December 28, 2013

Party of Five 3.24, A Little Faith: You Are Not Alone

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Come play with us, Bailey...forever and ever and ever...

Come play with us, Bailey…forever and ever and ever…

Summary: It’s time for spring break, and Sarah’s headed to Vail with her parents. Bailey’s bummed to be left behind in San Francisco with nothing to do. Julia and Griffin leave their spring-break destination up to chance, randomly picking Carson City, Nevada on a map. Grace and Charlie are supposed to do a TV news spot about her campaign, but she’s not feeling well, so she leaves him to field questions, as her “campaign manager.”

Ross has jury duty during spring break, which means he can’t go to L.A. with Claudia for an elite performance. Charlie also can’t go, and Julia’s already taken off. Claudia remembers that Joe and Franny live in L.A., so she suggests that she stay with them. Bailey pops up, and since he doesn’t have anything else to do, he offers to go with Claudia. He promises that Charlie can trust him since he has so much to prove right now. Meanwhile, Julia and Griffin have motorcycle trouble in Nevada.

Charlie thinks Grace has the flu, but the combination of a late period and three mornings of feeling sick make her think it’s something very different. On their flight to L.A., Bailey struggles not to order a drink. When they arrive, Claudia jumps right into rehearsals; she’s a featured soloist with a chamber orchestra. Bailey’s boredom and simple presence annoy Claudia, so she tells him to go sightsee.

Julia and Griffin return to San Francisco to get the motorcycle fixed, thinking that would be faster than doing it in the small town where they broke down. Unfortunately, the shop where they take the bike is days away from closing up. Julia’s eager to get back on the road, while Griffin enjoys talking bikes with the shop owner. In L.A., Bailey tries to call Sarah to keep himself distracted, but she’s out actually doing stuff, like he should be.

He also can’t reach Charlie, who’s with Grace at a doctor’s office to see if she’s pregnant. (The home test she took was inconclusive.) Charlie wants to think ahead in case there’s going to be a baby, but Grace can only focus on what it would mean for her potential political career. Having an abortion or being a single mother would lose her voters. Charlie suggests that they get married, which is apparently his solution for everything. Grace is too stunned to respond.

Bailey is late picking Claudia up for dinner, so she’s left alone at the auditorium. Julia’s still excited about the motorcycle trip, and tells Griffin it was fate that they had to turn back because otherwise they would have gotten caught in a huge rainstorm. Griffin thinks it’s also fate that they went to the bike shop because he wants to buy it. Joe and Franny show up at Bailey’s hotel room, where he’s clearly drunk. He finally realizes that he forgot to get Claudia, but Joe’s not going to let him go anywhere. Bailey asks him not to tell Claudia that he fell off the wagon.

Joe and Franny retrieve Claudia for dinner and an overnight at their house. She quickly gets suspicious and figures out that Bailey drank. Julia reads up on running a business, mostly to make Griffin realize how bad he would be at it. (Julia, however, seems to understand all of it.) Grace is thrilled not to be pregnant, and Charlie should be, too, because now he isn’t tied to that horrible woman for 18 years.

Claudia has the hotel room cleared of alcohol and ensures that the minibar won’t be restocked while they’re there. She wants to skip the reception for her performance since there will be alcohol. Bailey says he’ll drop her off and leave, but Claudia notes that he can just go somewhere else to get drunk. He tells her that people slip up all the time; at least he’s admitting it. He’s spent the past two weeks wanting to drink to make things better, but now he knows that won’t happen. Maybe he needed to slip up to really get sober.

Julia wants to go somewhere else for what’s left of spring break, so she’s going to head off on her own. Griffin’s too busy with his new shop to care. She gets mad that his taking on a new project ruins their plans to…I don’t know, spend the next year slacking off together? Griffin notes that she’s always pushing him to want more than just her, and now he does. Charlie finally gets around to asking what he should have when he and Grace first got serious: Does she want kids? She doesn’t.

Claudia’s performance goes great, but afterward she goes back to glaring at Bailey. She wants to go back to the time when he worried about her instead of the other way around. The performance was a huge deal to her, and it made her feel alone. She knows she can’t rely on Bailey anymore. He basically tells her that she can’t change what’s happening, and she needs to grow up and maybe help him out for once.

Instead of going off on a solo road trip, Julia ends up at the restaurant, moping. She asks Charlie if he thinks she’s selfish, since she’s upset about the bike shop ruining her and Griffin’s plans. She thought they wanted the same things, but now he wants something else. Charlie advises her to decide what she wants more: Griffin or the things she planned on. If it’s something they can work out, then they should work it out. Nice advice, Charlie – now take it yourself.

Claudia and Joe return to the hotel after a day out together, discussing Walter Alcott and Bailey’s ditching of AA. Joe tells Bailey that he thought he would die young and alone, but he wound up finding Franny. He thinks God was looking out for him. Bailey needs to find something to believe in other than himself. Bailey disagrees, saying that no one’s looking out for people. Joe says someone was looking out for him, and also for Nick when he got sober. Bailey won’t accept that it was God.

Joe continues that part of Nick is in Bailey, which has to mean something. He went to the intervention and revealed that Nick was an alcoholic because he wanted to give Bailey hope. Nick stopped drinking, so Bailey can, too. Claudia agrees that Bailey might have inherited the good parts of Nick on top of his alcoholism. Bailey wonders what this has to do with God. Joe says again that part of Nick is inside Bailey; he didn’t disappear. That means someone’s looking out for them. Bailey can feel his father anytime he struggles to stay sober. He’s not alone.

Julia goes back to the bike shop, telling Griffin she didn’t want to go on the trip without him. She admits that she’s frustrated because she feels like the only one who doesn’t know what she wants. On their way home from the airport, Bailey and Claudia’s cab pauses outside an AA meeting place. Bailey decides to attend, and Claudia tells him she’ll wait up for him.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: “Every Day is a Winding Road” by Sheryl Crow. Very appropriate for the scene where Julia and Griffin pick their road-trip destination.

Ross probably could have gotten out of jury duty. Some judges will let you go if you have a vacation planned and have already bought plane tickets, especially if Ross was the only person who could have gone with Claudia.

Griffin, if the bike shop was doing so much business, why was it closing? And why was it worth only $10,000?

I appreciate seeing a woman on TV who doesn’t want kids, since that’s pretty rare, but why did it have to be someone so annoying?



  1. Do you know what the song is at the end of this episode (S3E24) that starts playing when Julia & Griffin are in the motorcycle shop and continues through Bailey & Claudia in the cab going to the AA meeting. Has lyrics like ‘lying in the water left to shower’, ‘catch yourself don’t tremble in the darkness’ ?


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