November 16, 2013

Party of Five 3.17, Misery Loves Company: Musical Beds

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This is what a happy couple looks like, apparently

This is what a happy couple looks like, apparently

Summary: Julia gets ambushed at school when she’s called to the guidance counselor’s office to discuss with her and Charlie her decision not to go to Stanford. They think she should defer for a year to give herself more time to make up her mind. The guidance counselor know she’s struggling because of Libby’s death, and has sided with Charlie that Sam isn’t influencing her well. Julia fights back, so Charlie decides to just order her to go to Stanford. As long as she lives in his house, he can tell her what to do.

Callie wants to put a bar in the apartment, even though it takes up a lot of space in the living room. Also, aren’t they supposed to move? Will makes a surprise visit and acts weird. At the house, Julia packs, telling Claudia she’s going to stay with Sam. After all, if she doesn’t live in Charlie’s house, he can’t boss her around. Will’s acting weird because he just broke up with his girlfriend, who was cheating on him. He asks why Bailey and Sarah broke up, but Bailey doesn’t want to depress him. Will thinks they should bond over their shared pain. Bailey disagrees, saying they need to distract themselves.

Charlie talks through his Julia problems with Grace, wondering what his parents would do if they were there. Since Charlie, unlike Julia, is an adult and can do whatever he wants, he agrees to let Grace spend the night. They go to her apartment first and find the building on fire. Julia surprises Sam at has place, saying she wants to make him dinner, watch I, Claudius, and, you know, move her stuff in. Sam recoils, so Julia clarifies that she’ll sleep on the couch. Grace is upset about the fire and all of her stuff possibly being destroyed, but at least she has Charlie’s bed to sleep in, even after he decides to sleep on the couch – he’s not ready to share a bed with someone who’s not Kirsten.

Bailey, Will, and Callie drink and play pool at a bar, successfully distracting themselves from their problems. (Yay, alcohol!) Will can’t hold his liquor and passes out. (Boo, alcohol!) Claudia’s not that thrilled to see that Grace spent the night at the Salingers’. She tells Charlie that Julia moved to Sam’s, so now Charlie has another crisis to deal with. Grace can’t move back home for a while, so she decides to ask her sister if she can stay with her. Charlie tells her she can stay at the Salingers’ as long as she needs, even if it means he keeps sleeping on the couch. (Maybe he can take Julia’s room.)

Bailey and Will are hungover, so Bailey turns to the hair of the dog. Will thinks he’s crazy. Julia turns into a happy homemaker, but Claudia interrupts her and Sam’s domestic bliss to confront her for ditching all her house chores, including watching Owen. Julia’s surprised to hear that Grace is living at the house; Charlie can move his girlfriend in but Julia’s boyfriend can’t be there? She’s also annoyed that Claudia took public transportation to get there. She invites Claudia to stay for dinner and get a ride home from Sam afterward.

Will takes Bailey to a coffeehouse to sober up, since he’s been drinking all day. They run into Sarah, who’s turned off by Bailey’s drunken behavior. While Charlie does the fatherly thing with Owen, Grace takes over the couch so Charlie can have his bedroom back. (Guys, the attic’s empty.) They start kissing, and Charlie decides that he’s ready to share a bed (or at least he needs to make himself ready, so no one has to sleep on the couch). When Claudia notices in the morning that the couch wasn’t slept on, she thinks it means Grace stayed somewhere else. Wrong!

Will visits Sarah at home and notices that she still has a bunch of pictures of Bailey up. They talk about Bailey’s drinking, which Sarah says ramped up after everything that happened with Callie. She has to break it to him that Callie’s the reason she and Bailey broke up. Will wants to intervene, but Sarah can’t bring herself to get involved in Bailey’s issues. Claudia goes to Bailey and Callie’s to ask her brother to help Charlie and Julia work things out. The family’s falling apart, and Bailey’s always been the one to keep things together. Bailey won’t get involved.

Sam and Julia’s love nest is further upended when Sam wants to watch a hockey game, but Owen’s over and playing with loud toys. Charlie and Grace go to her apartment, which is pretty much unsalvageable. All she has is a bedspread she’d ordered a few weeks earlier. Will tries to talk to Bailey about his newfound love of drinking, and how that’s all he ever wants to do. Bailey tries to blow off his concern, but when Will keeps pressing the issue, Bailey turns on him, saying he was just trying to show his friend a good time.

Charlie goes to Sam’s apartment, having gotten a note from Julia telling him that Owen would be spending the night. He announces that both of his siblings will be going home with him. Claudia’s also there, and upset that all the yelling has made Owen start yelling, too. Charlie threatens to call Social Services to force Julia to come home. Julia calls his bluff, lets him take Owen, and pretends she’s not a drama queen.

The next morning, Sam cooks Julia breakfast to soften the blow when he tells her she can’t stay there anymore. He likes the idea of living with her, just not when she’s there to stick it to her brother. He likes his life the way it is, without all the Salingers’ loud drama. Will finds Bailey working out and decides to try a different tack with his concern: asking Bailey straight out if he’s okay. Bailey claims he is, of course, so Will apologizes for overreacting. He wants to spend one more night hanging out with Bailey before he goes back to school, but Bailey says he has to study.

Julia returns home, admitting to Claudia that Sam made her leave. Claudia doesn’t care that she’s back. Grace goes to look for a new apartment, but Charlie thinks she should just stay at the Salingers’. He likes that her presence has made him change some of his old habits, which needed to be changed. It’ll be a fresh start for both of them, but they can help each other. At Bailey and Callie’s, Callie has her own suggestion for a change: She wants Bailey to move into her bedroom. He seems on board with that.

Thoughts: Grace calls her landlord after the fire, and the hold music is “Disco Inferno.” The person who wrote that in is both brilliant and evil.

I feel worse for Owen than anyone else in the family. He’s had to go through so much upheaval. Mom and Dad are gone. Charlie moves back in. Kirsten moves in, Kirsten moves out. Kirsten moves back in, then sits in a chair and cries all day. Bailey moves out. Julia moves out and Grace moves in. Everyone’s yelling all the time. Poor little guy.

It’s sad that Will, who’s seen Bailey the least over the last year, is the first to notice that something’s wrong.

Two episodes ago, Callie was over Bailey’s partying; now she’s encouraging it. Why the change?

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