February 18, 2014

SVT #2, Teacher’s Pet: Dance Dance Revolution

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This pretty much sums up the twins perfectly

This pretty much sums up the twins perfectly

Summary: The twins love their new ballet class, even though their teacher, Madame Andre, doesn’t care much for Jessica. This is because Jessica was a bit of a diva on her first day, though since then she’s gotten in line and has proven to be one of the best dancers in the class. Elizabeth thinks that Madame Andre doesn’t pay enough attention to Jessica because she’s right next to Amy in class, and Amy sucks, so the teacher doesn’t have a chance to see how great Jess is. You’d think that would just make Jessica look better, though.

The twins decide to help Amy improve, instead of just finding Jess a new place to dance. But Jessica bails for a Unicorn meeting, so Elizabeth works with Amy on her own. In the next class, Madame Andre notices her improvement and is grateful to Elizabeth for being such a good friend and helping her. Jess hates this – Elizabeth is already Madame Andre’s favorite, and now she looks even better. The twins fight and stop talking.

The class will soon be performing a scene from Coppelia for a recital, and there’s a big solo role that everyone wants. The day of the audition, Madame Andre changes the time and calls everyone to tell them. Elizabeth is out, so Jessica thinks she’ll finally have her chance to outshine her sister. She does have a bit of a conscience, so she leaves a note telling Liz about the time change, but she doesn’t think Elizabeth will find it in time. She’s wrong, Liz makes the audition, and she gets the solo. Now Jess is even more ticked.

Elizabeth practices her butt off while Jessica mopes over losing out on the solo. Alice tells her to suck it up, and tells Liz that Jessica needs boundaries and to not always get what she wants, like, when between this and SVH did she lose her parenting skills? Then the doll used as Coppelia disappears, and Elizabeth wonders if Jessica stole it so the class wouldn’t be able to do the performance. Amy volunteers to be the doll so she doesn’t embarrass herself (or anyone else) on stage.

As the next few days pass, Elizabeth realizes that Jessica is a much better dancer than she is. She doesn’t understand why Madame Andre would choose her for the solo over Jess. She decides to let Jessica have the solo (the exact opposite of what Alice told her to do), so she plans to pretend to hurt her ankle right before the recital so Jessica will have to take her place. I guess there are no understudies in this universe. Amy also makes a last-minute role change: She tells Elizabeth to play the doll so she can still be on stage for the recital, even if she’s not dancing.

Jessica does the solo, and of course she’s magnificent, stunning, an inspiration, etc. Madame Andre gushes to the Wakefields afterward, and Ned and Alice inform her that Jess did the solo, not Liz. Madame Andre realizes the error of her ways – of course Jessica is the better twin! She just didn’t think Jess took dancing that seriously. Amy doesn’t embarrass herself or anyone else, and after the recital, she admits that she took the doll. No one cares.

Thoughts: “I really shouldn’t feel so angry toward her.” Elizabeth, your sister is a psychopath. You should absolutely be mad at her.

The book keeps mentioning the dancers doing fouettés, but there’s no way 12-year-olds in a beginner class are doing those turns. They wouldn’t even be dancing en pointe yet.

Wouldn’t another dance school in the area have a doll they could use as Coppelia?

I really don’t think Elizabeth needed to lie to get Jessica to take her place. It’s not like Jess would have said no.


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