February 1, 2014


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This, but with Ross' hair

This, but with Ross’ hair

Summary: Charlie loses Owen in a grocery store and finds him with a woman he thinks Charlie should marry. The woman isn’t complete against the idea. She tells the guys how she works at a wildlife sanctuary. Owen insists that Charlie marry her. At the museum where she works, Julia approaches a curator named Daniel to ask if she can help him with a new exhibit. They talk about art and Europe and blah blah blah, clearly this isn’t going anywhere good.

Sarah and Bailey have moved into their new apartment and are managing to stick to their tiny budget by getting Griffin to help out (Sarah) and getting a school fee waived (Bailey). Griffin advises them to do some of the repairs in the building by themselves instead of calling in people. Then they can charge less and collect the money from the landlord themselves. A woman named Annie calls them to complain about a leak, which Bailey figures they can handle themselves.

Charlie takes Owen to the wildlife sanctuary, where they “happen” to run into the woman from the grocery store. Charlie bribes his brother with a new firetruck to pretend he’s been talking about owls a lot. The woman, Nina, finds him charming anyway. At school, Claudia manages not to embarrass herself too much with Reed. One of the cheerleaders tells her that she’s “not possum material” and will have to quit as mascot. She doesn’t have enough verve. Claudia insists that she does, immediately doing cartwheels and a little dance.

Bailey tries to fix Annie’s leaky pipes, but she’s upset that he’s been there for hours. She hasn’t been able to cook her daughter dinner because Bailey turned off the water. She’s also not happy that he’s in school and is using a book to fix the leak. Charlie, Nina, and Owen have lunch together, and the adults hit it off well. Charlie isn’t that hungry, but I’m sure it’s not because he has a DEADLY DISEASE. (Uh, spoiler.)

Sarah and Bailey continue their domestic bliss while she ignores calls from her mother. She calls it their “season of self-reliance” (I hope it’s more than a season, since they’re adults now and will need to be self-reliant for the rest of their lives). Annie ruins the mood by coming by to complain about how Bailey fixed her leak with tape. Daniel notices that Julia hasn’t applied to assist him with his exhibit yet. He checks with her to make sure she hasn’t changed her mind. When she learns that he needs help with spreadsheets, she volunteers.

Charlie still isn’t feeling well. I’M SURE HE’S FINE. Griffin’s mad at Julia for working late the night before; it’s the tenth time in a few weeks. (Dang, she’s not even getting paid!) He also notices that she’s not wearing her wedding ring. She says she’s just trying to be careful with it since it almost went down the drain when she was washing dishes. After Griffin leaves, Julia takes the ring off before going to work.

Bailey calls in an actual plumber for Annie, who’s rushing to get her daughter ready for school. She expects Bailey to stay and let the plumber in, but he has class. Annie wins the argument. At football practice, Claudia’s so distracted by watching Reed that she doesn’t see the rest of the team rushing toward her. She gets knocked over, but Reed’s there to make sure she gets medical attention. At the museum, Daniel does that make-a-wish-on-an-eyelash thing with Julia. Ick.

Charlie and Nina go out, and though his stomach feels better, now he’s sweating. NOT A PROBLEM. NO PROBLEMS HERE. They learn that they have more in common than they thought, since Nina’s parents are both dead. (They were struck by lightning on a mountaintop in Kathmandu while they were meditating.) They both laugh, and Charlie gets lightheaded. HE’S FINE, EVERYONE. He decides to cut the date short.

Griffin and Julia are supposed to have dinner with Sarah and Bailey, but Julia’s working late again. Annie shows up to tell Bailey that half of her electricity is out because the plumber screwed up something with an outlet. She’s frustrated that she can’t take care of her daughter without something going wrong. Bailey blames the building’s wiring and pipes, but Annie thinks his maintenance is the real problem. She threatens to call the landlord.

At practice yet again, Reed stops to tell Claudia he’s in love with her. Just as they’re about to kiss, she wakes up. Charlie’s sick again. I’M SURE IT’S JUST THE FLU, GUYS. DON’T WORRY. Sarah’s worried that Annie will get her and Bailey in trouble with the landlord; they could even get kicked out. Bailey isn’t concerned. Sarah thinks that if it comes down to it, they can wage psychological warfare against Annie to make her want to move. I thought she was kidding, but apparently she’s not.

Daniel invites Julia to accompany him to a gala with museum donors. She sees no reason why that would be a bad idea. Charlie goes to a lab to have bloodwork done, but they won’t even tell him what they’re testing for. Griffin meets Julia for lunch since he hasn’t been able to have dinner with her recently. He wants to go to a Foo Fighters concert the next night, but of course she has that gala with Daniel. Griffin tries to invite himself along. Julia says he’ll be bored and sends him to the concert alone. She promises that they’ll do something fun over the weekend.

At an AA meeting, Bailey’s surprised to see someone familiar: Annie. Even though he still feels sick, Charlie wants to go on a date with Nina. He’s worried that if he bails, she’ll think he isn’t serious. But when she arrives, he realizes he’s too sick to go out. SUCK IT UP, CHARLIE – NOTHING’S WRONG WITH YOU. Daniel tells Julia that she officially has the job as his assistant, then tries to congratulate her with a kiss. Julia’s shocked and yells that she’s married, like, how dare he not figure that out from her lack of wedding ring and the fact that she never mentions Griffin?

Bailey and Annie chat after the meeting, and she offers him a ride home. They’re both trying to excel at recovery, though for Bailey this means being self-reliant at everything. Annie understands because she put her daughter through a lot while she was drinking, and now she wants to make everything better. Bailey admits that he has trouble worrying about the apartment tenants while he’s trying to make himself look good. Annie says she got mad at him because she feels like anything that goes wrong is an attempt to screw up her recovery.

Back at the building, Sarah tells Bailey that Annie must be away because she hasn’t called to complain for five hours. She brainstorms ways to make Annie’s life miserable. Bailey tells Sarah to cut her a break, but Sarah doesn’t see why they should. She wonders if Bailey talked to Annie. Of course, he can’t tell her anything – they don’t call it Alcoholics Anonymous for anything. At their place, Julia asks Griffin to go to the gala with her after all.

Football practice again. Reed checks on Claudia after her accidental tackle, then tells her she’s too small to be on the sidelines. She’s offended, then touched when he tells her that he’ll get distracted if he has to worry about her getting hurt. Charlie calls to get his test results, but they’re negative. SEE? HE’S TOTALLY OKAY! Claudia can relate to his feelings of dizziness and not having an appetite because she feels the same when she’s around Reed. She thinks Charlie’s just experiencing the symptoms of loooooove.

Sarah wants to spend some time with Bailey, but he’s looking at flooring materials for Annie’s kitchen. Sarah’s figured out that Annie was at Bailey’s AA meeting, and he’s sympathetic to her now because he’s learned more about her. That doesn’t mean he should go easy on her. Her alcoholism shouldn’t earn her preferential treatment. Sarah’s mom calls yet again, finally deciding that if Sarah doesn’t want to talk to her family, they need to leave her alone.

Julia and Griffin go to the gala, where she tries to avoid Daniel. He approaches her while she’s alone and blasts her for not mentioning her marital status. (Though, to be fair, it shouldn’t matter, since it was in appropriate for him to try to kiss an employee.) The two men meet, and as Daniel rushes off right after, Griffin thinks he said something dumb. Charlie visits Nina at the wildlife sanctuary and assures her that he didn’t make up an illness to try to avoid her. He wants them to try again. She asks if what he had is contagious, and he says he hopes it is.

Thoughts: Daniel is played by Peter Krause (in case you couldn’t tell from the picture). His hair in this episode really makes him look like Ross.

Those perfect cartwheels Claudia did in the mascot costume were pretty impressive.

I haaaaaated Annie when I first watched the show. Now I’m undecided.

’90s music alert: “Push,” Matchbox Twenty.

How late does Julia have to work when she’s giving tours? Museums don’t stay open that late.

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