November 23, 2013

Party of Five 3.18, MYOB: You Can’t Spell Bailey Salinger Without B.S.

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"You have to bring a six-pack when you come over. New house rule"

“You have to bring a six-pack when you come over. New house rule”

Summary: Grace settles in to sleep in Charlie’s creaky bed, but instead of finding her boyfriend next to her, she finds Owen there. The next morning, Julia’s cold to Grace because she’s mad that Grace moved in but Charlie won’t let Sam in the house. Charlie tries to get Claudia to spend more time with Grace so at least one of his sisters will be nice to her. Bailey and Callie are sleeping together again, which I guess makes him think she might agree when he asks her to help him out with rent. She tells him he’ll have to pay her back by the end of the week: “Just because you sleep in my room now doesn’t mean you’re being kept.”

Julia and Sarah line up to get concert tickets, though Sarah no longer wants to go to the concert. She doesn’t want to listen to love songs while she’s still missing Bailey. Julia encourages her to call him, but Sarah doesn’t want to talk to him unless he makes the first move. While Bailey searches the Salingers’ basement for something to sell, Julia brings up Sarah. Bailey’s too preoccupied thinking about money to listen to her. Julia gives him a concert ticket and tells him to meet her that night.

Claudia goes by Grace’s office, pretending that it was her idea for them to spend some time together. Bailey and Sarah run into each other at the concert, having been set up by Julia. They’re mad but decide to stay. Charlie’s happy to learn that Grace and Claudia having been hanging out. They go grocery shopping with Owen, and when Grace and Owen are left alone together in line, another shopper mistakes Grace for a nanny. She’s offended. Bailey gets drunk at the concert, then gets mad at Sarah when she says she likes the music, accusing her of sleeping with one of the band members. He tries to play it off like he just wants her to be happy.

Julia goes out with Sam, who’s shorthanded at work; she suggests that he hire Bailey to help out. He needs money, and he’s totally reliable and definitely won’t show up to work drunk or hungover. Owen shares Charlie and Grace’s bed again, and Grace finally says that she doesn’t think the co-sleeping is a good idea. She remarks under her breath that Owen has more of a right to be there than she does. At school, Sarah blasts Julia for setting her and Bailey up. Julia doesn’t think Bailey’s drunkenness and loudness were out of place considering the setting. Sarah tells her that Will noticed his behavioral changes, too. Julia insists that nothing’s wrong.

Bailey shows up to his new job late but enthusiastic (and seemingly sober). Sam has concerns. Claudia does some work at Grace’s office, but Grace isn’t interested in just spending time together or chatting. Claudia grows concerned when she hears Grace tell someone that she’s only staying with Charlie (“a friend”) temporarily. At Sam’s that night, he tells Julia that some expensive alcohol was stolen from one of his worksites. They both know he thinks Bailey was responsible. Charlie changes the Salingers’ outgoing answering-machine message so Grace is mentioned. When Claudia comments on it, he asks if she’s trying to cause trouble.

At school, Julia sends Sarah a note to let her know she wants to discuss Bailey’s problems. Claudia screwed up a mailing at Grace’s office, which means everything has to be redone. Grace blasts her for taking on a project she wasn’t sure she could handle. (She’s 14. I’m sure she could handle stuffing envelopes.) Claudia notes that she’s a volunteer, but Grace can’t deal with sloppiness and tells her to leave. When Claudia gets home, she tells Charlie what happened, and he immediately asks what she did wrong. She lets him know that Grace is telling people she’s “staying with friends. Temporarily.”

Sam questions Bailey about the missing alcohol, but of course he says he didn’t see anything. At home, Charlie bugs Grace about getting change-of-address cards and forwarding her mail to the Salingers’. Then he brings up what Claudia told him about Grace only staying there temporarily. She says she doesn’t belong in the house or the neighborhood. The family doesn’t like her and people think she’s “the help.” She feels like a hypocrite when she goes to work and helps poor people while she lives with a white family in a nice house. Owen interrupts and Charlie snaps at him, which makes Grace mad again.

Julia and Sarah ambush Bailey at his place to confront him over his drinking and possible liquor larceny. Bailey’s mad that Julia’s siding with Sam over him. She wants to keep him from self-destructing, as the Salingers have always done for each other. Bailey tells her she’s off the hook and kicks her and Sarah out. Julia warns that she’s not going to just drop this. Later, Bailey goes to the restaurant to complain to Charlie about Julia’s treatment of him. He laughs off his sister’s concerns, and Charlie’s not going to question him since he did his own share of partying in college. Plus, Julia’s always on people’s cases, so why should this be any different?

Claudia’s back to being cold toward Grace at the house, saying bitterly that Grace should be fired for putting dishes away in the wrong place. Grace gives a non-apology, unable to let go of the time and money Claudia’s mistake cost her organization. Claudia says that she only wanted them to be friends. Sarah tracks down Callie to talk about Bailey’s drinking, but Callie thinks she’s being blamed for being a bad influence. Sarah notes that she’s putting aside a lot of hostility to approach Callie. She still loves Bailey, and if Callie does, too, that’s actually good, because she might be able to help him turn things around.

Charlie and Grace discuss their living arrangements, and while he admits that they may have rushed into them, he can’t exactly pick up everything and move. Grace’s location won’t affect the people she helps at work. Grace disagrees – it changes her to live in the Salingers’ house. Owen comes in to share the bed again, so Grace decides to sleep on the couch. Julia tries to talk to Charlie about Bailey, but he’s mad that she’s suddenly willing to be civil to him. He accuses her of being mad that Bailey’s enjoying his life. “You don’t know everything,” he says. “Neither do you,” she shoots back.

At the apartment, Callie asks Bailey for the rent money, but he doesn’t have it. He asks if she’s going to join Julia and Sarah in the anti-Bailey club, but she assures him that they’re still friends. When Bailey goes to get a beer, Callie suggests that he cut back, but he doesn’t take her seriously. And now that she’s boxed in as his only friend, there’s not much she can do. Charlie finds Owen sleeping on the couch with Grace, and he and Grace laugh over the fact that he wanted to be with her, not Charlie. He claims that the family needs her there at the house. She agrees to stay.

Thoughts: Who let us little white girls get away with that XXL trend in the ’90s? Claudia’s sweatshirt could fit two linebackers.

Charlie should have at least warned Grace that Owen might get into bed with them. That’s something I would want to know about in advance.

Oh, right, now I remember why I didn’t like Grace.

Charlie gives Bailey a beer at the restaurant. Couldn’t he get in a lot of trouble for that? Can’t restaurants lose their liquor licenses for serving minors?

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