May 10, 2014

Party of Five 4.18, True or False: “Something Is Happening”

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Looking good, Griffin

Looking good, Griffin

Summary: Claudia’s actually doing schoolwork when Charlie approaches her to talk about the problems she’s been having. He made her an appointment with a psychologist. He wants to be clear that even though things are okay now, they might not always be. Bailey tracks down Annie after a brief, unplanned separation, and she tells him she’s been sick. However, her phone has also been disconnected. He gives her a present for her second anniversary of being sober.

The next day, Julia again brings up going to Bailey’s classes for him. After all, Bailey is a unisex name, so as long as the professor doesn’t know what he looks like, she’s safe. Griffin doesn’t like the idea of her going to school instead of working, especially since she’ll be taking a night class and they’ll have to spend even more time apart. But he can see how excited she is, so he tells her to do it. Plus, he has an excuse to work late and make overtime (and, of course, hang out with Rosalie).

Claudia and Charlie have their first appointment with the psychologist, who encourages Claudia to tell people when she needs help with the sentence starter “I need you right now because…” Claudia tells Charlie that she needs him to take her out driving, since she’s in driver’s ed. In Bailey’s lit class, Julia feeds answers to another student, then starts giving them herself. They’re reading Madame Bovary, and the professor asks if they’re supposed to condone the title character’s infidelity.

This segues nicely into Griffin and Rosalie at the garage, where he tries very hard to keep things platonic and not send any messages he doesn’t want to send. But Rosalie calls him on asking her a lot of questions anyway. Charlie takes Claudia driving and tries to talk to her about recent family happenings, but she’s not very good at multitasking. He’s carsick anyway, and I don’t think it has anything to do with his cancer.

Sarah asks after Annie’s health after Bailey says she’s sick; he questions whether something else is going on with his girlfriend. Sarah mentions that she gave Annie an extension on her rent last week, but she’s been taking Natalie to school in a cab. Julia comes home late, having gone out with some classmates, and is really excited about getting to talk to people about literature again. She admits that she wishes she’d gone to college. Griffin’s bitter because that means they wouldn’t have gotten married.

Annie comes to Bailey’s apartment in the middle of the night, having locked herself out of her place, supposedly while taking out the trash. She doesn’t want him to come back to her apartment with her. Later, Bailey finds empty bottles in the trash. Charlie asks Claudia about driving again, but she tells him she’s going to go with Sarah. Bailey and Sarah agree that Annie’s probably not sick, but instead is drinking again. She encourages him to talk to her about it, for Natalie’s sake. He’s worried about making a false accusation, but Sarah’s sure they’re right.

Griffin works late, then accepts an invitation to dinner from Rosalie. Meanwhile, Julia sits in on another lecture about Madame Bovary and infidelity. She thinks the seeds of Madame Bovary and Rodolphe’s affair are planted earlier in the story than everyone believes – from the way they interact, “it’s just really clear something’s going to happen.” At a diner, Rosalie assures Griffin that having a burger together doesn’t mean anything’s happening. Then she writes on her placement, “Something is happening.” After a pause, he kisses her.

Bailey questions Claudia’s driving lesson with Sarah, but Claudia tells him no one else is well enough or has enough time to take her out. She hasn’t actually asked Sarah yet, by the way. Annie shows up and Claudia asks for driving help, but there’s no way Bailey’s going to let Claudia get in a car with someone who’s probably drinking. After Claudia leaves, Bailey calls Annie on her strange behavior. She takes offense, but he just wants her to be honest so he can help her. She storms out.

At her next appointment, Claudia struggles to talk to her psychologist about what she would confide in Charlie about in the past. She admits that he used to make her feel better. The psychologist guesses that Claudia doesn’t talk to him much anymore because she doesn’t want to bother him with her problems. She points out that he’s still the same person. He might miss Claudia talking to him as much as she does.

Julia reads Madame Bovary at home, then starts to tell Griffin how she feels about the book. She used to hate Emma for having an affair, but she thinks Flaubert is too hard on her. Griffin’s more concerned by the consequences Emma faces for being unfaithful. Claudia asks Charlie to take her driving, and he happily accepts. Julia’s professor is impressed with her paper on Madame Bovary, but is confused because Bailey did so poorly in the class before now. She admits that she’s not Bailey.

Griffin and Rosalie make out in a storeroom at work. Go away, both of you. She invites him to her place, but he’s still thinking about Madame Bovary. He hesitates to take the next step in an affair, but can’t resist. Claudia and Charlie go driving, then go to a restaurant afterward. He suggests getting her a car once she gets her license. Claudia gets teary, worrying that he won’t be around as she gets older.

At an AA meeting, Annie’s supposed to get a cake to celebrate her two-year anniversary, but she’s not there. Bailey goes to see her afterward, and this time she doesn’t hide that she’s drinking. (Fortunately, Natalie’s not there.) Annie says this is the first drink she’s had, but Bailey doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she can’t face going the rest of her life without drinking, since nothing will get better. She offers him a drink, but he easily refuses.

Claudia tells her psychologist about the time she spent with Charlie, and how he made her feel better. “That’s what you wanted me to say, right?” she asks. Julia’s professor tells her she can’t keep coming to class since she’s not enrolled at the school, but he’d like to hire her as a research assistant while he works on a book. As his assistant, she’s allowed to sit in on his class. Julia’s ecstatic.

At the house, Claudia tells Charlie that her psychologist thinks she needs more things to do, besides just spending time with Charlie. They won’t be able to go driving much anymore. Julia tells Griffin about her new job, and he’s all, “So I’ll have to find something to do during all those hours you’re gone? Oh, no, whatever shall I do?” She borrows his jacket and heads to the library.

Annie goes to the restaurant to apologize to Bailey, wanting to make sure he isn’t going to leave her. She blames her relapse on the fact that he hasn’t been around much recently, because of family issues. She had to find a way to cope. Bailey’s like, “Well, that’s not healthy.” Annie yells at him for talking her into dating when she knew it wasn’t a good idea. He also got her to quit her job and convinced her to tell Natalie about their relationship. So how can he not be the center of her life now? Bailey assures her that they’re not breaking up.

At the library, Julia finds Rosalie’s “something is happening” note in Griffin’s pocket. Meanwhile, Griffin goes to Rosalie’s place to complete his transformation into cheating husband.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: “Sunny Came Home” by Shawn Colvin.

I just saw Ever Carradine in an episode of Supernatural, soI kept expecting Rosalie’s eyes to turn black. It didn’t help that Julia describes Emma “vomiting up black putrescence”…like a demon being exorcised!

Bailey gives Annie a gold star necklace because he thinks she deserves a gold star. Okay, that’s really sweet. Misguided, but sweet.

Yay, Charlie’s not a jerk in this episode!

Bailey, GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP before she drags you down with her.

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