January 4, 2014

Party of Five 3.25, You Win Some, You Lose Some: Make Me Feel Better About Not Trusting You!

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"I don't need you, Charlie. My constituents and views on social policy will keep me warm at night"

“I don’t need you, Charlie. My constituents and views on social policy will keep me warm at night”

Summary: Bailey finds Coach Russ in the campus gym and reveals that he’s an alcoholic, which is why he was such a poor athlete this year. He feels bad for lying, especially after Russ was so kind to him. But now he’s sober and going to AA meetings. Russ advises him to stick to recovery, because he can’t come back to the wrestling team if he doesn’t go to meetings. Bailey’s thrilled that he’s allowed back on the team at all.

Justin got into Yale, though I feel like they might have rejected him if they saw his ridiculous haircut. Julia teases him about it, saying they let in anyone who applies. Grace’s mother is in town for Grace’s election, which is right around the corner. Charlie wants to plan a victory party, but Grace isn’t in favor of allowing children to attend. (Sorry, Owen.) Justin tells Julia that his reward from his parents for getting into Yale is a plane ticket and money to travel Europe for two months. Hey, that’s where Julia wanted to spend her summer, too! You know, before Griffin came back into her life.

Bailey’s enjoying making amends as part of his recovery. If only there were a step that allowed him to break up Sarah and Drew. She admits to him that she’s a little annoyed having to get to know Drew, since she and Bailey already knew each other so well when they started dating. Also, he’s so busy that they haven’t been able to find much time to spend together. The good news, at least for Bailey, is that Sarah and Drew broke up.

At Griffin’s new bike shop, Julia tells him that Justin invited her to go to Europe with him. But they’re just friends! They’re both dating other people! It’s not at all weird for exes to travel together like that! Griffin notes that he just got back to town, so he and Julia would be jumping into another separation. Julia reminds him that she wanted to go to Europe before he came back. He asks if she’s asking permission to go, but she points out that she doesn’t need his blessing.

Claudia and Grace find themselves talking about Kirsten, which can’t be awkward at all for Grace. Claudia reveals that Kirsten couldn’t have children. Charlie overhears Bailey making dinner reservations for two, and Bailey casually tells him he’s going out with Sarah. He’s not sure if she wants to get back together, and isn’t sure she could want to after everything they’ve been through.

Julia accuses Griffin of not trusting her, but he says he doesn’t trust life, whatever that means. He’s just afraid of the two of them being apart because of all the things that could keep them apart. Bailey goes to see Sarah but instead has to make awkward conversation with her mother. Mrs. Reeves appreciates that he’s trying to turn his life around. She reveals something that Sarah didn’t tell Bailey: Sarah got into Brown. Mrs. Reeves is looking forward to putting 3,000 miles between her daughter and Bailey.

Grace brings up Kirsten’s non-childbearing abilities to Charlie, wondering if that’s why they broke up. Charlie says that Kirsten wanted kids but couldn’t medically. Grace doesn’t get why that’s different from what’s going on between her and Charlie, since the result of both pairings is a lack of kids. How about because you hate Owen and Claudia, and Charlie has to take care of them? Whatever, I’m 25 minutes from having to deal with Grace ever again.

Bailey comes home late and Claudia questions him, but he promises that he didn’t drink. He shares that Sarah got into Brown and will be moving across the country. Claudia thinks Bailey should call her, but Bailey sees her choice in college as a message that she’s moving on. He calls his sponsor instead of Sarah. Owen causes disruptions at campaign headquarters, because apparently no one watches the child. Charlie sees Grace brush him off.

Julia turns down Justin’s Europe invitation because Griffin guilted her into staying in San Francisco. He shows up at school and tells her that he wishes he could let her (read: give her permission to) go to Europe, but he can’t (read: doesn’t trust her). However, he’s come up with a way to feel comfortable with it (read: force himself to trust her and/or force her to stay faithful).

Sarah comes by the Salingers’ to tell Bailey her big college news. Except she’s not going to Brown – she’s going to Berkeley. Bailey says that he thinks she might be better off staying away from him, but Sarah thinks that’s crazy. He’s thrilled, and they end up kissing. Charlie finally answers Grace’s question about the difference between their relationship and his with Kirsten: Kirsten loved Claudia and Owen, but Grace can’t stand them. Grace blames the chaos of the campaign but can’t promise that things will get better after it’s over. Charlie can’t let her stay around if it’s not going to work out.

While Charlie is making a healthy, mature decision, Julia is making a horrible one: She’s marrying Griffin. (They’re in Nevada, for some reason.) Then they return to his awful apartment for their wedding night. He talks her into waiting until the next day to tell her family. The next day happens to be election day, and though Grace and Charlie have broken up (yay!), he’s still going to support her.

Julia and Griffin come to the house and surprise the Salingers with news of their marriage. “You’ll get used to it,” Julia tells Charlie, whose response should be, “Awesome, I don’t have to support your dumb butt anymore.” Bailey shares the news with Sarah, trying to convince her that they should take inspiration from Julia and Griffin’s reunion and get back together as well. Despite their kiss, Sarah friendzones him. Bailey promises to do anything to win her back, but she wants both of them to move on.

While Julia packs up some things to move in with Griffin, Charlie asks her to explain why they eloped. He knows Julia wouldn’t have gotten married if their parents were around. She replies that she would be a completely different person if their parents hadn’t died. Charlie wishes she’d given marriage more thought. Julia says that it made things fall into place; she can go anywhere and do anything and still have Griffin. In other words, she can go to Europe with Justin without Griffin getting mad. A totally reasonable motive for getting married!

Grace wins the election and has her victory party at her now-ex-boyfriend’s restaurant. It sounds like Grace didn’t tell her mother about the breakup. It also sounds like Grace’s mother likes Owen more than Grace does. Charlie tells Grace that he wishes things could have been different. “No, you wish I could have been different,” she replies. And that’s why I won’t miss her. At home, Claudia begs Charlie and Bailey to help her give Julia a positive sendoff. As a wedding present, they give her their mother’s wedding ring.

Thoughts: ‘Bye, Grace! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Could you be a doll and take Griffin with you? No? Rats.

Justin and Julia suddenly have chemistry. How did that happen?

First Griffin thinks Yale is in Massachusetts; then Bailey thinks Brown is in Connecticut. Was that supposed to be a running joke (that didn’t run very far) or just a comment on how people don’t know where Ivy League schools are?

When I was 14, I thought Julia and Griffin were so sweet together. Now I’m all, “He’s nuts! What do you see in him??”

When did I get to the end of the season? I feel like I just started it. Oh, well – I’m halfway through the series!


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