December 16, 2013

BH90210 7.2, Here We Go Again: All the Sanders Boys Are Dolts

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This is Steve’s serious face. How can you still be mad when he gets that serious?

Summary: Brandon’s back from Southernville just in time for a reunion at the beach club (though he doesn’t want to attend). Steve, Clare, and Valerie welcome him home; Val is on her way to meet with Kenny again. David and Donna meet up at the beach club, talking about a childhood memory that couldn’t have happened because they didn’t meet until they were in high school. Donna spots a guy named Casey who she used to have a crush on. David turns on jerk mode, still mad that she doesn’t want to work for MZA anymore. Donna decides to try her chances with Casey instead.

Ugh, Ryan and Austin are back. Steve and Kelly reminisce about their days at the beach club when they were younger; he’s especially fond of the memory of them hooking up. She doesn’t seem to think of it as being as special as he does. After she leaves, Steve has a flashback to “Spring Dance,” when he was a jerk to her and then whined that she never said she cared about him. He tells Clare that he and Kelly were just talking about old times, casually mentioning that they slept together. This is news to Clare, and not good news.

Kenny’s sure that Valerie won’t have any trouble getting the money she needs, so instead of talking business, he wants to play tennis. On her way to start her internship at the AIDS hospice, Kelly runs into David and his friend Mark, who’s the program director at CU’s TV station. He wants to work with Brandon on something, because everyone loves Brandon and wants to do stuff with him. Kelly and David are clearly attracted to each other, by the way.

Donna reunites with Casey, and they plan to meet up again at a dance that night. David puts on his jealous face. After their tennis game, Valerie and Kenny make small talk, and he reveals that he’s married but separated from his wife. He wants Val to come to dinner with him, because I guess that’s the only place she can sign papers for her bank loan. Poor dear must not have a desk! Brandon goes by the hospice to say hi to Kelly, which, I’m sorry, is not normal and must mean he’s still in love with her. Sigh.

Brandon then goes to the beach club and meets up with Clare; she’s mad that she was the only person who didn’t know about Kelly and Steve’s history. She notes that their group of friends is pretty “incestuous.” Brandon firmly denies that Steve could still have feelings for Kelly, but Clare isn’t so sure. She pulls Steve away from a poker game, orders him to take her home, and demands details about his relationship with Kelly. He tells her to stop making a big deal out of nothing and goes back to his game.

Kenny goes to the Walshes’ house with Valerie, again mentioning his marriage and how it’ll soon be over. He’s sure that his wife wouldn’t care that he’s hanging out with Val. He notices the end of one of her joints but is totally cool with her doing drugs. Why am I supposed to care about this guy? Ryan, Austin, some girl, bleh. Mark approaches Brandon to be the TV station’s news director; Brandon wanted to work for the Condor again (though I thought he was done with that), but is willing to consider Mark’s pitch. Kelly arrives and dances with Mark.

Ryan and Austin try to spy on a girl while she’s changing but see her mom instead. They deserved that. Donna and Casey dance and flirt while David continues wearing his jealous face. He accuses her of wanting out of their business partnership because she really wants to see other guys. He complains that she’s ignoring him while he’s in a bad mood, but she points out that she’s tried to cheer him up and he’s the one who’s been ignoring her.

Brandon tells Kelly about his time in Southernville, and how he changed Mariah’s life and sent her off to her true purpose and is a hero for our time and deserves a medal. They discuss Clare and Steve’s fight, and it turns out Kelly’s on Clare’s side. Steve asks her to stay out of it, but Kelly doesn’t want Clare to be mad at her. After she leaves, Steve confides in Brandon something that no one else knows, including Kelly. Meanwhile, Ryan and Austin are still pervs. What did I do to deserve this?

Valerie and Kenny go to dinner and bore me some more. Then there’s kissing. Back at the club, David crashes Donna and Casey’s conversation, refusing to leave when they ask him to. Steve has to break up a fight between Ryan and Austin. Clare sees him yelling at them for trying to spy on a girl, telling them to respect women because he learned how important that is the hard way. With that plus a conversation she had with Kelly, Clare’s now okay with Steve. Kenny and Valerie make plans to meet up at the beach club the next day.

Steve finds Kelly and reminds her of their fight at the spring dance in tenth grade. He admits that the night they had sex at the beach club was his first time. Afterward, he was upset that it wasn’t as big a deal for her as it was for him, so he got back at her by spreading rumors that she was a slut. Steve’s responsible for the bad reputation she had in high school. Kelly’s furious with him, since she still has to deal with the repercussions. She won’t accept his apology.

The next morning, Brandon is optimistic that Kelly will get over the fight, which Steve feels really bad about. Valerie’s aware of the whole situation and remarks to Brandon that if Steve hadn’t started calling her a slut, someone else would have. Brandon tells her to leave Kelly alone. Then he practically calls her a slut for starting a relationship with Kenny. Thank you, as always, for your help, Brandon.

At the beach club, Steve tries to smooth things over with Kelly, but she won’t talk to him. He reminds her that he’s a different person now. She says she is, too. Steve regrets telling her the truth. Kelly runs into Valerie and Kenny, who tells Val that Kelly used to babysit for his son. David goes to the beach apartment to make up with Donna, but it’s all awkward. They realize that getting back together isn’t working out, and they’re better off as friends.

Kelly mopes on the beach, flashing back to when Steve apologized to her at the spring dance. She forgave him then, by the way. Steve tracks her down to apologize again, and this time Kelly reminds him that they said they loved each other at the dance. She’s actually glad that he was honest with her. Now everything’s okay, yay! Not for Val, though – she spotted Kenny’s wife’s bathing suit in their cabana, and now she feels uncomfortable. Kenny tries to cheer her up with a $10,000 personal loan to hold her over until her bank loan comes through.

Kelly and Steve participate in an egg toss together, so I guess their friendship really is back on track. She tells Brandon that she appreciates how strongly their group of friends is connected, but she did like being alone over the summer. She wonders if she and Brandon will ever be back on the same page. He tells her that they’ll know if it happens. Yeah, because they’ll hear me screaming.

Thoughts: Casey is played by Eddie Cibrian. He looks a lot like Dean Cain here.

Clare, you must chill. YOU MUST. I can’t take another season of her and Steve fighting and making up in every single episode.

Kelly, you need to chill, too. I get being upset about what Steve did, but he really was sorry.

Valerie smokes pot in her bedroom so Brandon can’t get judgy, but she leaves the end of the joint sitting out in the living room. Huh?

I can’t see Val dating someone with a kid. I also think she’d be smarter about the red flags Kenny’s throwing off.


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