December 26, 2013

Party of Five 3.23, Promises, Promises: Seven Days Without a Drink Makes One Weak

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"Charlie, we just got a fax from the viewers. It says, 'Your girlfriend is a shrew'"

“Charlie, we just got a fax from the viewers. It says, ‘Your girlfriend is a shrew'”

Summary: Grace has completely taken over the Salingers’ house for her campaign. Claudia is not pleased. (To be fair, they put a fax machine in her bedroom without asking.) Sarah waits to see a doctor to follow up on her injuries from the car accident, and gets into a conversation with the doctor’s nephew, a med student named Drew. She thinks he’s cute. Julia and Griffin are considering ways to spend his money, while Bailey and Sarah are trying to figure out how to distract themselves (well, him) for long periods of time so he doesn’t want to drink. He’s gone a week without drinking, so he’s ready for Sarah to duck out to do something else.

Julia skips class so she can go see Griffin. Sarah goes on a date with Drew, though he takes her to a movie she already saw with Bailey. Grace struggles to stay organized because there are children living in her campaign headquarters. Apparently Bailey and Callie are still sleeping together, or at least sharing a bed, though he’s been trying to avoid her. She’s mad that he keeps hanging out with Sarah. Callie wants to help Bailey in Operation Stay Sober, but he points out that she’s always avoided helping. In fact, she’s more of an enabler.

Claudia ends up hanging out in the basement since it’s the only place in the house that the campaign hasn’t reached. She and Julia are shocked to see a picture of Grace and Owen in the paper, with a story about how Grace is a friend to orphans. Callie jumps into trying to help Bailey, attempting to convince both of them that they don’t need beer to have fun. (Yes, Callie, drinking pizza IS fun.) Julia’s at Griffin’s for sex, and he sees a school assignment she failed, probably because she skipped class to hang out with him.

Bailey goes to Sarah’s building to visit her but catches her and Drew together. He admits that he really wants a drink right now, and is only abstaining because he made a promise to her. Sarah decides to ditch Drew and stay with Bailey. Charlie wants to take the family to some event with Grace so everyone can see how much of a family they are. She, however, doesn’t feel right about what the article said about her and orphans. Claudia’s mad that Charlie wants to exploit the family to help Grace. She even says that she feels like a whore. Claudia claims that Grace doesn’t even like the kids, which Charlie denies.

Bailey feels sufficiently distracted from wanting to drink, but Sarah’s also distracted – by the thought of going out with Drew again. She tells Bailey she’ll keep helping him, but he has to do some things for himself. Mainly, he needs to rid his life of things that make him want to drink. Julia plans to skip school again for more Griffin-centric fun, but he tries to get her to go to class without actually telling her to go to class.

Callie confronts Bailey for sleeping on the couch instead of in their bed, thinking he either drank or spent the evening with Sarah again. Apparently she thinks that she’s the only one who can help him. Bailey tells her that her version of help isn’t helpful. Living with her makes him want to drink, since he spent so much time drinking there. Claudia tries to make amends with Grace, but she’s too busy. Claudia says that a reporter wants to meet her, Grace, and Owen downtown that afternoon for a photo op.

Callie goes by the high school to tell Sarah to back off. She’s mad that Sarah told Bailey to get rid of the bad influences in his life. Callie thinks she’s using the accident to guilt Bailey into coming back to her. Sarah insists that she’s just trying to do what’s best for Bailey. “What’s in it for you?” Callie asks, because she can’t conceive of a world where people are nice to each other for selfless reasons. Even without plans with Griffin, Julia skips school again. She blames senior slump, saying that everyone’s slacking off. Griffin disapproves, but Julia points out that he’s never been the most industrious person.

Grace is confused as to why the reporter hasn’t shown up to see her, Claudia, and Owen. Claudia wants them to take advantage of the situation to spend some quality time together. Grace, however, sees it as a waste of time. Claudia confesses that she made the whole thing up, wanting to prove that Grace wouldn’t spend time with her and Owen unless it served the campaign. Bailey’s moving out of the apartment, and of course Callie handles it maturely. She comes home drunk and requests one last romp in the sack with Bailey. She tells him that she always wanted a guy like him, but he hurt her more than anyone else has. Bailey says she deserves better.

Charlie confronts Claudia for her stunt with Grace, but Claudia refuses to admit that she did anything wrong. She notes that she was right about Grace not caring about the family – not like Kirsten did. Charlie makes excuses for his girlfriend, saying that Claudia’s not being fair by taking Grace away from the campaign. He promises that they’ll do something fun, like go to Disneyland, once the campaign is over. Grace overhears them.

Julia gets ready for school while Griffin tries to apologize for getting on her case about doing the same things he used to do. He’s always liked how studious she is. He also likes that she’s smart but still wants to be with him. Griffin jokes that they need someone to be the brains and someone to be the looks in the relationship. Bailey finishes packing up, then says goodbye to Callie, leaving her on her home. Grace tells Charlie that the campaign is her top priority right now; she can’t go to Disneyland with the family despite Charlie’s promises to Claudia.

Sarah helps Bailey move back into the Salingers’ house, so he offers to take her to dinner. She already has a date with Drew, though. Maybe he can spend some time with his little brother and sister? Julia takes a makeup test to salvage the one she failed, and somehow uses it to seduce Griffin. I don’t know. Let’s just say that she can go to school AND have a boyfriend! Who knew?

Thoughts: The reporter who wrote about Grace and orphans is a tiny bit brilliant. Or maybe I’ve worked in marketing too long.

I was going to suggest in the last episode that Bailey move back home. He kind of needs babysitters right now.

Callie to Sarah at the high school: “Are you at, uh, recess or whatever?” Callie, you’re only, like, two years older than her. Don’t be like that.

’90s music alert: “Crash Into Me,” Dave Matthews Band.

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