with Jackie since her near-murder, but now she’s ready to go home to the beach apartment and start attending summer school. Colin calls but doesn’t say anything when Jackie answers the phone.

Steve and Carl play racquetball and talk about Clare. Steve admits that the relationship isn’t completely serious, and he wants to do some more dating before he settles down. Brandon and Susan take their lottery victory tour to the Peach Pit, then decide to go to Van Nuys the next day to get their money. Colin calls Jackie’s place again, still not talking even when Kelly answers the phone. More blah blah blah from Colin and Valerie.

Clare is focused on studying, but Steve wants to hang out with Carl some more. She warns that Carl always goes after what he wants, full throttle, then gets bored. Also, the cufflinks he gave Steve aren’t that special, since he gives them to everyone. Kelly moves back into the apartment and tells Donna that Colin’s jail sentence starts the next day. She decides to call him to say goodbye. Donna supports that but encourages her to let go of him after that.

Kelly makes the call, but Valerie answers the phone and is snotty to her. Colin decides not to talk to his ex. Brandon and Susan try to study but are distracted by thoughts of their money and what they could do with it. They realize that neither of them has the ticket, so that’s not good. Steve and Clare go to dinner with Carl, who wants to throw Steve a party for his upcoming 21st birthday. He didn’t get a big bash for his own 21st, so he wants to give Steve the party he never had.

Joe and Donna play backgammon (swinging good times over at Joe’s place) while she listens to music. Then she ditches the game to take a conference call with David and someone from MZA. They’re invited to a party that Joe doesn’t seem excited to go to. But he can tell that Donna’s happy about MZA possible signing her and David for more videos, so he tells her to focus on her music for the rest of the evening.

After dinner, Clare tells Carl that he’s spoiling her and Steve, so he should stop spending so much money on them. She needs to go home since she has a final the next day, but the guys plan to go to a strip club. Clare warns Steve that Carl’s diplomatic credentials won’t keep them from getting arrested. Speaking of which, Colin’s on his way over to the police station to turn himself in and start his sentence.

Brandon and Susan retrace their steps to look for the lottery ticket, ending up searching the Peach Pit’s Dumpster. They don’t find the ticket, but Brandon does see what he thinks is a “live potato.” They start fighting, and Brandon decides it’s not worth all the trouble, so he’s out. Colin and Valerie go to the police station, where Valerie goes in to find Colin’s lawyer while he parks the car. He passes some inmates being transferred, and the reality of his future hits him. Valerie soon realizes that he’s not coming back.

Donna times Joe as he works on his speed, which is slightly up but not close to his personal best from last year. He takes out his frustration on Donna, who’s just trying to cheer him on. The police tell Valerie that Colin may turn himself in, and if he does, he needs to do it quickly. The longer he stays away, the worse his punishment will be. Valerie also has the bail bondsman she paid breathing down her neck. Colin’s lawyer advises her to find her boyfriend.

Donna, David, and Joe go to the MZA party at a club, where Joe gets recognized and David and Donna get talked up by their potential manager. Carl shows up at the beach apartment and gives Clare a necklace. He wants to take her and Steve out to check out a possible location for the birthday party. Clare talks to Steve on the phone as he runs around the Walshes’ house, doing laundry. While they’re talking, he falls down the stairs and lands on his face.

Joe’s uncomfortable at the club but doesn’t want to ask Donna to leave, since he knows how important the night is for her MZA career. David watches them dance and tries to keep his jealousy in check. Colin pops up at the beach apartment, telling Kelly he just needs a friend. She won’t let him in and declines to help him. She says she only called him to say goodbye. Colin asks if she still cares about him, and she says no, “not in that way.” He’s not sure what to do next, turn himself in or keep running. Kelly promises to keep his visit quiet, but she won’t give him any advice.

Steve has a broken jaw and has to have it wired shut, which means he can’t talk. (That’s probably his worst nightmare.) Carl offers to put him up in a hotel while he recuperates. Kelly visits Jackie and tells her that Colin stopped by instead of turning himself in to go to jail. She’s proud of herself for not getting involved in his drama. At the Walshes’, Valerie and Brandon play Who’s Having the Worst Time?, and really, Brandon losing a lottery ticket doesn’t compare to Valerie’s boyfriend going on the lam. She picks up a magazine and out falls the lottery ticket.

On campus, Joe tells Donna that even though things aren’t going great for him football-wise, that’s all people wanted to talk to him about at the club. He’s interested in finding out what else he can get out of life. He doesn’t have the same passion for football he used to have, and he’s not sure why. Susan apologizes to Brandon for their fight about the lottery ticket, saying she wishes they hadn’t bought it. He shows her that he found it and laments that they got so greedy. They decide to donate the money to a family who just lost their house in a fire.

Valerie goes to the beach apartment to ask if Kelly has seen or heard from Colin. Kelly says no, but Valerie sees through her defensive behavior and guesses that he came by to tell Kelly he loves her. She begs Kelly to help her, since she mortgaged the After Dark to pay his bail, and now might lose it. Kelly is unsympathetic.

Thoughts: Donna’s braids. I just…I can’t.

When Valerie’s the only person who can tolerate Colin, you know you’ve written your character into a corner.

Joe is Ray’s complete opposite. I think Donna’s surprised that her boyfriend isn’t forcing her to spend time only with him, or making her leave places she doesn’t want to leave yet.

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