March 16, 2014

BH90210 7.16, Unnecessary Roughness: Number One Fan

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This is just the best

This is just the best

Summary: Donna wants feedback from Kelly and Clare on her weather segment but is having trouble getting their VCR to work. (Guys, remember VCRs?) Someone leaves flowers for Donna outside their apartment, but they’re not from David – they’re from Donna’s “number one fan.” Clare and Kelly aren’t nearly concerned enough that these come a week after Donna changed her number because of those weird phone calls she was getting. This means the caller knows where she lives.

Brandon’s going home with Tracy for the weekend, and as soon as they get to her family’s ranch, they encounter a guy named Sam. Tracy isn’t happy to see him. He wants Tracy to come visit his parents, but she declines the invitation. Brandon quickly guesses that Sam and Tracy used to date. Back in Beverly Hills, Steve and Dick, apparently now friends, discuss their plans to sell imported football shirts for the Super Bowl. Clare’s impressed that they plan to donate their profits to charity.

At the After Dark, Valerie questions David and Tom’s decorations for their Super Bowl party. She’s afraid it’ll end up looking and feeling like a sports bar. The guys point out that they need to look like an appropriate place to watch a football game. They don’t want her input because she’s a girl. (No, seriously, David says that “it’s a guy thing.” Because girls aren’t allowed to like football or any other sports without music and pretty costumes.)

At the Condor’s nest, Donna chats with Evan (CUTV’s camera guy) and skeezy co-worker Rusty, who jokes about having a secret tape of Donna. Then Donna and Clare complain about how all the guys are acting over football, so everyone’s sexist in this episode. Donna suddenly spots Garrett and flashes back to the night he attacked her. Clare doesn’t see him and thinks Donna’s imagining things; after all, he’s in prison. Donna’s sure that he was there, and that he’s her stalker.

Brandon, Tracy, ranch, blah, I’m so bored. Sam comes to get Tracy because her horse is sick. Tracy admits to Brandon that Sam proposed just before she left for college, and she said no (obviously). She doesn’t regret that decision. At the beach apartment, Donna accidentally trips the alarm while checking out a noise she heard. Clare is still not nearly as concerned as she should be considering DONNA HAS A STALKER. On the porch, Donna finds a rose. She has another flashback to Garrett almost raping her.

Ranch. Boring. Sam is still hanging around to take care of chores. Brandon wants to pitch in, thinking the old westerns he used to watch on TV gave him all the knowledge he needs. David and Tom have taken over Valerie’s office and left it a mess because all boys are gross slobs. Valerie wants Tom to take a break and spend time with her, but he and David still have work to do. Val’s mad that he’s siding with David over her, like, why are there even sides? I don’t understand.

David, meanwhile, is at the beach apartment, accidentally scaring poor traumatized Donna. She tells him that she thinks Garrett got out of prison and has been stalking her. David reminds her that the prison is supposed to let her know if Garrett’s released. She’s still panicked, so he promises to check with the prison first thing Monday morning. He also advises her to go out with Kelly and Clare to try to keep herself distracted.

Dick is late picking up the shirts for his and Steve’s big sale, and when the guys open the box, they find shirts with soccer balls on them. After all, in France, football is what they call soccer. Oops! At the ranch, Brandon and Sam might as well get a ruler, because their competition couldn’t get any more transparent. Sam asks to spend some time alone with Tracy to see how she feels about him now, but Brandon says no.

At the Walshes’, Steve leads his frat brothers in a sewing circles, putting football patches over the soccer balls on the shirt. The After Dark Super Bowl party is underway, but David and Tom have to call Valerie for help because they need something locked in her office. Steve and Dick arrive with the shirts and distribute them without anyone realizing they used to have soccer balls on them. At the ranch, Sam interrupts Brandon and Tracy yet again for horse stuff.

Clare, Kelly, and Donna skip the Super Bowl festivities to visit a strip club. A couple of guys send them champagne and try to ask them out, but the girls reject them. As they’re leaving, a guy watches them from another car, then follows them. Valerie’s help is needed again, this time with a jammed cash register, so I guess the lesson is that David and Tom are good at throwing parties but not at running the club on their own. The girls stop by with their mystery follower.

Ranch, horse, boring. Go away, Sam. He wants Tracy back, she wants Brandon, Brandon’s all, “Oh, am I interrupting?” Clare wants to leave the After Dark, but Donna wants to spend more time with David, and Kelly wants to get to know a guy she’s just met. More boringness at the ranch. The girls finally leave the party, but Donna drops her purse. As she’s picking everything up, the mystery follower starts his car and almost runs her over, swerving at the last second. Donna tells Clare and Kelly that she said someone was after her but they didn’t listen.

Ranch. Snore. Sex was had. In a barn. How romantic. Donna overhears Kelly talking to Clare about Donna’s fixation on Garrett. She’s understandably upset that they’re not taking her seriously, and decides to stay at her parents’ house while they’re out of the country. David arrives at the After Dark to find new furniture being delivered for Valerie’s office. It’s a big desk for both of them, to signify that they’re partners. Tracy and Brandon say goodbye to Sam and head back to Beverly Hills.

At the Peach Pit, Steve sells Nat the last shirt, so he and Dick have had a successful weekend. Steve’s worried about Kelly and Clare staying at the beach apartment, but they remind him that they have a security system. Donna looks through her parents’ mail and finds a letter from the prison. Garrett was released two weeks ago, right when Donna’s stalker first started contacting her. Well, I think SOMEONE owes Donna an apology, Kelly and Clare.

Thoughts: Clare and Kelly have no instincts whatsoever. “Oh, I’m sure the guy making creepy phone calls isn’t going to do anything dangerous. I have no basis for this idea, I just really, really think so.”

Also, Donna, CALL THE POLICE if you think you’re in danger. Sheesh.

I’m actually impressed with Steve’s problem-solving. Or maybe it’s just his desire to make a lot of money.

Donna, not telling David about going to the strip club: “It was an exhibit. A dance recital.” Hee.

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