January 25, 2014

Party of Five 4.3, Handicaps: No One On This Show Makes Good Decisions

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There are never any good picture for this show, so here's a pug on a big donut

There are never any good pictures for this show, so here’s a pug on a big donut

Summary: Sarah finds an apartment to move into (now that she’s not living at home), and she invites Bailey to move in with her. (I’d love to know how they’re paying for this.) Bailey’s reluctant to accept since their friendship has been going so well. Moving in together might complicate things. Sarah’s up for that if it means she gets to be on her own. Bailey thinks she’s acting on fear too much and suggests that she get a smaller place.

At his garage, Griffin tries to collect on some debts, eventually having to call a collection agency to help him. When Julia shows up, he tells her he’s working on advertising the business. Charlie takes Bailey to see his probation officer, complaining about his busy day, which is supposed to end with a date. Bailey laughs at him when he thinks he spots a pimple. The probation officer approves of his current living arrangements and desire to get a job. She thinks he should serve his community service through speaking at Claudia’s high school.

Charlie scrambles to get ready for his date, but she calls to cancel at the last minute (she’s going to try again with her ex). Claudia catches Bailey practicing his speech, and he tells her he’s going to be speaking to her whole school about alcoholism. She tries not to freak out, especially when he mentions her. She tries to talk him into asking to speak at other schools. Charlie informs Julia and Griffin that his date canceled, so they don’t have to watch Owen. They’re a little busy making out, which doesn’t make Charlie feel any better about his love life.

Bailey talks to his probation officer about his speaking, but she thinks speaking at his alma mater would be “character-building.” His story would have more meaning to people who could know him. The officer points out that he’s being punished, so he doesn’t get a say in the matter. Sarah goes to get the keys to her new apartment, but someone else is moving in. The landlord denies that she gave him a $1,000 deposit. She threatens to sue, but he points out that she has no evidence.

Claudia helps Charlie with receipts at the restaurant and spots an actress’ headshot. Charlie admits that someone wanted to set him up with her. Claudia encourages him to keep trying to date. Griffin works on a motorcycle for a client, but the client won’t pay. Griffin and Sarah should talk. Speaking of Sarah, Bailey has a hard time stopping himself from telling her she’s an idiot. Also, she spent half her life savings on the deposit. Bailey tells her to get a job, like, no kidding. He offers to help out as well.

Griffin’s cranky when he gets home from work, and Julia’s good mood doesn’t make things any better. He continues to not tell her about the garage’s money troubles. Bailey goes to a job interview, but it stalls when he has to admit that he was convicted of a crime. Charlie goes on a date with the actress, but she’s turned off when she learns that he comes with four kids. She comes up with an excuse to leave, claiming she’ll be back later. (Pssst, Charlie: She won’t be back.)

At home, Bailey tells Charlie about his woes: Without a job, he can’t get a place to live. Without a place to live, he’s stuck at home with his siblings. Plus, he still has to speak at Claudia’s school. Claudia’s not happy about that either and convinces her brothers that she has to stay home sick. (I can’t believe they fell for that.) Claudia tries to play matchmaker for Charlie, but he’s been burned two nights in a row. She encourages him to focus on his positive qualities.

Griffin can’t afford some parts because his supplier has raised prices. Now the supplier doesn’t want to do business with him anymore; Griffin’s business is new and the supplier can’t trust that he’ll be around long enough for the partnership to be lucrative. Griffin offers him money anyway. Elsewhere, Bailey catches Claudia going to school after his assembly. Charlie has a successful date that ends with a kiss and hopes on both parts that they’ll go out again. He tries to get invited to her place, but she tells him she has two-year-old twins. Oh, the irony!

Bailey confronts Claudia for skipping his assembly; he needed her support when he faced the other students. She tells him how hard it’s going to be for her now that her classmates know her brother drove drunk. She’s only known as a violinist and the mascot, which isn’t that great on its own. She feels like she’s being punished for Bailey’s crime.

Charlie’s mood isn’t any better, and it only gets worse when he finds Julia and Griffin making out in the house again. He accuses his sister of rubbing her wonderful love life in everyone else’s faces. Julia points out that Claudia and Owen have seen a lot worse than two people kissing. She and Griffin have nothing to apologize for. Claudia calls Charlie on his behavior as well, reminding him that he’s been a jerk to Julia ever since she got back from Europe.

Julia got some new clothes for work, so now Griffin’s annoyed. Hey, maybe you shouldn’t have rented so much nice furniture for your big apartment. Not all of it is necessary. Anyway, the newlyweds almost have a fight about money, but Griffin apologizes, continuing to not tell Julia that they’re probably going to end up living in a van down by the river.

Claudia tries to make amends with Bailey by telling him about a possible job managing an apartment building. It even comes with a free apartment. Bailey tells her that no one wants to hire him once they find out he has a record. Then he realizes that if Sarah applies for the job and gets the apartment, he can live with her without anyone knowing about his DUI. Sarah points out that he was against this three days ago. Bailey says that he was against her living with him out of fear; he’s not against her living with him out of desperation.

Griffin tracks down the client who wouldn’t pay for the motorcycle and tries to intimidate him into paying. The client offers to invest in the garage. Yay, now Griffin has a debt to repay! Great work, Griffin! Sarah gets the job, and she and Bailey make plans in their new apartment. Charlie brings Julia a pizza peace offering, but she’s still upset that he can’t accept that she and Griffin are in love. He needs to stop taking out his relationship issues on her. Charlie misses just hanging out with her. So tonight they’ll eat pizza together and hang out.

Thoughts: Griffin’s investor is played by Conor O’Farrell, one of those been-in-everything guys.

Oh, Sarah. Never give a deposit without signing something.

Also, you only had $1,700 in life savings? That’s pathetic. Why in the world would you SPEND HALF OF IT?

Bailey having to admit on job applications that he was convicted of a crime has always stuck with me. He made one mistake and it’ll follow him for years. That’s all he needs to tell the kids at the high school.

Charlie, maybe don’t say, “I have four kids” when they’re not your kids. Plus, two of those kids are adults, so you really only have two kids.

Why doesn’t Bailey just work at the restaurant?

Do they really let 18-year-old college freshmen with no work experience beyond babysitting manage apartment buildings? Remind me never to live in on of those buildings.


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