February 22, 2014

Party of Five 4.7, Positive Attitude: Malignancies

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Griffin's ideal wedding cake

Griffin’s ideal wedding cake

Summary: Claudia helps Charlie pick out what to wear to Julia and Griffin’s wedding. He has an Armani suit but doesn’t want to wear it since Kathleen gave it to him. He doesn’t feel right about it since she was basically his sugar mama. Claudia makes him change his mind, so Charlie tries it on and realizes that he’s lost a ton of weight. I’M SURE HE’S FINE, THOUGH. Bailey finds Sarah cooking in their kitchen, but the food isn’t for him – it’s for a guy named Elliot. She asks Bailey to clear out of the apartment so they can have a date.

Julia and Charlie talk about past weddings they’ve attended while making plans for Julia and Griffin’s. The groom isn’t participating because he’s just found out that a new bike shop has opened three blocks from his. Charlie wants to use a caterer instead of getting the food from the restaurant; he’s dealing with a lot of stuff right now and doesn’t have the time. Griffin leaves to go check out his new competition. They’re undercutting Griffin’s prices and predict that he’ll be out of business soon.

Bailey tries to study in his bedroom while Sarah and Elliot have their date. Then he walks in on Elliot in the bathroom, which can’t be awkward at all. Bailey decides to leave, like Sarah wanted him to in the first place. Since the theme of the week is meeting your ex’s new love interest, Charlie has dinner with Kirsten and her husband Paul. It’s uncomfortable, and not just because their restaurant table is barely big enough for just one person. Paul invites Charlie to play racquetball with him.

Bailey goes down to the laundry room to study (yeah, I’m sure it’s nice and quiet there), but Annie’s there doing…you know, laundry. He tries to ignore her but gets a little distracted at the sight of her girly things. Julia’s frustrated with Griffin for not taking an active interest in their wedding. Bailey tries to return to his apartment, but Sarah and Elliot are making out, so he just studies in the hallway.

Charlie and Paul play racquetball, trying to one-up each other with how much they love Nina and Kirsten, respectively, and the romantic things they’ve done. Charlie says that he misses Nina (who’s out of town) so much that he hasn’t eaten since she left. Then he passes out. Paul is appropriately concerned and calls an ambulance. BUT I’M SURE EVERYTHING’S OKAY. Since Paul’s a doctor, he’s able to talk to Charlie’s ER doctor about his condition. Charlie’s annoyed and sends him away. But after he leaves, the doctor finds something concerning under Charlie’s arm.

Sarah gets ready for another date with Elliot, and since new sheets and candles are involved, Bailey should probably be a little more interested than he is. A wedding planner meets with the Salingers at their house; Kirsten and Paul are also there, having recently been invited to the wedding. Since there are too many guests to fit in the house, Paul suggests that they have it in the backyard. Kirsten adds that they could have it at night to make it more special.

Don’t get too happy about the upcoming nuptials, because Charlie’s doctor’s on the phone. He’s fine, right? RIGHT? He’s called back in for an appointment, but he tells everyone he’s fine. Even though Griffin isn’t there, the wedding planner wants to walk through the ceremony. Bailey encounters Sarah getting fancy for her date and finds a strip of condoms. Now he gets what’s going on. Sarah scrambles to explain her decision to have sex even though she and Elliot haven’t been together that long.

Reed makes a brief appearance, working with Griffin, who then gets a visit from his unhappy wife. He totally forgot that they were supposed to meet with the wedding planner. He tells her he’s been swamped with customers, so Julia yells at him to hire someone. Griffin doesn’t want to leave the garage in anyone else’s hands. She reminds him that when they first got married, she didn’t even want a fancy wedding, but now she’s excited and wants it. Griffin promises that everything will be awesome.

Charlie meets with his doctor, telling her that EVERYTHING IS GREAT. She informs him that everything is not, in fact, great: He has cancer. Charlie points out that he had blood tests weeks ago and they all came back fine. Apparently Hodgkin’s doesn’t show up in blood tests. Charlie doesn’t know what to say. The doctor assures him that there are very effective treatments, and he could go into remission in just months. She would like to start his treatments within the week. Charlie says it’s not a good time, then leaves.

Bailey and Sarah’s apartment is all done up for a romantic evening, but apparently Bailey didn’t realize that Sarah planned to swipe her V card tonight. He plans to study at the library and camp out there for the night. (If only he had family with a house nearby.) Griffin tracks down Howard, his investor, and asks for more money. Howard doesn’t want Griffin to keep coming back and asking for more, so he agrees to give him $15,000.

Bailey studies at the coffeehouse, appropriately reaching the chapter in Moby Dick entitled “The Pequod Meets the Virgin.” Annie finds him there and questions why she hasn’t seen him at AA meetings recently. He tells her he’s been going to a different location (probably to avoid her). Bailey’s interested in the fact that she went to a bunch of places he’d mentioned liking so she could track him down. He thinks it’s significant that Annie was worried.

Bailey continues that he’s been thinking a lot about Annie. He gets not going out to seek a new relationship in your first year of sobriety, but what’s wrong with seeing someone you already know? Wouldn’t it be worse to walk away from someone who helps you stay sober? Annie doesn’t seem to have an argument for that.

Julia and Griffin have another meeting with the wedding planner, and he actually shows up for this one, even though he’s late. Charlie comes home and watches them from outside. Fed up with the planner trying to talk Julia and Griffin into and out of certain things, he fires her. Then he goes upstairs, looks at himself in the mirror, and cries. When Julia comes up after him, he splashes water on his face and acts like things are fine.

Bailey ends up in Annie’s bed, so at least he doesn’t have to spend the night at the library. They try to figure out what to tell Natalie, who will see them together in the morning. Annie’s okay with saying that they’re dating. Howard stops by the garage and seems optimistic about the way the business is going. He asks Griffin to help him out with a bank account he needs for under-the-table profits at a club he runs. Griffin is reluctant, so Howard threatens to withdraw his investment. But he shouldn’t have to, because he and Griffin are pals, right? RIGHT, GRIFFIN?

Kirsten goes by the Salingers’ house to tell Charlie that she doesn’t think she and Paul should come to the wedding. He starts crying and tells her he has cancer. His chances of recovery are 75%, but he’s not sure if that’s especially good. Kirsten comforts him, then realizes that he hasn’t told his family or Nina yet. Charlie wants to wait until after the wedding.

Julia and Griffin go shopping for their registry; she teaches him about price ranges and how sometimes you have to return things if you didn’t get a full set of china. Griffin asks an employee if they can return gifts for money. Uh-oh. Bailey returns to his apartment, telling Sarah he slept at a friend’s place. Sarah, however, spent the night alone. She changed her mind about sex at the last minute, deciding that her life has undergone enough changes recently. Meanwhile, Nina returns from her trip, and Charlie immediately takes her to bed.

Thoughts: Paul is played by Tim DeKay from White Collar.

Elliot is played by Christopher Gorham, who’s from another USA show, Covert Affairs.

Griffin’s like, “Wedding cake? I like ice cream cake.” This reminds me of Britney Spears’ How I Met Your Mother character asking if Barney wants Fudgie the Whale or Cookie Puss for their wedding.

Sarah, you don’t have to talk about your sex life with your ex. In fact, I would encourage you to talk about your sex life with anyone but your ex. Don’t you have any female friends?

I would say that Griffin should have seen Howard’s change in attitude coming, because anyone who invests in a 19-year-old high school dropout’s struggling business is either stupid or up to something, but…it’s Griffin. We all know he’s not the brightest.

Owen status: unknown. And he was doing so well, too.


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