February 2, 2014

BH90210 7.10, Lost in Las Vegas: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

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These are the eyes of a man who is completely stable

These are the eyes of a man who is completely stable

Summary: David’s taking some of the gang to Vegas for the weekend, and though Ray’s playing there, I doubt that’s why they’re going. Brandon doesn’t want to go, because if anyone in that group is going to be a party pooper, it’s him. Steve’s working on a paper on Brandon’s computer, and asks if he can look at one of Brandon’s old papers for formatting help. Brandon opens a paper he got an A on, so of course Steve’s going to just nab it and put his own name on it.

David’s eager to get on the road to Vegas in a timely manner, so he calls Valerie to bug her to get everyone ready on time. She thanks him again for the money for the After Dark. He’s booked a great suite for the weekend, and it sounds like they’re going to be sharing it. So the two of them, Steve, and Clare head to Vegas, and on the way, David displays more of his manic behavior by speeding. Everyone yells at him to slow down.

Back in Beverly Hills, Mark and Kelly make plans to spend the weekend together. Brandon complains to Nat about new prices at the Peach Pit. They encounter a woman named Melanie who tells them that she just got into town to visit her fiancé, but she was robbed. The address where she and her fiancé were supposed to meet was in her purse, so she doesn’t know where to go. She’s in luck, because Brandon hasn’t found anyone to help yet today! She gets to be the lucky damsel in distress!

Donna skipped the Vegas trip since David has recently told her that he doesn’t like how much she worries about him. She’s concerned that the combination of him and Valerie is going to lead to trouble. Kelly doesn’t think Donna can change David now that he has his inheritance money. Brandon takes Melanie to the hotel where she thinks her fiancé, Phil, is staying. Unfortunately, he checked out a couple days ago and didn’t leave any information about where he was going. Brandon tells Melanie that she can stay with him.

In Vegas, David and Valerie check into their suite, which has been comped – it’s free if David gambles at least $10,000. Sleeping arrangements are worked out, and I can only hope these two use protection. They decide to go see Ray’s show, which I don’t get. Val wants to make things romantic right away, but David wants to start gambling. Over in Steve and Clare’s room, she notes that their room number is 3003, and 3 is Steve’s favorite number. They should gamble with that number, because there’s no way they’ll lose!

Brandon takes Melanie to the TV station to get some things, but Mark and Kelly are already there, making out. (Doesn’t he have a nice, big, empty house for them to do that in?) Brandon is totally not jealous at all, you guys. The Vegas group catches up with Ray; apparently they’re all friends now? It’s weird. David tells Ray that he and Val are partners now and want him to come back and headline at the After Dark. He heads off to gamble, and Ray asks the others what’s wrong with him.

Phil calls the Walshes’ house, though I’m not sure how he got their number. He tells Melanie he’ll come over once he’s done with work. The Vegas portion of the gang goes to Ray’s show; amazingly, he doesn’t play that song he always used to play. David keeps ordering drinks, though he’s the only one who doesn’t think they’ve all had enough. Clare and Steve play 3 in roulette; the wheel hits 10. But they had such a foolproof plan! Meanwhile, David has good luck with blackjack despite his drunkenness.

Steve and Clare go back to their room as she complains about how her hunch about 3 was so strong! There’s no reason they should have lost! Maybe they should play 0 instead of 3, since there are also 0s in their room number. (Or maybe Clare should get her head checked.) Phil finally makes it to the Walshes’, and I only wish this had all been a scam and they were going to rob Brandon. Muntz calls to make arrangements to come by the house and pick up Steve’s paper so he can turn it in.

When Brandon goes back to the living room, Phil’s gone – he’s dumping Melanie for someone else. (If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was Valerie.) The jerk let his fiancée come all the way to L.A., thinking they were going to get married, then made her wait a while day before telling her the truth. At least she has Brandon to comfort her. Mark invites Kelly to spend the night at his place, but she doesn’t want to move that quickly. He’s willing to keep things completely nonsexual until she’s ready for the next step.

David calls Donna and offers to pay for her to fly out and join the others in Vegas. Donna can tell he’s drunk and asks him to be careful. “What could I possibly do?” he asks. Then he drinks some more. Valerie tries to get him to wrap up his gambling for the night, but he wants to go to another casino, since he’s losing in this one. He’s upset with her for acting like his mother just like Donna does. Val gives up and lets him go.

Playing roulette with 00 has worked out well for Clare, though she’s only betting $3 at the time and Steve thinks they should take a bigger risk. After three wins in a row, Clare wants to quit and spend her winnings on wine. Waiting for a cab outside, David meets two women and agrees to share a taxi with them. First they want to stop at their hotel. David appears to think that that’s really an invitation for a threeway. (I’m not sure both of them were born women, but whatever floats your boat, David.)

Melanie talks to Brandon about how Phil has dashed her dreams of moving to L.A. and starting a family. He tells her that his dream is to be president. No one cares, Brandon. She asks him about Kelly, since she noticed that he was upset when Brandon saw her with Mark. He admits that he’s maybe, kind of, sort of still in love with her. Melanie doesn’t get why Kelly doesn’t want to be with Brandon, since he was so heroic today. In Vegas, David’s new friends drug him, rob him, take his clothes, and ditch him in their hotel room. Ruh-roh!

In the morning, Kelly gives Mark some linens so she’ll be comfortable next time she spends the night. The Vegas contingent, minus David, wonders where their missing member is. Ray slams the others for not keeping a better eye on him and suggests that they call Donna to see if she’s heard from him. David wakes up hungover and realizes he was robbed. Phil calls Melanie just as Muntz comes by to get Steve’s paper (well, Brandon’s paper). Phil wants Melanie back, but she’s not about to reunite with a jerk. She does, however, still want to live in L.A.

Sometime later, Donna arrives in Vegas to help her incompetent friends deal with David. She’s even madder than Ray was about them not looking after him. (She’s also not happy that David and Valerie were sharing a room.) When Donna finds David, he’s crying and worrying about why he’s been acting so strange. She promises she’ll help him.

Thoughts: Melanie is played by Allison Smith. Most people probably know her as Mallory on The West Wing.

“Honey, meet me in a city you’ve never been to, and get yourself to a place I won’t be.” Phil really is a jerk.

Trivia: The Walshes’ address is 953 Hillcrest Drive.

Kelly’s move with the sheets seems like something Lila Fowler would do. “Your cotton sheets are unacceptable. I will only sleep on silk spun by my very own silkworms.”

The bed in David and Valerie’s room looks super-comfy. It’s all fuzzy.

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