May 18, 2014

BH90210 7.25, Heaven Sent: Angels and Demons

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Here comes trouble...

Here comes trouble…

Summary: Mariah is in Beverly Hills for a visit and staying at the Walshes’ house. Thanks to Brandon’s awesomeness, she was inspired to go to New York and write a book. She’s in town for a New Age festival and will be speaking about guardian angels. Mariah meets Steve, Clare, Kelly, and Tracy, and for some reason, Tracy doesn’t like…something. That Kelly’s so nice to Mariah? That Mariah knows who Kelly is? Whatever – chill, Tracy.

It’s the day of Rob’s movie premiere, and Valerie, who’s officially his new manager, assures him that it’ll do well since the buzz is so good. Tracy makes breakfast for the gang, but Kelly and Mariah have already gone to the beach. Tracy tells Brandon that she feels like their trip to Hong Kong brought their relationship to a new level. She’d like him to talk to her the way he talked to Mariah in Texas.

At the beach apartment, David asks Clare for help thinking of something special to do for Donna on their date the next night. Clare tells him that Donna mentioned that David doesn’t cook. David decides to change that, and serve dinner in a lifeguard tower. Kelly and Mariah talk about New York, and Kelly admits that she’s been thinking of moving back there after graduation. Mariah thinks she partly wants to move to put distance between her and Brandon.

Rob’s doing some woodworking at his house, because he’s NORMAL. DON’T FORGET THAT. He and Valerie hear someone on the radio talking about how hot he is…and how bad his movie, Adam’s Children, is. Valerie tells Rob to toughen up. He’s all, “I’m tough because I build stuff. BECAUSE I’M NORMAL AND DON’T LIKE SHOW BUSINESS. DON’T YOU REMEMBER THAT?” Is this storyline over yet?

Mariah speaks at CU, telling a story about getting mugged right when she arrived in New York, but having everything returned to her by a guy she thinks was her guardian angel. Afterward, Mariah offers Brandon, Kelly, and Tracy tickets to a concert the next night. Brandon accepts even though it means cancelling plans he and Tracy had made.

Steve bugs David about cooking for Donna, who isn’t sure she can go on their date since she’s struggling to keep up in a fashion course. She doesn’t get why their date is so important since she and David are together so much anyway. He convinces her to skip Rob’s premiere to study so she’ll be free the next night for the date.

At Rob’s premiere, Tracy tells Valerie that Kelly’s skipping the party to get her aura read with Mariah. Val’s like, “Well, she seems to be hitting it off with Brandon’s friend – you shouldn’t read too much into that, huh?” Clare also skips to work on a paper, though Steve talks to her from the premiere and pressures her to take a break. As she’s considering it, she spills coffee on her computer and loses her paper. Oh, 1990s technology. You were so hopeless.

Rob mopes at the premiere, because he is NORMAL and struggles with FAME and the BUSINESS. He’s upset that some of the attendees seem to think the movie’s dumb. The general consensus is that Rob is great but the movie itself is bad. In fact, it’s so bad that it might not get as big a release as previously planned. Valerie tries to convince Rob that what’s important is his reception.

Clare tries to salvage her computer, blaming Steve for the disaster, because he distracted her, and also because she blames Steve for everything. Why are they still together? The premiere attendees move on to a party at the After Dark, where Valerie tells Rob he doesn’t have to defend the movie to anyone. He can just tell people how great the experience was and how he can’t wait to do another film. He ignores her, telling interviewers that his co-stars should be recognized for all their work. Then he storms off because he has no idea how to handle this business and his manager sucks.

David cooks at the Peach Pit, trying to refuse Nat’s help. Donna calls to cancel their date since she spent a lot of her studying time helping Clare with her computer. She doesn’t get why he’s so upset about the cancellation. At the Walshes’, Mariah tells Brandon that he and Kelly are a lot alike – they’re grounded in reality but want something different than what they have. By which she means, each other. Brandon tells her that they’re just friends and have accepted that. Mariah seems to disagree.

Rob tells Valerie that he doesn’t like the person Hollywood is turning him into, so he’s leaving show business. Valerie reminds him that he found success where millions of people fail. But Rob isn’t happy, and he doesn’t care how much work Val has put into helping him – she’s just like everyone else in L.A. who wants a piece of him. Valerie refuses to let him out of their contract. Rob fires her and repeats that he’s leaving. Good! Go now!

Donna tells Clare that she’s worried about David because of the way he reacted to their change in plans. Clare says she’d prefer that to her dud of a boyfriend. Just then, Steve shows up with a removable hard drive and data-recovery files; he spent the morning with computer geeks, learning how to recover her paper. As soon as the paper’s restored, he leaves so Clare can’t yell at him anymore for something that’s not even his fault.

At CUTV, Brandon reviews Tracy’s footage about the New Age festival, which Tracy clearly thinks is dumb. Brandon accuses her of being jealous because Mariah and Kelly have become so close. Tracy admits that she feels like the two of them are ganging up against her. She adds that Kelly recently told her that she’s still in love with Brandon – why shouldn’t she be paranoid? At the beach apartment, Donna urges Clare to apologize to Steve. David calls her, frantically summoning her to the After Dark, and Donna worries that he’s mentally unstable again. Clare assures her he’s not.

Valerie complains to Brandon about her issues with Rob, who she says is too nice. Brandon invites her to the concert with Mariah and Kelly, since Tracy’s skipping it, but she wants to mope by herself. When Donna gets to the After Dark, she finds that David’s set up their dinner there instead of at the beach. He finally explains why the date is so important to him: Five years ago today, he first told her he loves her. He wants them to remember where they started before they look to the future.

Brandon, Kelly, and Steve go to the harp concert; Kelly’s the only one who’s in a good mood. Steve gets a surprise delivery of flowers and an apology note from Clare, who’s shown up in a completely inappropriate outfit for this kind of event. Rob goes to the Walshes’ to say goodbye to Valerie, who says she’s fine not managing him but she wants him to stay. Nope, he’s going back to Indiana, probably to be a NORMAL woodworker and enjoy life out of the spotlight. He doesn’t think she’d want to be with him if he were just a carpenter anyway.

After the concert, Steve and Clare head off together, leaving Brandon and Kelly alone. She’s cold, so he gives her his jacket, and she finds this romantic, I guess, because then they kiss. He apologizes, which isn’t what you want to hear after a kiss. They quickly separate but can’t walk away without looking back at each other.

Thoughts: Jealousy is not a good color on you, Tracy.

These guys are graduating in, like, six episodes. They should be doing a lot less partying and a lot more studying and freaking out. No one’s even had a panic attack yet!

Clare’s paper was 75 pages? 75?? No way.

Brandon to Mariah re: Tracy: “She’s a good kid.” Wow. Romantic.

Why would a college course be called AP Physics?

I’m okay with Kelly and Brandon getting back together if only so everyone will stop talking about it.

Okay, now I get why Donna chose David over Cliff.

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