March 1, 2014

Party of Five 4.8, Sickness, Health/Richer, Poorer: Wedding Bell Blues

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Look, Julia! Firefighters! Marry one of them instead!

Look, Julia! Firefighters! Marry one of them instead!

Summary: Charlie’s up late working on wedding stuff, or so he tells Julia. She admits that she’s nervous about the ceremony. He points out that she’s already married, so it’s not really that big of a deal. Julia asks him to give her away, and of course he agrees. The next day, Charlie and Nina go to a bookstore so he can research a nice quote for a speech at the ceremony. While Nina’s in another section, Charlie looks at a book on cancer therapy.

Bailey hasn’t told his family about his new relationship with Annie yet, but he wants to bring her to the wedding. However, Annie knows she won’t be able to attend without Natalie wanting to come. Griffin’s already fed up with his deal with Howard, so he gives him back the remainder of the money he borrowed. Howard wants interest, too. Nina wants to go away with Charlie that weekend, but he decides it’s time to tell her about his cancer. She’s very positive, assuring him that he’ll recover.

Julia takes Griffin to the museum after hours to show him a painting that describes how she feels about him. But he’s Griffin, so I don’t think he gets it. Then it’s their wedding day, and Griffin tells Julia that he has to go to the garage before the ceremony. He claims he just needs to make sure Reed closed up properly the day before. Meanwhile, Sarah gets ready for the wedding, telling Bailey for the first time that Elliot’s coming as her date. Bailey’s angry, but Sarah says Julia okayed it.

Prep is underway at the Salingers’, and everyone’s very excited. Griffin is still absent, but Ross is there. Claudia wants to get everything on video. Bailey brings both Annie and Natalie, to everyone’s surprise. They’re even more surprised to learn that Annie is 26 and divorced. Charlie disapproves. He takes a call from his doctor but continues to put off all medical-related conversations until the next week. Nina remains optimistic and unconcerned.

Griffin meets with Howard, who’s still controlling him like a puppet. Griffin doesn’t want to do anything that could land him in trouble because he doesn’t want Julia involved. Howard tells him it’s too late, and when Griffin refuses again, Howard punches him. Over at the house, the festivities begin, but the groom is still a no-show. Claudia worries that Griffin’s gotten into an accident. Bailey tells her not to be negative, but she replies, “Have you met our family?” Julia gets a telegram from Joe, even though it’s the ’90s.

Annie discovers that Natalie got into the wedding cake. Julia pretends it’s not a big deal, and Charlie goes into solution mode, saying they can get another cake. But when he goes to make a phone call, he feels sick and has to sit down. Nina finds him and tells him he just needs to delegate some responsibilities! And drink some coffee! And sing a song and dance a jig and pet some kitties! He’ll be fine! Bailey sees Sarah and Elliot being romantic together and gets jealous, since Sarah doesn’t have to deal with a bratty seven-year-old.

Griffin finally arrives, blaming the bruise Howard left him on a belligerent customer. Natalie says she feels bad, which Annie interprets as guilty, but she actually feels nauseous. Julia confronts Griffin, saying she doesn’t believe his story. He’s an hour late, and the incident he described wouldn’t have taken that long. He admits that he’s having some problems with someone he borrowed money from.

Claudia interrupts to ask what she should tell the impatient guests. Then she runs off to find out why Natalie’s yelling. Well, Claud, it’s because she locked herself in the bathroom. As Bailey’s trying to find a tool to free Natalie, Sarah comments that she has a bit of a knack for drawing attention to herself. “You don’t see it, do you?” she says. Ross tries to distract/calm Natalie with the song “High Hopes.” The guests join in as Claudia films everything.

Charlie slips off by himself, and when Nina finds him, she remarks that she guesses the coffee didn’t work. He angrily tells her that he doesn’t have a hangover, he has cancer. He doesn’t think she gets that, or she gets it so much that she’s trying to cover up her fear. Charlie suspects that she’s in denial. Nina encourages him to tell his family that he’s sick today, but Charlie doesn’t want to ruin the wedding. Which…is already ruined, but it’s a good thought.

Julia and Griffin are still discussing his money problems, which she’s shocked to hear have been going on for a couple months. He says he was protecting her, but that doesn’t make her feel better. Griffin thinks she should have trusted him. He complains that Julia always expects him to screw things up. If Howard hadn’t punched him, Griffin would have gotten away with handling everything alone and Julia never would have found out.

Instead of dumping Griffin right then and there for bragging that he would have been able to keep her in the dark about their finances, Julia tells him that since they’re married, they need to be in everything together. She’s been happy for months and he’s been miserable, so “it doesn’t count.” She doesn’t get how they can go down and recite vows in front of everyone when the first time around meant nothing.

Meanwhile, Nina tries to rally Charlie, who has realized that she’s not going to stick around while he’s going through treatment. She asks for some time to get used to things, and to wait and see what happens. He tells her that he needs a decision now – he wouldn’t be able to handle her leaving in the middle of his treatment. Charlie says that there are things you do for people you like, and things you do for people you love. If Nina can’t deal, she needs to leave now.

Another cake arrives while firefighters try to free Natalie from the bathroom. Ross is still singing, this time “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music. The firefighters take the door off to get Natalie out. Charlie’s like, “This isn’t even the worst thing I’m dealing with right now.” Claudia retrieves Julia and Griffin, and the ceremony finally begins. Charlie tells Julia that he hopes this is everything she wanted. Griffin and Julia skip their personal vows and go for the traditional ones. Not that it really matters, since he’s already broken the “for richer or for poorer” part.

After the festivities are over, Bailey asks Julia about the vows, but she doesn’t explain. He apologizes for Natalie’s behavior, but not for bringing her without asking, which is really the problem. At this point I don’t think Julia really cares, though. She knows Bailey likes Annie, but she doesn’t get their relationship. He notes that Julia and Griffin aren’t the most conventional couple either, but they work. Charlie sees Nina out, asking her why she’s able to nurse birds back to health but can’t handle sticking around for a human in need. “They’re just birds, Charlie,” she tells him.

Griffin promises Julia that things will change, but they might have to make some sacrifices, such as moving out of their nice apartment. Julia knows that she’ll need to get a paying job. Griffin worries that they won’t make it, which is possibly the smartest thing he’s ever said. Julia thinks they will, since they love each other, but he points out that all failed couples start out in love. She refuses to let them become a statistic. Things are bad now, but they can be optimistic about the future. They just need to decide that they’ll make it. They stand at their altar, holding hands, and when she asks if he believes they’ll make it, he says, “I do.”

Thoughts: Hey, Annie, just because Natalie wants to go to a wedding doesn’t mean she gets to go. Get a sitter.

Julia being excited to see Ross is adorable. I don’t know why, it just is.

I like Julia’s dress. It’s nice enough for a fancy occasion, but not so much that it would have been ridiculously expensive for a second wedding.

Hilariously, while Ross is singing, you can hear Natalie in the background, begging for a different song.

There’s, like, an entire orchestra at the wedding. How much money did Charlie spend on this thing?

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