March 2, 2014

BH90210 7.14, Jobbed: You Will Never Be as Good as Brandon, So Don’t Even Try

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May the best man win. (Spoiler: Mark is not the best man)

May the best man win. (Spoiler: Mark is not the best man)

Summary: Someone stops by the After Dark looking for Valerie, but David gets suspicious when he won’t explain who he is or why he’s there. Fortunately, he’s not sketchy – he’s Tom, a friend of Valerie’s from Buffalo. On campus there’s a big job fair, which Tracy and Brandon are featuring on the news. They run into Kelly, who tells them she’s just browsing; she plans to get her master’s after graduation. Brandon reveals that he applied for a prestigious fellowship called the Dreyer. Kelly seems concerned. It turns out Mark has also applied for the Dreyer. Oh, no, conflict!

At the Peach Pit, Donna tries to talk to her father about her future after college, and also spend some time with him, since she hasn’t seen him since Christmas. She tells Dr. Martin and David that she’s trying to stay away from the job fair. David tells Donna that a friend of Valerie’s is visiting, probably surprised that she actually has friends. Dr. Martin learns that his receptionist has called in sick and asks Donna to fill in for her for the day.

Clare finds Steve working out at the beach, reminding him that she got him a job interview at a sportswear company. For once, the two of them aren’t fighting. Valerie tells Brandon that she’s invited Tom to stay at the house while he’s in town (but he’ll be staying on the couch). A man from Minnesota finds Brandon, wanting to talk to him about job opportunities. Tracy notes that Valerie considers Tom more than a friend; Val admits that he was her first. Speaking of Tom, when Val calls home to check on him, he tells her he has a surprise for her. It looks like a videotape.

Donna does the receptionist thing, offering some advice for a patient with stomach problems. Dr. Martin asks her to just take messages, not have conversations with the patients. Mark tells Brandon that he’s applying for the Dreyer, offering condolences since he doesn’t think they’ll give fellowships to two people from the same state. Now they’re competing. Later, Mark tells Kelly that he talked to Brandon, but she’s still not thrilled. She thinks Brandon’s at a disadvantage because he doesn’t know as much about the process as Mark, but Mark thinks he’s the underdog, I guess because Brandon’s so great.

Valerie and Tom catch up; he reveals that he got fired from his job and is picking up construction work whenever he can. Hey, it’s like the whole episode has a theme of people looking for jobs! They run into Kelly and Mark, and Val warns Tom not to be fooled by Kelly’s friendliness. Steve goes to his job interview with a woman named Dana who wants coffee and a cigarette while they talk. (So professional.)

Donna gives Dr. Martin a message from a patient, Mrs. Coatsley, mentioning that the woman thinks Dr. Martin’s mad at her. Dr. Martin still doesn’t seem to care about his patients’ personal lives, which is out of character for him. David calls and Donna laments that she’s getting chastised a lot by her father. Steve and Dana move the interview to a café, and when it’s over, she invites him to lounge since she’s done with interviews for the day. Really, though, she just wants to hang out with him. And by “hang out,” I mean “take to bed, which would definitely help him get the job.”

At a mixer for Dreyer applicants, Tracy notices that Brandon’s less confident about the fellowship now that he knows Mark is applying as well. She thinks Brandon should have a leg up on Mark since he was CU’s president. Kelly wishes she’d known earlier that both guys were applying. Brandon tells her to stay out of it. (In a nice way, though.) Mark knows the people in charge of making decisions, but he’s nice enough to make some introductions for Brandon’s benefit, saying he wants to keep the playing field level.

Donna apologizes to Dr. Martin for not being as helpful as he would have liked, but her father feels bad that he made her give up a whole day to work for him. He also didn’t want her to get in a long conversation with Mrs. Coatsley because she only talks about her cats. Donna says that Mrs. Coatsley thinks Dr. Martin is mad at her because she started smoking again. He doesn’t remember her telling him that.

Dr. Martin panics and tells Donna to get Mrs. Coatsley on the phone – the combination of smoking and the medication he just prescribed her could kill her. Dr. Martin wonders if Mrs. Coatsley mentioned taking up smoking again but he wasn’t paying enough attention to hear her. Fortunately, Donna gets the patient on the phone and confirms that she hasn’t taken the new medication yet, so everything’s fine.

After the mixer, Mark and Brandon talk civilly, and Mark even shares a secret to acing the interview. He says they could both get the fellowship. Kelly and Tracy are pleased that their boyfriends are getting along, and that they seem to be happy for their exes’ new relationships. David praises Donna for being so talkative; if she hadn’t chatted with Mrs. Coatsley, she wouldn’t have known about the possible medication disaster. Donna thinks her father should work fewer hours so he’s not as stressed and has more time to listen.

At the Peach Pit, Steve tells Clare that his interview went well – so well that Dana wants to nail him. When he said no, she told him she won’t recommend him for the job. Clare doesn’t believe him, accusing him of lying to cover up the fact that he had a bad interview. Steve shoots back that maybe he should sleep with Dana to get back at Clare.

Mark tells Kelly again that, despite what he said to Brandon earlier, he doesn’t think the Dreyer will go to two people from the same state. Kelly slams Mark for leading Brandon to believe differently, calling him arrogant. Mark complains that there’s a lot of pressure on him because he’s always been expected to get the Dreyer. If Brandon doesn’t get it, his life will still be fine, but Mark has a lot riding on it.

Tom’s surprise for Valerie is a video of them getting ready to go to prom together. They reminisce, but things take a sudden turn when Valerie sees her father on the tape. She has that flashback we’ve seen before of trying to get into the bathroom where her father killed himself. Val tells Tom that he’s the only person who knows what really happened. Tom promises not to tell anyone.

Brandon goes to his Dreyer interview, where he’s asked to talk about his essay topic, the 1987 Minnesota Twins. He explains that the team was his role model when he was a kid because they taught him how to overcome adversity and work as a team. Next Brandon thinks he’s going to get the question Mark told him to prepare for, but instead he’s tasked to compare and contrast John Calvin and Ezekiel the prophet.

Steve meets with Dana again, telling her he’s ready to take her up on her sex offer. First they’ll start at the Condor’s Nest. (Aha! That’s the name of the student union/coffee shop. Good to know.) At the beach apartment, Kelly waits impatiently for news from Mark or Brandon about the Dreyer fellowship. She’s worried that if one gets it and the other doesn’t, things won’t turn out well. Dr. Martin calls Donna to tell her he’s cutting back his hours, as she’d advised. He tells her not to worry about working after college – whoever hires her will be lucky to have her.

At the Condor’s Nest, Steve flirts with Dana, getting her to invite him to bed again. It turns out Clare and Dana’s boss have been sitting nearby, listening to the whole conversation. Dana’s in a lot of trouble. Steve, however, is out of the doghouse with Clare, and he forgives her for not believing him. The Dreyer candidates await their results; Brandon’s nervous but Mark is calm. One of the fellowships goes to a girl from Oregon, and the other goes to…Brandon. I mean, of course. Now Mark has a sad.

At the Peach Pit, the gang celebrates Brandon’s success with a cake. (It’s actually a birthday cake for someone named Bobby; Nat had to improvise. Sorry, Bobby, you’ll have to have pie for your birthday.) Kelly doesn’t know where Mark is. Valerie wants David to let Tom manage the After Dark, but David doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Kelly runs into Mark outside, and he blames her for his failure because she distracted him by getting him to think about Brandon. He wants to have sex, but Kelly refuses. She’s glad she hasn’t slept with him yet. She tells him he lost the scholarship because he got too arrogant. Mark replies that until she’s ready to sleep with him, she should keep her distance. Kelly’s totally fine with giving up the family money and prestige she could have gotten if she’d stuck with him. Adios, Mark.

Thoughts: Valerie has a cell phone! She’s so cutting edge.

As I think I’ve said before, Donna should definitely have a job where she works with people. She’s really good at making polite, friendly conversation.

Wow, Dana’s hair is really high. It must be full of secrets.

If my interviewer started hitting on me, I’d start looking for hidden cameras.

I hate to admit it, but Brandon’s Twins essay actually sounds good.

Dana: “I have to warn you, it might be an oral.” Steve: (double take). I can’t believe Aaron Spelling okayed that.

‘Bye, Mark! I never liked you!

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