February 15, 2014

Party of Five 4.6, Immediate Family: “I’m Married”

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"This water glass sparkles like the diamond ring I gave you, but I'm totally over WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMOOOOOOORE?"

“This water glass sparkles like the diamond ring I gave you, but I’m totally over WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMOOOOOOORE?”

Summary: Bailey puts up a swing set at the apartment building, apparently just for Natalie. Annie thanks him with a kiss. Natalie informs Bailey that she’s having a sleepover at someone else’s house the next night so Annie can cook him dinner. So I guess they’re dating now. There’s more kissing. Sarah’s not happy about it (but really, Sarah isn’t happy about much right now).

Nina helps Charlie do some cleaning at the restaurant and mentions that her grandparents brought her there when she was a kid. She wonders if their paths crossed before they actually met. They get stuck in a storeroom together and decide to take advantage of the situation with some kissing. The Salinger men are making out (heh) like bandits today.

At school, Claudia and Reed start to talk about literature, something they apparently do after school every day, but he has to cut the conversation short to go to a job interview. Since the restaurant is currently closed for renovations, the Salingers’ family dinner (which now includes Griffin and Nina) takes place at a sushi restaurant. Claudia realizes that Reed can work at the Salingers’ restaurant. Bailey wants to bring a date to the reopening – and not Sarah.

Griffin thinks Charlie hates him, so he addresses that with Julia after dinner. Julia’s either oblivious or trying to avoid the topic. She thinks the guys have a lot in common and would get along really well if they spent more time together. Elsewhere, Charlie complains to Nina that Griffin’s a loser. She tells him to lighten up. They’re outside a hotel, and as they’re kissing, Charlie thinks he sees Kirsten coming outside.

Sarah questions Bailey’s plans for the next night, and he says he has to do schoolwork. She’s on her way out, also for schoolwork, though she’s pretty dressed up to go study. Charlie’s possible sighting of Kirsten has him flustered, so he talks to Claudia about it, prefacing it with assurances that things with Nina are super-awesome. He wonders if this means he’s not completely ready to move on with another woman.

Bailey and Annie go to an AA meeting together, then split up so she can go get Natalie and he can talk to his sponsor, John. Bailey tells John that he’s doing great as he approaches six months sober. He mentions that he’s dating someone, and she’s giving him a new reason to want to stay sober. John tells him that AA cautions against people dating in their first year of sobriety. Relationship problems are wonderful excuses for slipping. Bailey’s sure that won’t happen to him.

On the street outside the Salingers’ house, Charlie spots Kirsten again, and it turns out she’s real. She’s moving back to San Francisco. Charlie asks her to have dinner so they can catch up. Bailey and Annie meet up at their building and he tells her that John doesn’t think they should be dating right now. Bailey wants them to just be friends for now. They can still have dinner together, though.

Speaking of having dinner with “just friends,” Charlie tells Nina about meeting up with Kirsten. Nina’s hesitant to give her blessing for them to dine together since Kirsten is his one who got away. He says he just wants closure. Griffin shows up to hang out with his brother-in-law, which isn’t going to make Charlie’s life any easier right now. He notices an old jukebox and offers to fix it. Doesn’t Griffin have a job with actual paying customers?

Yes, he does, and Claudia’s gotten Reed a job working at the garage. Reed asks about a hypothetical situation where a guy wants to ask out a girl his friends think he’s nuts for liking. Of course, Claudia thinks he’s the guy and she’s the girl. Methinks she’s wrong about one of those things. Julia and Griffin are also at the garage, and Julia thinks Claudia’s going to get hurt. Methinks she’s right about that.

Bailey and Annie have dinner together, then clean up in awkward silence. He suggests that they hang out a little longer, but she decides to take advantage of her night alone without Natalie by spending time on her own. Charlie and Kirsten also have dinner together, and there’s also awkwardness there. In the middle of a conversation about apartment hunting, she blurts out that she got married two months ago. Charlie’s life, “Don’t worry, everything’s awesome here.”

Claudia buys a present for Reed, which Julia thinks is really pathetic. She reminds her sister that Reed’s a senior and will never go for a freshman. Claudia points out that Sam was a lot older than Julia and they dated. Also, she really thinks Reed likes her. Bailey and Annie leave AA during a rainstorm, so she offers him a ride home. But her windshield wipers don’t work, so they have to wait for the rain to stop. By the way, Bailey’s turned on by wet skin.

Charlie talks to Julia about Kirsten’s marriage, admitting that he’s not sure how he feels about the fact that she’s moved on so far. She tells him to get over it since he doesn’t have her as a fallback option. Claudia takes Reed his present, but he’s down because he tried to ask out the girl he likes, and she rejected him. Claudia’s like, “Did I black out and forget that happened?” Then she realizes that he was talking about another girl.

Even though they’re supposedly just friends, Bailey still wants Annie to go to the restaurant reopening with him. She says it’ll feel like a date, even though he invited Natalie, too. Annie berates herself for being 26 and unable to sleep because she keeps thinking about Bailey. She wants them to have a relationship. Bailey admits that he does, too, just not now. Annie says it’s worse for her not to be with him than it is for her to avoid alcohol.

Griffin is still attempting to be helpful at the restaurant. Charlie tells him that he accidentally got rid of the jukebox. Griffin blows up at him for not caring about anyone else. If Julia’s happy with him, Charlie needs to be happy for her. But Charlie’s always so miserable that he can’t be happy for anyone else. And that’s how Griffin got banned from the Salingers’ Christmas celebration.

Annie avoids Bailey, who asks Sarah to the restaurant reopening. (Wow, at the last minute? She should feel really special.) She thinks the reopening is just for family and close friends. Bailey tries to convince her that they’re close friends, which she thinks is ridiculous. Charlie goes to see Kirsten so they can get closure for their closure. He’s truly happy for her, which must mean that he’s happy with Nina. They exchange “I love you”s, but TOTALLY NOT LIKE THAT.

Claudia mopes in her room, lighting candles and listening to “Crying.” Yep, she’s a teenager, all right. Julia’s nice enough not to say she told her so. She says Claudia will get over it, but Claudia doesn’t want to get over Reed. She admires how deeply he feels things, as evidenced by how sad he was when his crush rejected him.

At the restaurant, Charlie takes Nina back to their storeroom of loooooove so he can tell her how happy he is with her. And it’s definitely not a coincidence that he only realized that after Kirsten became unavailable. There’s another exchange of “I love you”s. Griffin’s not happy to have to go to the restaurant, but now Charlie’s in a good mood and wants to make nice. In fact, he wants to throw Julia and Griffin a real wedding.

Everyone toasts to the wedding and the reopening and happiness and blah. Now they’re a party of seven instead of a party of five. Claudia notices that the restaurant is now called Salingers’ instead of Salinger’s, which is actually a mistake, since Charlie wanted the name to indicate that it’s his, not the whole family’s. But whatever, he’s happy, so we shouldn’t rock the boat.

Thoughts: Annie worries me. Shouldn’t she have recognized earlier that she and Bailey shouldn’t be dating right now? I question her judgment and ability to control herself.

What’s with Kirsten and quick, short engagements?

Kirsten: “My husband’s a pediatric neurosurgeon.” Charlie: “My girlfriend works with birds.” Aw, nice try, Charlie.

Sarah’s just “cruising the chatrooms.” She also teaches Bailey what LOL and ROFL mean. Sarah’s a trailblazer.

Griffin should have taken the jukebox to the garage. The restaurant isn’t a jukebox kind of place.

Charlie just renovated the restaurant – how can he afford a wedding? Also…ahem…spoiler…he’s going to want to keep that money for medical expenses…

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