March 18, 2014

SVT #4, Choosing Sides: Three Cheers for Amy

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I'm guessing Amy's clothes are one of the reasons people make fun of her

I’m guessing Amy’s clothes are one of the reasons people make fun of her

Summary: As will inevitably happen with the popular girls, the Unicorns have decided to start a cheerleading squad. They’re calling it the Boosters. Which is weird, because at my school, Boosters were the parents who supported and fundraised for sports teams. Why don’t they just call themselves the cheerleading squad? It’s like on Degrassi, where they called themselves the power squad, but they were clearly cheerleaders. Okay, I’ve completely lost control of this paragraph.

So anyway, Amy wants to be a cheerleader and show off her baton-twirling skills. The Unicorns hate this idea because they don’t want to be associated with such a loser. If I were Amy, I wouldn’t want to be associated with them either, but Amy thinks she can make the squad. Elizabeth worries that the Unicorns will be nasty to her or cut her just for being Amy.

Ken Matthews is going through something similar. He wants to join the basketball team, but he’s short and dweeby, so there’s a lot of bullying directed at him. He also has his father, a former star basketball player, to live up to. Elizabeth helps him out a little, and with a lot of practice, Ken becomes a much better player. Unfortunately, Bruce sees the two of them together and starts a rumor that they’re dating, which horrifies Jessica. Amy’s not happy either, since she has a little crush on the Kenster.

The Unicorns pressure Amy to drop out of tryouts, but Amy won’t budge. Then Jessica, Lila, and Ellen write her a note (signing it as Ken) telling her that she’s not going to make the squad so she might as well give up. Amy isn’t fooled, since she and Ken already discussed the topic and encouraged each other. But the Unicorns also send Ken a love letter from Amy, and he thinks it’s real and handles it like a typical 12-year-old boy.

Elizabeth finds out that the Unicorns were behind the notes and tells Amy and Ken. Amy still isn’t worried about the girls embarrassing her or being mean; even if she didn’t think she could make the squad, she’d still try out just to tick them off. Amy’s pretty awesome in this book.

The Booster and basketball tryouts are held at the same time. The Unicorns trick Amy into doing a cheer for Ken by herself, but instead of getting embarrassed, Amy gets enthused. Ken also takes advantage of the situation, while the other players are distracted, to show that he’s a basketball superstar. He makes the team and Amy makes the Boosters, though, seriously, why would she voluntarily spend time with the Unicorns?

Thoughts: Steven: “Who’s the babe in the leotard?” Your sister, sicko.

It’s funny to read about Jessica thinking Ken’s a loser when we know she thinks he’s awesome in high school.

So what’s a pizzaburger? Pizza on top of a burger? That doesn’t really sound appetizing.

I don’t get the title. Who was choosing sides? Elizabeth?


  1. kate said,

    I am so excited you are doing this series! I never read SVH (was too young, I think) but I did go through this whole series. I remember the one where they get fake married and have to care for an egg for a class, and the one where Winston tries to join the cheerleading squad. And I also remember thinking “Ciao, Sweet Valley” was pronounced “Cee-ow, Sweet Valley.” I was a very worldly child, obviously. Oooo, and the one with Elizabeth’s period. I remember feeling very, very awkward checking that one out from the library!

    • kate said,

      Also, this series has some EXCELLENT covers. 🙂

      • Jenn said,

        Agreed. The twins look like Precious Moments figurines.

  2. ~*April*~ said,

    Pizzaburgers are actually quite delicious and very filling as you can imagine.

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